what can i do to make my dog gain weight?

what can i do to make my dog gain weight? Topic: what can i do to make my dog gain weight?
September 20, 2019 / By Macie
Question: what can i do to get fat on my dogs sides i mean i feed him puppy food but he is not gaining any weight on his sides so he looks skinny. so what should i feed him that is cheap cause i have 3 other dogs to feed to. he is the only one that looks skinny he is real healthy but is not gaining any body fat on his sides. he is 7 months old and he is a pure bred blue nose/red nose pit bull terrier. he is not fixed but will be in a month when all his shots are done the vet said. so what should i feed him??? he weighs 60 pounds P.S he is allergic to lamb. http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii294... i asked a vet and she said to just feed him dry puppy food and caned puppy food mixed together 2 times a day 1 cup full each time and i already was doing that.
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Kelsey Kelsey | 6 days ago
7 month old pups often look thin - they are growing so fast! He'll fill out at about 18 months. In the meantime, just keep doing what you're doing. You don't want a fat pup. He'd be prone to obesity all his life. Good luck!
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Kelsey Originally Answered: Does YAZ make you gain weight?
I didn't gain any weight on it, and I haven't heard of many who gained more than a few pounds. Unless something really weird happens (it shouldn't), you don't need to worry :) My period got a little bit lighter, but I haven't missed one since I've been on Yaz (which has been almost a year now). If you have problems with this pill, just go to your doctor and have it changed.

Isadora Isadora
He does look a bit thin for a pit bull. You already asked the veterinarian. Try feeding your dog the way the vet recommended until the next visit. If your dog doesn't gain weight by that time, ask the vet if it could be worms or another cause. It's entirely possible this is the way your dog is going to look.
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Eliane Eliane
Looking at his picture, he doesn't seem to be that bad. His hip bones and spine are not protruding, and he seems to have good muscle mass on his shoulders and head. (hard to tell from a picture) It could be that he just has a super quick metabolism. I have seen siberian huskies that are super skinny, but they were sled dogs who just exercised off their excess fat. I see your edit, and that is also what I would suggest. High quality puppy kibble mixed with soft food. Perhaps you can feed him more... The Kirkland brand is sold at cosco or Sam's club. It is relatively inexpensive, and is super high quality. Good luck!
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Chita Chita
Feed your dog the same brand of food he is already eating, but go ahead and change to adult food. Puppy food is formulated for growing dogs in areas such as DHA, and digestive growth. Adult food will not hurt him.
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Aston Aston
Your dog looks fine to me, in the photo. Just keep feeding him the same way. His metabolism will slow down gradually and he will gain weight. Later on you can switch to adult dog food.
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Aston Originally Answered: How to make your dog gain weight?
First off, you're dog probably isn't over weight. Just because you can feel the ribs and spine of a dog doesn't mean they're under weight. Take your dog to the vet and have them weight him, ask them what the weight for your dog's breed should be around and then go from there. dogs who are overweight can get hundreds of problems, including hypothyroidism which requires pills their entire life. Don't make your dog 'fat' just because he'll be cuter. He also won't live as long,

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