Bowel or colon cancer? please help only 16 :/?

Bowel or colon cancer? please help only 16 :/? Topic: Bowel or colon cancer? please help only 16 :/?
September 20, 2019 / By Cymone
Question: I think i have bowel or colon cancer because i have been having a really hard time going to the bathroom lately. I have been like this since nov, i started with constipation every now and then and then as the months went by it started hurting more and more to go to the restroom, i bleed bright red blood from my anus and i find it in my stool. The last 1 month have been the worst, i have had excruciating pain when i go to the restroom, i don't go to the restroom for approximately 4 to 5 days :/ which is horrible :( last friday i drank a magnesium citrate bottle and it helped me for the day, although my stool came out as diarrhea it still hurt and burned like hell!! on sunday i found a hemorrhoid and i have been putting preparation H. Since sunday i have been drinking Metamucil 2 times a day. since sat the only day i went to the restroom was on wednesday, only because i did an enema wash but even that didn't help, my stool didn't come out the way it was suppose too. I have lost a big amount of weight the past week and my appetite has dramatically reduced, my stomach always just feels uncomfortable, and is always hurting. This includes drinking lots of water and eating very healthy each day, especially eating a lot of fruits. :/ im really worried and i know i have to get it check out, but my parents don'tt always take it too seriously, it just worries me the most because im only 16 ;( so yeah i have tried everythingg from laxatives, to washes, stool softenersrs everyday, to fiber cereals and now the fiber drink but nothing is working, i really cant handel the pain anymore i cry every time. whats your guys opinion? please and thank you:) Additional Details so my problems are stomach pains, extreme constipation, weight loss, blood in stool and i bleed every time i go which isn't often combined with a lot of pain, also a hemorrhoid and lately my anus gets itchy. also a mucus comes out too. please help :(
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Bevin Bevin | 2 days ago
This is not colon cancer. I have had the same problem since I was 10, and it has lasted for the past 30 years. The blood is the result of constipation and hemmeorids. You need more fiber in your diet. 10 dried apricots, or 1 mug of hot prune juice, or 1 warm pear, there is lots you can eat. It sounds like you have a case of irritable bowel syndrome. Don't take laxatives they will ruin your stomach and will actually make your constipation worse! You do not have Cancer.
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Bevin Originally Answered: can anyone tell me if headaches could be connected with bowel problems or worst bowel cancer?
It is impossible to diagnose over the internet if I could anyway. I do know this: a headache is our body's way of telling us something is not right. Constipation can occur for several reasons one of them being something is wrong in the colon. Other things causing constipation is, not drinking enough water, not eating the right foods, other body malfunctions that cause the digestive tract to be imbalanced and many more things. My recommendation, first, drink lots of water, eat all the fruits and vegetables you can stand without store bought dressing. Cut down on sugar. Make an appointment to have a colonoscopy. You are over 50 you need one anyway whether or not you have bowel problems in your family. Do a search on the internet for "holistic healing" and try and find someone near you to go and visit about healthy living. Notice I said healthy living, not miracle cures, or voo doo medicine as I am sure some people will misunderstand this to mean. You can't go see one of those people once for a miracle cure and be good for the rest of your life. However, you can go visit with a practitioner regularly to live a healthier life and need a Dr. and medicine less often. That "voo doo" works if you stick with it but it doesn't work overnight. But for now, get the colonoscopy.

Ailene Ailene
Fibre, fibre fibre. Start counting fibre grams, a young adult should be getting at least 25 g a day, and if you aim for 40 g, you will be so regular and smooth, you will wonder why you were suffering for so long. There are web sites for basic foods that will tell you their fibre content. And for other foods, check labels, and they will tell you exactly how much fibre/serving is in the food. Most people in the developed world do not get enough fibre, and that is why they suffer. But eating whole grains, seeds, veg and fruit will fix you right up, as well a improving your over all health, as these foods are really vitamin and nutrient dense Fibre should work with in a day or so, The effect is almost immediate. However, make sure you are using a stool softener, to help what is hard get out.
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Tod Tod
It's no longer in all probability to get melanoma of the colon so younger. However you probably have a loved ones historical past of colon melanoma it's continually a well concept to permit your surgeon realize approximately this historical past in order that he/she will be able to be certain to track your care sooner or later and agenda a colonoscopy whilst proper. However if you're having any bloody/darkish tarry stools, constipation or regular affliction the belly and bowels you must such a lot undoubtedly see your surgeon and speak to him/her approximately your signs.
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Randy Randy
I would get to the doctor ASAP i am serious this could turn way more serious good to get it checked now. Please go now! if it is possible. or as soon as you can
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Randy Originally Answered: How to prevent colon cancer or any type of cancer?
Hello I totally understand how you are feeling. I am the same. I worry about my moles and stools and breast lumps on and off and I worry about everything in general. I have just been diagnosed with Anxiety and been put on medication for it and also am going to start therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which will help me manage my anxiety and learn to stop worrying about everything. I think you may be also suffering from anxiety or stress. Your anxiety is coming out by you worrying about your body. You must stop worrying about cancer as worry makes you ill. You are young and cancer normally strikes older people. You can try and prevent cancer by living a healthy life. Eat healthy fresh unprocessed foods( which you are already doing) and eat a diet high in fibre( which may help prevent bowel cancer) and drink plenty of water. Drink alcohol in moderation and do not smoke. Exercise 3-4 times a week and get plenty of sleep. Always wear sun cream which will help prevent skin cancer. I use at least factor 15. Check for lumps once a month and check your moles once a month. I check my breasts about 2 weeks after the 1st day of my period. I found a lump and went to docs and had it checked out and it was nothing. Also if your discharge changes from normal, go and see your doc. Normal is normally clear or slightly white, but never lumpy like cottage cheese( thrush). Spotting between periods and blood in stools need to be checked out( although blood on stools can be piles caused by constipation). I really think you are worrying about nothing. The chances of you getting cancer are very low at your age. Stay a healthy weight and eat healthy and that will help. You say you weigh 64 kgs which maybe fine as it depends how tall you are etc. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh 60 kgs and am pretty lean. I am 40 though, you are still young and growing. Also another thing to think about is cancer is no longer a death sentence now. There are new treatments coming out every day and by the time you are at an age that you may get it, there will probably be a cure of all cancers. My mother in law had bowel cancer and beat it and is now 10 years cancer free( she was 65 when she first had it). My advice to you is to try and stop worrying, live a sensible healthy lifestyle and enjoy your life. If you cannot stop worrying, go and see your doctor who will be able to help you with your worrying. Wishing you all the best take care

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