High metabolism?!?

High metabolism?!? Topic: High metabolism?!?
October 19, 2019 / By Lizzy
Question: I don't know what's wrong with me. I am 5 ft 8, a 17 yr old girl almost 18, and weigh around 105 lbs. i am always hungry and on an average day eat about 3000 calories (thats 1000 more than i am meant to eat according to the recommended daily allowance...) i cant stop eating. i mean i know i should appreciate not putting on weight but is there something wrong with me?! i've heard of high metabolism but how come i can eat this huge amount of food and be the weight i am?! My BMI is apparently 16...underweight, why is this? do you think this is more serious than high metabolism and is there any sort of disease/illness which means i have this?!
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Karolyn Karolyn | 6 days ago
I know how it is - I'm the same way. Well, I have 10 pounds on you, but I'm 25. Your metabolism will probably slow down when you get a little older - like in college. You should just make sure that you are eating healthy foods, not just junk. If you're really concerned, ask a doctor to do a blood test to make sure it's not a symptom of something serious. As long as you're eating and you feel good, don't worry about it. It's pretty hard to get sympathy for not being able to gain weight, but I can relate.
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Karolyn Originally Answered: high metabolism?
Hi, I gather you must have a very high metabolism rate, therefore you need to eat healthy, not junk-food. My best advice for you is: Drink a lot of milk, it's good for you and it will help to gain some weight. Eat food with a lot of protein. Meat and nuts are excellent. Keep eating pasta and potatoes. And build muscles, it will help you with you body shape. Hope it helps!

Hattie Hattie
Well, I think you'll be fine. 17 years is still a maturing stage. 3000 calories is not a lot more especially if your lean body mass is high (if you have little body fat). It also depends on what your daily activities are. If you run/jog/swim a lot, those extra calories are not surprising. After all, Alaskan ax men eat 6000 calories a day according to the History Channel. Perhaps it can also be because you're eating a lot of meals a day. Spacing out your meals and drinking lots of liquid increases metabolism. Since you're counting your calories, it suggests already that you're health-conscious. As long as you're eating a balanced diet, I don't think you need to worry much.
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Dorcia Dorcia
WOW! ur really skinney then? i dont think thats a healthy weight for you. you should eat some more, and eat more often. eat a lot of snacks. eating more often helps your motabalizm
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Cassandra Cassandra
you sound like my wife...it's hard for her to gain weight, but it can be done. I really think you're just fine, you have that high metabolism that many wish they have....consider yourself "lucky"!
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Cassandra Originally Answered: Do I have a high metabolism?
I have the exact same thing. Ive never really put on weight. Im sure we have high metabolisms- Do you also find that if you exhaust from yourself from exercise, in like half an hour you're fine? As a teen I took drugs a few times and noticed that I "came up" and "came down" faster than my friends because my body motabolises all chemicals quickly. As you say, its a blessing and a curse, but It is our bodies natural state and not a disorder

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