constipation remedies for a two month old?

constipation remedies for a two month old? Topic: constipation remedies for a two month old?
September 17, 2019 / By Nadia
Question: My 2 month old daughter is constipated, She has not had a b.m. in 3 days, I am going to call her doctor tomorrow but I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to try and relieve her of her constipation tonight, poor baby she is so uncomfortable. BTW I have not changed anything with her formula. Any suggestions would help, thank you.
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Loren Loren | 6 days ago
Ok well I know a fair amount about constipation as I have a 5 year who has special needs and with her syndrome comes constipation. Because your bub is not breast fed, bottle fed babies tend to bind up more as did my little girl. Don't panic if she doesn't go for a few days, it's actually quite normal. Probably like yourself, you don't go every day. However if she is showing signs of constipation and discomfort when passing a BM and they are firm once she has passed one then what you can do is go to the local shop and buy a bottle of prune juice. Prune juice is naturally sweet so has no added sugar. Start with maybe a capful of juice added to babys bottle at each feed. Prune juice is the ONLY juice you can add to milk that will NOT curdle it. Changes the colour slightly and doesn't look very appetising to us but bubs don't care. Once you have her stools loosened (and yes they will be a slightly different colour because of the juice but dont worry), cut back to giving juice in her bottle maybe every couple of feeds until you are happy with the consistancy. Eventually once you have that in her system you may be able to increase the dosage, say 2-3 capfuls but in only 1 bottle, say a morning bottle so you don't forget when you last gave it to her. You cannot overdose on prune juice okay so don't worry. One thing that was told to me when I became a mum for the first time was that formula is good for the brains but bad for the bowels because of the high iron content in them, that's all it is. As time goes on and she starts on solids, you can start giving her weetbix for breakfast with milk and prune juice then and just normal drinks otherwise. (i currently do this for my 5 year old) Come 6 months though, try and get plenty of warm water into her when she is thirsty between bottle feeds, this will also help with constipation. All the very best and congrats on being a new mum, it really is wonderful and I hope you are enjoying the experience. xx :-)
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Loren Originally Answered: remedies for immediate constipation relief?
It is embarrassing to you. Once you realize that everyone has problems like this, you will not be so embarrassed. (even royalty has to poop) Your parents are there to help :) Tell them you need to get some laxatives, unless you've left it to long then you need an enema.... the last one is not the best. Now on to prevention: 1. Drink plenty of water during the day. Or a glass of prune juice. I don't like that though. 2. Also realize that pain killers (excessive over the counter or normal prescription) will cause constipation. Use laxatives when taking them. 3. Nutrition is very important. Eating vegetables will help the digestive track do it's job. (remember your parents telling you to eat your vegetables? There was a reason) I know you think I'm giving you a lecture... I'm really not. Most people are not informed of how normal these things are, and how to deal with them/prevent them.

Kate Kate
I have read the following remedies: -offer your baby cooled boiled water throughout the day can help -Adding extra water to her formula (about 15 - 20mls extra) -If these fail, adding half a teaspoon of sugar to her formula bottle can help stimulate the stomach (do this for no longer than 24 hours though.) - Boiling prunes and straining the juice, combining this with its same amount of water to dilute it (e.g. 30mls strained prune juice with 30mls boiled cooled water) My daughter has not been constipated so I can't offer personal experience with these remedies but I have heard that they work! Good Luck
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Heather Heather
While diluted apple juice or very diluted prune juice are o.k., she is to young for for strained food. Be careful with the prune juice (1 to 4 ratio). Babies can become dehydrated very easily. Constipation is quite common in infants. Until she is done with the bottle you will probably have to deal with this regular basis. The quickest way to relive her is to give her an enema. You can buy baby enemas at most stores. They will produce an almost instant BM, sometimes while your still administering it. Seriously, cover and duck. Good Luck.
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Dory Dory
well- how uncomfortable is she? is she crying alot? mine would go a couple days without a bm so thats why i am asking- it is not uncommon for them to go every couple days- but here are my suggestions- pump the legs and feel her belly- see if she feels hard in her lower belly- if so you can try taking her temp rectally- it works some of the time! or go to the doc and they will give you a soap suppository- works like a charm!
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Cathryn Cathryn
As long as stools are soft they are NOT constipated...don't listen to remedies on this website, listen to you're doctor!
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Cathryn Originally Answered: What are good Home Remedies for Constipation?
A stool softener along with increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, more water and exercise will help get you back on track. If you are seriously constipated, I would take a large volume (1 to 2 quarts) tap water enema (with a tablespoon of salt per quart). This can be done with a combination hot water bottle, douche/enema syringe. Or if you want a home remedy like the old time nurses would do try a milk and molasses enema 8 oz of molasses dissolved in 8 oz of warm milk. Let it cool to the point that is is a little above body temp. Put it in the enema bag and quickly administer the enema. You should stay real close to the toilet because it works quick.

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