What foods to eat if you have acne? ?

What foods to eat if you have acne? ? Topic: What foods to eat if you have acne? ?
September 23, 2019 / By Cyndi
Question: Ok let me start here. Fruits & Veggies. OK. But for example, vitamin A is good for you. Carrots have a lot of it,BUT also are high in Glycemic(bad4u). Can some body explain this, im so confuse. Also milk. Milk has good source of calcium vitamin A, but has iodine(bad4u). Wheat. Good source of fiber, but Wheat products (wheat flour, bread, pasta, pastries, wheat cereals, nutrition bars and other foods listing wheat or flour as an ingredient) cause a sudden increase in blood sugar called hyperglycemia.This results in the production of insulin, causing insulin-induced skin inflammation within the follicles. Inflammation=acne. So what the hell is going on. I dont eat in the morninng no more cause, simply every thing is bad for the skin. Can somebody please give me some healthy foods to eat that don't have SIDE EFFECTS(if thats how you wana call it).
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Bibi Bibi | 3 days ago
These days most food(veggies,fruits,meat etc) we buy from the market lack the necessary nutrients of days gone by! In another word, we are eating very little nutritious food that our body needs to stay healthy and another major caused of worries is also the polluted air we breathe. 2 types of function that is required of a healthy body. One is to eat a balance meal(almost always) and two is to have detoxification done on a daily basis. In another word, either through sweat(exercises) and/or regular bowel movements. When our body organs are healthy, acne breakouts will most probably not happen. Since 4 years ago, i've started incorporating a fruit juice base supplement(fr canada) to my diet and has since been enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It's a 23 herbal blend drink and it's known as "food for the body". visit www.lifestyles.net to learn more.
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Bibi Originally Answered: how to get rid of acne!?
1. Make Sure You Consume Water. A lot of people do not know this but drinking water allows your body to get rid of toxins and other chemicals that can cause you to excrete oil. Another thing water can do is help keep your skin smooth and prevent dryness. 2. Don’t Try To Pop Them! – Whenever a person has acne, the first thing they try to do is pop the pimple. Even though it might make them smaller, popping them doesn’t actually get rid of them. Actually, it will worsen the situation because of the irritation. So do yourself a favor and don’t touch them! 3. Make Sure You Wash Your Face – Dirt and grime can easily get in the skin pores, when you wash your face you can help get rid of them. Another thing I should add is the fact that washing your face too much will lead to dry skin and irritation which can cause more acne. When this happens your skin will produce more oil and that will cause even more acne. 4. Have A Good Diet – fats and sugars are some of the worst foods you can eat if you are trying to get rid of acne. The reason fats cause acne is because they cause oil build ups which is not good for skin. Sugar increases insulin levels and too high of insulin will result in an increase of acne. 5. Stay Healthy and Exercise – blood circulation is a major thing when it comes to preventing acne, and there really is no better way to increase your blood circulation than to exercise regularly. Good luck!
Bibi Originally Answered: how to get rid of acne!?
>>>* Hey What's up, my name is Ronnie. I know RIGHT where you are now, as I was once there, and perhaps my own story could be of some help to you. First of all, let me tell you, acne SUCKS. I know. I've had to deal with it all throughout my high-school years, and on from there. I remember being teased incessently about it. All the cruel words. I've probably heard just about every insult in the book- pizza-face, crater-face, bumpy, pimple-head, connect-the-dots, and all the etc's. It became a big part of my life, almost part of my identity even. As a result, I was never able to get a girlfriend. It seemed like they were embarressed to even be around me for fear of what their friends might think. Though, the worst effect it had was on my own confidence and self-esteem. It's hard to go through life truly believing that you are ugly or unnattractive, because this doesn't only affect your love-life. I found that because of it, I lacked the inter-personal skills required for other important things. I failed often at job interviews, secluded and awkward at social events, etc. I remember thinking that once I got older, it would just go away. Growing pains I thought. This did not happen, and I knew there was something I HAD to do about it. I could not go on like this. I tried all the magic answers and solutions for Acne. You name it, I've tried it. Everything from Proactive, to Neutrogena, Clearasil, X-Out, Murad, Aloe vera, etc. Nothing ever truly worked for me. It wasn't until I started looking into more natural solutions that I found a real one. One that WORKED. I did a lot of research online, scouring the web, and finally- after hours and hours of research, reading countless reviews and testimonials, I did come across one website... http://www.noacne.pcti-system.com .. A natural acne treatment program that caught my eye. Setting my inherent skepticism aside for a moment, I signed up for the site. Now, fast forward a bit, I am currently dating a pretty brunette girl, and have a great full-time job. Needless to say, Acne and all the problems associated with it are a thing of the past for me. Merely a painful memory. I can truly say that I am finally content in my life, Happy even. The program I used was truly a god-send for me. With a now clear face and baby-smoothe skin, I can feel my confidence growing more and more everyday. No one has to live with Acne, there are real solutions out there! Anyways, I hope my story was of some help to you, and I wish you the best.

Ailey Ailey
Diet doesn't affect acne. You'll be okay. Eating an excess of greasy or fatty foods will have a bigger effect on your weight than on your skin. I suffered from acne from the age of 12-17, and I ate whatever I wanted, it made my acne no worse. Continue to use your gel and taking your antibiotic and you'll do fine. good luck, and don't stress too much over what you can or cannot eat. enjoy life!
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Todd Todd
i dont feel like typing too much because somebody already typed it in somthing you could look up on google; but i will say this, fish causes acne breakouts. look that up too because i forgot the details
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Try to buy creams with Benyzyl Peroxide in them. This is a really effective topical treatment for acne. Make sure to wash your face twice every day also with an acne wash. Clearasil should do. Don't wear makeup with oil in it, use bare minerals if you have to wear foundation (all natural, and won't clog pores, causing spots) Just stick to this every day, and you will see improvements. Also, make sure to drink lots of water (to flush toxins out of your body) for a fresh skinned look, and excercise and sweat out the bad stuff, then wash your face immediately after. For a home remedy, rub a lemon slice over your face every night before bed, then wash in the morning. It may sting for a minute, but it's really good. It makes your skin stay oil-free for so much longer, causing less breakouts, and lightens acne scars and treats present pimples. Try it!!

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