Atkins diet questions?

Atkins diet questions? Topic: Atkins diet questions?
September 23, 2019 / By Monta
Question: I'm currently 13 days in and down 6.8lbs. I'm 45 and have polycystic ovarian syndrome. As I've gotten older I've found breads & pastas don't agree with me. Horrible bloating, painful bellyaches, acne flare ups.... it's just not worth all that just to stick a burger between 2 slices of bread. Not only have I lost weight but I'm sleeping better because my stomach doesn't hurt. How many veggie servings a day should I have? I'm allergic to fruit so I can't eat that. Is it ok that 1 or 2 of my meals is just protein? Will I continue with fast weight loss or will it suddenly stop? I started off at 236.8lbs
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Lisanne Lisanne | 4 days ago
I love Atkins and lost a lot of weight on it. I am unsure if I read what you are asking right. I heard, do you have to have the 3 cups of veggies per day and the answer is no. And you do not have to eat veggies with each meal. You just always want to make sure when you eat a veggie you eat it with some fat like a pat of butter. Otherwise the more protein and fat you consume the less hungry you will be. But do enjoy your veggies. People are afraid to move onto OWL but some people lose more in Owl. It;s very personal. There's a lot of good advice on the Atkins diet Bulletin Board. It looks dead but I assure it's not. Post a menu and we can help you there. Or you can write me through Yahoo Answers I'm always glad to help because it's a delicious way to eat, very healthy with whole clean foods and it;s based in science. It;s not a fad crash diet. You will eat like this and it gets even better as you move up the rungs.. I;m in Owl and had my usual bacon & eggs for breakfast. For lunch I'm frying up salmon patties and serving them with a creamy dill sauce and fresh asparagus with butter. Yummy.And for dinner I'm making a taco salad with avocado, sour cream, pico de gallo and shredded cheese on top. I already have my chocolate mouse dessert ready for tonight. I'll just whip up a little heavy cream with vanilla and splenda for the top of it. One strawberry in the center. Tough "diet" right? ;)
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Lisanne Originally Answered: Questions about the Atkins diet.!?
Dr. Robert Atkins died recently. He was neither thin nor very young. I tried his diet twice a long time ago. Both times it was the same. I lost 15 pounds quickly and then nothing. As soon as I went back to eating regular food, I gained the weight back. Now I have a different diet doctor. Don't worry. Be happy. Don't just take it off. Keep it off – easily. There are entire countries where almost nobody is overweight. Look at the TV news. Do they eat the same things we do? Of course not! Go to youtube.com and type in Dr. Neal Barnard. He has a lot of videos you can watch. I recommend his series of 4 short videos, total time under an hour. He hardly mentions exercise in the videos, but he's very much in favor of it. Another thing he doesn't mention is a daily multivitamin. Take it.
Lisanne Originally Answered: Questions about the Atkins diet.!?
Atkins does work but its unhealthy. My dad was on it and lost weight but had to get a stint put in his heart so he stopped. Too much fat/cholesterol. If vegetarian atkins is an option I'd try that. You can do any diet you want you just have to watch calories. Find out what your maintenance calories are and eat less. Its as simple as that. Don't cut more than 500 calories a day each week. Like if your maintenance calories are 3000, eat 2500 for the first week then 2000 for the next week.

Karaugh Karaugh
Don't worry because you will come to an abrupt stop in the weight loss. What you have done in the 13 days is merely "empty up" that is the first easy pounds then it changes. You need Protein, Carbs and Fat in that order. So major prediction at about 15 pounds of weight lose it stops!
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Hannie Hannie
It seems to me you might be saying that you have problems with bread and pastas, therefore you're eating a low-carb diet. Is that warranted? Maybe your problem is with wheat, or with gluten. But there are non-gluten grains, and there are non-grain starches. I have a bias against low-carb diets. My understanding is that people might do well and feel good on them for a while, but most of the time the "low-carb honeymoon" doesn't last. The weight loss stops and then the person starts developing symptoms of various kinds, because low-carb dieting leads to low metabolism. Also: it's not healthful to lose a lot of weight quickly, even if you're very overweight. Again, because of metabolism.
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Hannie Originally Answered: Questions about the Atkins diet?
I was on atkins. I did it for 2 months and lost about 20 lbs. Then it all came back as soon as I went back to my normal lifestyle which included healthy meals (not just meat though). And my metabolism for normal food was ruined as I could not eat carbs without gaining weight. If it is possible for you then join weight watchers instead. It is more expensive than atkins, but your grocery bill will be smaller. ♥

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