why am I constantly constipated?

why am I constantly constipated? Topic: why am I constantly constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Nerissa
Question: I can pass it after a while but this is happening every few days where I am really constipated. I don't know why. help
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Lucile Lucile | 1 day ago
most people wouldn't answer to this at least maturely, but it can be a number things, things like food allergies can actually cause for you to become constipated without you having any other form of reaction such as swelling. it can also be from a lack a of fiber such as whole grains, wheat, oats, etc. or it can be from a change in diet, if your starting to eat healthier it can cause you to be constipated for a bit until your digestive track becomes use to actually digesting it, along with change in diet to a more poor fiber can also cause for your body to become constipated such as eating foods full of oils, fats, and high sodium can have an effect. it can also be a lack of water drinking essential fluids everyday helps regulate your bowel movements. So depending on which you think matches best will be your answer, or you can see if it's all them. which ever it may be you can try taking a stool softener or a fiber supplement such as Mira-lax, or you can try including more whole grains in your diet, or getting allergy tested for foods to ensure that you don't have an underlying problem there. hope that helps, and good luck :)
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Lucile Originally Answered: Why am I constantly constipated?
Ex-Lax to temporarily help the constipation, and just make sure you drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber like vegetables. After a week or so of balanced eating you should not feel constipated and regularly pass a stool (it varies from person to person depending on metabolism). If your stool is hard to pass or you have blood when you wipe then you need to increase your water and fiber intake.

Kaycee Kaycee
stop eating chocolate or cocoa and rice if you are eating and don't drink mint tee. Eat lots of honey( it's natural laxative) and drink lots of water. Eat more vegis and fruits. Better, you should eat healthy food and drink lots of water (never soda or stuff like this) and start making exercise - belive me it works. Constipation is an effect to an unhealty, stresfull/passive life. I have the same problem because I am eating lots of chocolate and I can't help it and I don't drink enough water and don't exercise. And you should go to a doctor to check you out-maybe you have some parasite. And you could go to a clinique to make an enema there because on the bowel wall it deposit some bowel plaque which is very nasty and toxic and your body can't take it out. This stuff is serious because all of your toxins stays there and they are entering in your body-first sign is the skin (for me it is) and you can develope some anal fissures.
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Honey Honey
If it's not a health problem it's probably your diet. First are you having any pain in your abdomen other than normal bowel pains upon elimination? Even so it's more than likely diet. Even with bowel problems many people continue to have regular bowel movements. Have you had a colonoscopy? Fiber is so important in good bowel habits. If you are not getting enough fiber then you will have problems. Eating three meals a day also makes for healthy bowel habits. I wish you well.
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Edda Edda
Agree with everyone else more fibre and water; but get a check up at the doctors as well. Hope you feel better soon.
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Chantelle Chantelle
If you are taking prescription drugs this can happen. Otherwise, you have a problem that needs to be resolved by an internist. When you have this problem and have a perforation it can kill you.
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Chantelle Originally Answered: Kitten constantly constipated.7.5 weeks?
It is possible that the kitten has a congenital defect. Take the kitten to the vet. If it is something that can be taken care of the vet will take care of it. But to keep giving the kitten mineral oil is bad.

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