Is this diet healthy and effective for fat loss?

Is this diet healthy and effective for fat loss? Topic: Is this diet healthy and effective for fat loss?
September 19, 2019 / By Crystal
Question: Every meal, I eat steamed vegetables (75% potato) + lean meat( most of the time chicken breast) + any kind of fruits I do work out 4 times a week . I don't eat chips or French fries. I don't drink soda or anything sweet .
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Best Answers: Is this diet healthy and effective for fat loss?

Betty Betty | 9 days ago
Its a decent meal, however I would add a few more good carbs. Possibly some brown rice for lunch. Eating the potato skin is pretty good for you. However if you are looking for fat loss, limit carb's 5 hours before you go to bed, so stick with the chicken and vegetables (minus the potato). Also consume fruits in the morning and afternoon, try not to eat it at night. Fruits are an excellent source of energy, so if you don't use that energy at night it is simply wasted and converted into fat. Also vary your workouts, and do not only focus on mass building exercises. Steaming food is a great way to retain the nutritional value, however it does taste rather bland if not seasoned properly. It is important to ingest protein throughout the day, particularly in the morning when you wake up, after a workout and before you go to bed (again a low carb protein, I like a casein protein at night as it is a slow absorbing protein and helps the muscles rebuild all through the night.) Hope this helps, good luck.
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Betty Originally Answered: Healthy and effective diet?
Im vegan and its the best and healthiest lifestyle that if followed correctly is the healthiest and most beneficial with weightloss. If you dont want to go fully vegan at least cut down meat consumption. Cut out meat, coldmeats, chicken completely id say avoid seafood too. Cheese, milk and yogurt are full of fat, salt (cheese) and sugar, and are full of growth hormones that make fat and cancer cells grow too :/ they are also full of trans and saturated fats. Avoid allllll sugar and white flour all together, sugar and white flour send your bloodsugar levels skyrocketing and are the primary culprits that cause belly fat!!! Drink no soda, white pasta, rice, bread, cookies, cakes, candy, chips, frenchfries etc...eat alot of protein a it builds up muscle that in turn will burn more fat...and before you say where will i get protein from without meat and dairy let me just point out that theres more protein in beans, soya and nuts than in meat an dairy!!! Eat fruit ion the morning or oatmeal and never combine fruit with other food, it ferments the othe oter food in your stomach wait half an hour after eating fruit to eat something else. Never combine protein and carbohydrates its the worst thing to do, to break down protein you need acid and for carbs alkaline...what must your poor stomach do...ever wonder why you have stomach cramps andd are bloated after a big combined meal??? Eat 2-4 apples a day they contain pectin that helps for weightloss...and studies prove that eating 20-25 almonds a day aids weightloss dramatically. Go walking or jogging in the morning for an hour, and try some yoga ans zumba too. Swimming is also.great and really fun. Remember to burn more calories than you take...id advize you to first calculate your RMR to know your own personal amount required. Google rmr equations and calculate it hope i helped xoxo

Aila Aila
I think that is a good healthy diet, but eventually I think it will plateau. The thing about diets that people don't seem to realize is that it is dependent on your metabolism. Basically, eating the same food will eventually slow it down as it goes into auto mode. By introducing new foods to digest, your metabolism is constantly having to work harder. Not to mention, that many potatoes can reverse the fat burning. They are healthy but have a lot of starch and calories.
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Tobiah Tobiah
I would stick the potatoes in the AM meals and add some dark green leafy or dark pigmented veggies for the rest of the day. For example spinach, kale.. Otherwise if it works for you.. sounds good. Good Luck.
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Randolf Randolf
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