How to gain weight healthily?

How to gain weight healthily? Topic: How to gain weight healthily?
October 19, 2019 / By Judith
Question: I'm skinny and my weight changes from 77-83. I'm 13 years old (don't think I'm too young since I understand a lot and I'm smarter than most pre-teens these days) and I'm curious about how to gain weight. I've tried to eat a lot, but sometimes, my stomach doesn't let me take in so much. What're are easy ways to gain calories healthily? Thanks !
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Ginger Ginger | 3 days ago
brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a day - depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and hair as well.
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Ginger Originally Answered: How to gain weight healthily?
brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a day - depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and hair as well.

Denisa Denisa
Are you exercising? If so take protein and weight gain supplements, it's much healthier than just eating lots of food. It'll pile on the calories, most of which which convert to muscle. Not sure how quickly it'll happen for you but if you're training hard in the gym probably just a couple of weeks.
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Callidora Callidora
Lots of protein rich foods and lift weights. The weights will work your muscle groups while the protein feeds your muscles to help them grow. Just remember not to overdo it. You will gain more muscle mass working out three days a week than you will working out every single day. Your muscles need time to regenerate.
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Alyse Alyse
Have you had your first period yet? If you haven't then there's not much you can do - you will gain the weight when you have them If you had, then you're just very lucky that you have a fast metabolism. You will gain natuarally thru your teens. Good luck!!
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Vic Vic
whey protien powders,protien bars mixed with carbs like pasta's are all healthy but to gain weight its more important to eat more times a day than more at once but if you dont exercise also it will all turn into fat
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Vic Originally Answered: How can I help my boyfriend gain weight healthily?
Yes there are ways! Junk food is clearly not the solution! Here's a good way how to build muscle and gain weight: 1. Become Stronger. More strength is more muscle. Get into strength training. I recommend weight lifting since it allows you to start light and add weight endlessly. Start with an empty bar. Learn correct technique. Add weight each workout to keep pushing your body out of comfort zone. You can also perform calisthenics : Push-ups, Pull-ups, Reverse Crunches, etc. Switch to harder versions or add weight when they become too easy. 2. Use Free Weights. You can lift the heaviest weights using barbells. More weight is more stress, thus more muscle. Dumbbells are good for assistance exercises, but not for your main lifts. It's Safe, Efficient, Functional and versatile. 3. Train Your Legs. Squats work your whole body, they're the most important exercise. You'll look totally different once you can Squat 1.5times your body-weight. That's a free weight Squat with hips coming lower than knees. 4. Get Recovery. Pro athletes workout 5-6 times per week. But they didn't begin that way. They added workouts as they got stronger & bigger. You'll overtrain if you dive straight into their routines. As a beginner you require more recovery. Make sure you rest, sleep, drink enough water and eat properly. "Eat like a horse. Sleep like a baby. Grow like a weed". 5. Eat Whole Foods. You'll attain a lower body fat, so the muscles you've worked for show better. And the vitamin & mineral content helps recovery. Stop eating food coming from a box. Consume whole foods 90% of the time. Proteins: poultry, fish, eggs, milk, Carbs.: Brown rice, quinoa, Veggies: tomato, salad, Fruits: orange, apple, peers, Fats : Olive oil, real butter, nuts, flax seeds, 6. Eat More. You need food for energy and for muscle building & recovery. Eat Breakfasts. Get proteins & carbs post workout to help muscle recovery & replenish energy store. Eat Every 3 Hours. 6 times per day . Gives your muscles a stable intake of protein, quickens muscle repair & recovery. 7. Gain Weight. You'll never look strong weighing 140lbs at 6". No matter how much training you do. Here's the most consequential part. Eat Calorie Dense Foods. Get Stronger. Drink Whole Milk. 8. Consume Protein. Proteins have the highest thermic effect. You need 1g protein for each pound of body-weight daily to build and maintain muscle. That's 160g of daily protein if you weigh 160lbs/72kg. Eat whole proteins with each meal. To observe an article about a system that helped me and many others gain muscles and weight click the following link: http://www.squidoo.com/no-nonsense-review Cheers !

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