How to gain muscle fast?

How to gain muscle fast? Topic: How to gain muscle fast?
September 20, 2019 / By Cristal
Question: I work out from time to time but I am still very skinny. What should I do to put on weight fast? Thank you
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Bette Bette | 6 days ago
Putting on muscle is not something that can be done fast. It takes hard work and consistency. You can't do it every once in a while and expect to get results. Only if you do it religiously several times a week and refuse to skip workouts will you be able to make progress. You also need to give your muscles 4-5 days of rest to rebuild themselves after each workout. You also need to eat quite a bit of protein so you can put on muscle. But even if you workout really hard and are consistent and do it for many months or even a year or two and follow all the rules such as eating enough protein and getting enough sleep and giving your muscles several days to recuperate, it still doesn't guarantee you will be able to grow your muscles to a really large size. Why not? Because some people are born with lots of slow twitch muscles and not many fast twitch muscles and other people are born with lots of fast twitch muscles but not very many slow twitch muscles. People with lots of slow twitch muscles aren't able to put on a lot of muscle but they're very good at doing endurance exercises such as biking long distances, swimming long distances, running marathons, etc. And people with lots of fast twitch muscles are able to get big and look huge like a bodybuilder but they are worse at doing long distance endurance exercises. So it all depends on your genetics. But even if you are not built to be able to put on a lot of muscle, you can still get the small muscles that you do have super defined. You can get shredded like Bruce Lee was with smaller muscles but super defined and with very little fat on your body, that can be impressive as well. Best wishes :) P.S. all good things come from hard work :)
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Bette Originally Answered: Slim body and fast metabolism. Want to build arm muscle. How do i gain weight, so that i tone it into muscle?
Well it really depends on your diet, sleep and also of course workout regimen. I would recommend you to do the workout regimen which I am doing: I eat around 3500-4000 calories a day. You may need less than that, that was what I was doing when bulking up, but I am 6'2. Make it 5-6 meals per day. I always train only two muscle groups which go together. Try to hit 10reps on each machine. Here is my regimen Monday - Biceps and Back, Wednesday - Triceps, Shoulders and Chest Friday - Legs and Abs Remember it is also important that you take Portein(around 1g per pound) supplement which works as food for your body together with supplement which increase Nitric Oxide and HGH levels in your body. You can check my bodybuilding journey in my website. I will provide link to it in the "source" field. I went from 175 to 201lbs. Best wishes and Take care!

Aiah Aiah
Don't listen to anyone telling you how to get fast muscle. You CANNOT gain muscle fast. Consistency is the only thing that can speed it up, but except it to be at least a year before you see any muscle.
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Timothy Timothy
Just keep working out, over time you will gain muscle. You should eat ALOT of protien daily and not so much carbs
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Randal Randal
Have you already tried Muscle Gaining Secrets program. Go this site : http://Get.BodyBuildingAccess.com . This could surely teach yourself!
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Marshal Marshal
Instead of time to time, make a routine schedule and stick to it. Protein shakes and a gym membership are pretty good muscle boosters. Good luck!
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Marshal Originally Answered: How to lose and gain muscle fast !?!?
become fat adapted then cut the dietary fat so your body still expecting a LOAD of fat from your meals every day will target your body fat even more in order to receive those fat calories for energy ...the inches of blubber which you now possess will simply vanish over the next few weeks and you'll become ripped... eat this for 14 straight days then stop and then begin Part 2 of this plan... HIGH fat foods ...healthy fat / oils but you can have basically whatever you like ie eggs and bacon ....etc...now this is crucial...keep your protein moderate ... BUT... cut your carbs down to a bare minimum ...fibrous green veg are excellent as they provide plenty of fiber ..very low in carbs and extremely good for you...so basically your changing from being a carb burner to a fat burner (fat adaption)...while your on this plan keep lifting HARD / HEAVY and performing cardio ...low intensity is ideal...by doing so you will keep your muscle while shedding the fat...its simple...remember. AFTER the first 14 days have gone .. the protein intake is HIGH ...carbs low...and of course dietary fat low ..

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