is it okay not to eat at all on a diet?

is it okay not to eat at all on a diet? Topic: is it okay not to eat at all on a diet?
September 17, 2019 / By Rosemarie
Question: hey guys i've been on a diet for about 3 weeks now, avoiding fatty foods and only eating healthy ones (ive been good in resisting) and attempting to walk everyday as i am not a fit person but im doing the best i can but i was curious if it was okay not to eat on some days? sometimes, i dont crave food - i dont want to eat i dont need to eat so i dont. what can come of this? im not starving myself, i just simply dont want to eat. ultimetly, will i loose weight if i dont eat? this is not my strategy but im curious. thanks a lot!
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Myriam Myriam | 1 day ago
Well you need to eat a well balanced diet and by not eating just because your body is saying your not hungry isn't a good thing..It's going by what you used to do..Now you have to change the way your body is thinking..You should try and eat 6 small meals a day..And keep exercising that the best thing for you..The problem with not eating is your metabolism isn't going to get faster and that's how you lose the weight in the first place..Just try and eat even if your not hungry because that will speed up your metabolism.Good luck with your weight loss..
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Myriam Originally Answered: a good diet exact diet for breakfast lunch and dinner for people with constipation?
try eating a high fiber cereal for breakfast (use almond milk, or even soy if you prefer) fruits and veggies are good, some have more fiber than others so choose those lots of water tea, or any hot drink really, can help too

Lorainne Lorainne
Yes. Try to make your own pizza. Use whole wheat crust or something that wont make you gain weight. Try to stay away from the cheese. Maybe just make a veggie pizza. I would recommend that then ordering pizza from a parlor. They put greese and a lot of calories in it. I am sure you will be fine with eating pizza for a diet.
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Kassia Kassia
if you don't eat at all your metabolism will go down. It is a way the body protects itself in times of famine. You need to eat several times a day to keep your metabolism working and burning up that fat. If you don't eat you'll start to loose muscle as well as fat, and that is not good in the long run. Eat breakfast every day to kick start your metabolism, and snack several times a day on those healthy foods. No late snacks. You'll do ok.
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Hayley Hayley
no. you hsouldnt do that. it will slow your metabolism and out your bodyinto 'starvation mode" which means the nest time you eat, your body will hang onto the food as long as possible[ basically if you do this a lot you can actually gain weight ] if you dont feel that hungry, just cgrab a salad and a piece of fruit or somethin like .
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Dorothea Dorothea
its a very very stupid idea to not eat at all. it will harm ur body. the kep to a fit body is eating right not starving urself.. and u know accept urself. life is not all about loosing weight only. have a diet of loads of fruits and vergetables and juices and salads. u can take pulses too since they do not have fat. Just take care of urself and follow this diet for a few months.. you'll see the difference without harming ur body. take care
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Dorothea Originally Answered: whats a good cutting diet/routine.can someone make me a diet plan?
go low gi diet, don't cut out carbs just go low gi carbs, carbs raise blood sugar, blood sugar activates insulin release, insulin stores fat, you do eat a bloody lot of food but this is the easy way to reduce that i know of. lose the rice and replace it with barley and oats you need to add nuts and where are the veges and fruit, eat as many veges and fruit as you can and lose some meat and where the hell do you buy tilapea? in australia it is a pest and even though it is killing our natural aquatic ecosystem, if we are caught with it in an esky we get fined for having an illegal fish even though they know it has to be killed, some laws are so stupid, anyway you need to stop thinking carbo-load protein building foods and totally pig out on every fruit and veg you can get, cut back some protein and go low gi, this will bring you back in balance.good health

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