Is there any way to prevent liver disease other then not drinking alcohol?

Is there any way to prevent liver disease other then not drinking alcohol? Topic: Is there any way to prevent liver disease other then not drinking alcohol?
June 18, 2019 / By Cristen
Question: if a person chooses to drink alcohol are there any methods to prevent or reduce liver damage like taking milk thistle or other liver herbs and drinking water, exercise and healthy diet? My sister is a heavy drinker she is 24 and has been drinking ever since she was 19. She does not understand the consequnences of heavy drinking so she says she is not going to stop and will carry on partying through life I mean if she's not going to stop I am sure I can't force her to and neither can nobody else but she is young and naive and just living for todays and not tommorows satisfaction not thinking of the consequeneces of drinking too much, fatty liver, cirrhosis and all those liver dieases caused by high alcohol consumption. She says she will deal with it when it happens. Her doctor told her that she should only have one drink a day since this is the maximum that is considered safe for a woman but she ignores all advice and just does what she wants. I mean if she is not going to stop drinking are there at least some vitamins or supplements that can reduce her isk of getting liver disease from drinking? someone recommened please. P.S. I have told my sister that since she can't stop drinking she might be alcoholic and advised her to at least give AA a try she refuses. I don't know what else can be done. She says she is planning to drink and wont stop for nobody not even her 4 year old son. She also thinks liver disease is not caused by just alcohol alone. She thinks a person must have hepatitis c with alcohol abuse combined to get liver disease.
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Bettie Bettie | 7 days ago
This question is about yourself, not your sister so why start lying about it now. As for liver disease, nothing can stop liver disease.
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Bettie Originally Answered: How can one undo the effects of alcohol on their liver?
That is not true at all....... everyone telling you that it can't. The liver is very resiliant and is one of the few organs that CAN regenerate and repair itself. My husband was going to a gastroenterologist (liver doc) for years and he's the one who told me that it can and I've seen myself that my husband's liver enzymes did get better after he stopped drinking..... Look it up on any of the medical sites. Milk thistle also helps in repairing high liver enzymes.

Aideen Aideen
you and your sister are both alcoholics and should seek help from your multiple accounts, you have claimed this is you, and now its your sister. please stop asking the same questions over and over, and either quit, don't quit, or get help
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Tiras Tiras
There are many cause of liver cell damage: alcohol consumption, medication toxification, chemical exposure, fatty liver disease, auto immune disease, metabolic disorders, biliary obstruction/malformation/infections, hereditary conditions, mushroom poisoning, and others. However, alcohol itself with nothing else can cause serious liver cell damage. It can do this is a number of different ways. If you understand that the liver takes toxins in our bodies and converts them to a non toxic form that the body can easily dispose of, then you will understand what I post below: 1) overconsuming alcohol in a short time period can overwhelm the liver. The liver converts the alcohol to acetaldehyde, then to acetate, then to carbon dioxide and water. This is more than a three step process. It has to be fully converted for it not to become Toxic to the liver cells. 2) consuming alcohol over long time period can lead to fat build up inside the liver (fat infiltration). This fat can cause pressure on the liver cells to the point that it actually pushes the nucleus of the liver cells out of place. *** Any damage done to the liver cells will cause the immune system to respond to this damage and will cause inflammation to develop inside the liver. This will cause the liver to enlarge in size. The spleen also enlarges. ** 3) Some peoples bodies are more sensitive to alcohol than others are and some are even allergic to it. That is why some people can drink all their lives and not have liver disease and for others, it doesn't take much to cause this serious disease. 4) Taking medication with alcohol or close to the time the medication is taken can cause an interaction between them that can "instantly" damage the liver cells. Most transplant center require that a patient be detoxed from alcohol for a period of six months prior to being allowed to be evaluated for the transplant list. (many can die during this time period). A liver transplant costs in the range of $300,000 and up (that is not counting the cost of the expensive immune suppressive drugs they have to take the rest of their lives). You will not have the transplant unless you have the best insurance or find a way to collect the money needed to pay for one. You will go through a evaluation process of seeing many doctors and having tests done, before they will make a decision whether you will be placed on the transplant list. If you drink while on the list, you will be moved to the bottom of the list or taken off it completely. There are no guarantees that an organ will be available to be transplanted, even if you reach the top of the list. Alcohol can make a person more prone to contact other things like Hepatitis C or even Cancer The liver is a very quiet organ about damage done to it. Patients may have no symptoms at all or may just feel tired or have flu like symptoms that are usually mistaken for something else. The liver cells are what does the functions of the liver to keep the body well...over 500 of them. When the liver cells functions starts to decline, the first (but not always) sign is Jaundice which is the yellowing of the white of the eyes and skin. If the liver cells start to die off, there is no turning back. This forms scar tissue inside the liver that will block the flow of blood through the liver on its way back to the heart and also block the flow of blood to the functioning and regenerating liver cells and they will die off, also. This is then known as Cirrhosis of the liver. Patient who have this disease will end up looking like a skeleton will a belly that looks like they are carrying triplets (but full of fluid). This will make it difficult to breathe and also to eat. They will start to lose muscles. They will become easily confused and disoriented and will need someone to take care of them and handle all their affairs for them. They will have sleep pattern changes and tremors. They can start to throw up blood in their sputum and vomit and may bleed from the rectum. They can bleed and bruise very easily since the liver cannot longer make clotting factors. This disease is horrible to watch someone go through. Being detoxed from alcohol should be done under a doctors care. Sometimes he will refer a patient to a detox center at the hospital. He has drugs that can help patients symptoms of being detoxed (by lessening their effects). And he will monitor to the patient to be sure that it hasn't become too much for their body to handle. I hope this information has been of some help. Best wishes http://www.medicinenet.com/cirrhosis/art... http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cirrhos... http://www.surgery.usc.edu/divisions/hep...
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Randall Randall
Don't just have there! Do squats while combing your teeth, calf raises even though standing in line, or lunges while chatting about the phone.
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Randall Originally Answered: Drinking alcohol contribute to weight gain?
At the age of 64 (2006) I had to go into rehab and then joined AA, I can now get into the same suit I first got married in, (1967). No not this one, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3249/2682171149_9b7108a37d_o.jpg this was taken nearly two years ago, my wife is also a recovered alcoholic. So to answer your question, not only will you lose weight (calorie intake) you will feel an awful lot better. EDIT: I hope all has gone well for you Nicolee, for you and others who are interested in calorie intake, this is a very good site for your information. http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/calories-in-food/alcoholic-drinks.htm

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