how much weight can you gain in a week?

how much weight can you gain in a week? Topic: how much weight can you gain in a week?
June 16, 2019 / By Dahlia
Question: I'm desperatly trying to put on 15 pounds......how much weight can i gain in a week? in exactly 7 days whats the most pounds a person can gain in a week? andf how to a gain weight in general ive tried eating a lot! and i meant how do i gain weight...im just trying to gain weight cos i wanna get some curves!
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Bithia Bithia | 8 days ago
To gain 15 lbs in one week you'd have to eat 7,500 calories each day in addition to what you burn that day. Fried foods will do it, but it is sooooo unhealthy for you.
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Bithia Originally Answered: 33 week weight gain in pregnancy?
I wouldnt worry to much , sounds normal! I am 5''5 and weighed 120 pre-pregnancy. Now I am 31 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I have gained 22 lbs so far, so I am up to 142. I too am trying to make sure I keep it between the 25-35 lbs weight gain. According to my pregnancy book you will gain about 11 lbs in the last trimester. You only have 7 weeks left and you can still gain 9 more pounds and remain under the 35 pound gain so Im sure you will be fine. Plus I have heard of plenty of women who gained 40 lbs rather than the 35 and they still worked it off quickly and the baby was ok!

Ailsie Ailsie
Wow...I didn't think there was anyone out there like me! I'm desperate to gain about 10-15 lbs myself. The only way I've been able to put on weight is by gaining muscle by excising and eating several meals throughout the day. try that...the only thing is that when I stopped excersing I got smaller.
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Tommie Tommie
eating pasta and protein food every two hours in the day will make u bulk in no time and will gain weight so don't count calories or count pounds it will make it easy for u not to think about it just eat every two hours.
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Raymond Raymond
Why do you need to GAIN weight? That's like lying about your age, telling people that you are older than you really are. It's a bit backwards. Are you an athlete trying to make a certain weight division?
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Raymond Originally Answered: Rapid weight gain? 7 lbs in a week!?
that could be water.. It's not a good idea to weigh yourself every week actually. Your body changes alot..water rentation..pms..periods..all those things can change your weight. maybe you ate alto of salty things a few days ago..and your body is holding on to the salt. I really would not worry about it.

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