Why are low carb diets such as the Keto & Anabolic diet, bad?

Why are low carb diets such as the Keto & Anabolic diet, bad? Topic: Why are low carb diets such as the Keto & Anabolic diet, bad?
December 15, 2019 / By Jordie
Question: Why are these diets considered bad for you? Do the benefits out weigh the bad? Or is the bad just too bad? Is there a recommended age range for these diets?
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Best Answers: Why are low carb diets such as the Keto & Anabolic diet, bad?

Georgeanna Georgeanna | 6 days ago
Keto diets are not bad at all. They are the fastest and surest way to lose weight safely. These people who say that you need carbohydrates are just wrong. All the science and reality are against them. The human animal evolved eating very low carb and that's why we now have all these health problems that we didn't a century ago. You don't have low energy on low carb. However, if you have been torturing your body for years with high carb it may take a week or two to get your body's gluconeogenesis functioning again and a bit longer to get your insulin sensitivity back. After that you will have more consistent energy than ever. That includes no longer getting tired and sleepy in the middle of the afternoon and after meals! That's crazy-you should feel great after eating and not sleepy! Endurance athletes also show that they no longer "hit the wall" after running out of carbs. They just keep going. Here is a small list of real experts on nutrition: NORA GEDGAUDAS, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind DR. WENDY POGOZELSKI, biochemistry professor at SUNY Geneseo VALERIE BERKOWITZ, author of The Stubborn Fat Fix DR. ANDREAS EENFELDT, Swedish doctor and low-carb blogger DR. ROBERT SU, author of Carbohydrates Can Kill DR. RON ROSEDALE, author of The Rosedale Diet DR. ERIC WESTMAN, author of New Atkins For A New You DR. RICHARD FEINMAN, biochemistry professor and Founder of Nutrition & Metabolism DR. MICHAL AZIZ, author of The Perfect 10 Diet DR. WILLIAM YANCY, Duke University VA Medical Center researcher CHRIS MASTERJOHN, author of Cholesterol-And-Health.com Radhia Gleis Advanced Health Institute Melissa Diane Smith-Nutritionist & Author COLETTE HEIMOWITZ, spokeswoman for Atkins Nutritionals Dr Frederic Vagnini Diabetes dr & author Dr Donald Miller jr Prof of Cardiac Surgery
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Georgeanna Originally Answered: Low-carb diets (like the Keto Diet)?
Yes. You would eat twenty carbs a day for two weeks, then forty carbs a day for two weeks, then sixty carbs a day for two weeks... When you start to gain weight you know what your magic number is and how many carbs you can eat per day without gaining weight.

Delinda Delinda
It’s definitely not weight-loss, it’s health-gain. Think about your changes so as to gain things, not lose these individuals.
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Bunny Bunny
Well carbohydrates are your source of energy. With too little of these you won't have much energy and that's just silly. Do some exercise instead believe me it's the only proper way of keeping weight off. You also won't be able to do as much exercise if you have less energy.
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Alline Alline
Ehm.. I read many books about nutrition because I wanted to learn how to build muscle mass. This is one of the most interesting ones I found http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=291 Regards
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Uzal Uzal
Because most people eat a ton of fat while on them, and don't exercise. In order for a low carb diet to work correctly, you need to eat tons of protein, tons of vegetables, lots of fruits, very little fat and exercise almost daily. And since you're not getting carbs, your energy levels crash. And then when they're done, they go back to eating garbage, and due to the fact that their muscles are now so damaged they regain all the fat plus more.
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Uzal Originally Answered: Please answer anyone who has ever been on a low carb keto diet.?
I've been on a low carb diet for 2 years now. I've lost almost 150 lbs so far. It takes 3 days of low carb dieting to kick your system into ketosis. The first 2 weeks of dieting I was religious, no more than 15 carbs per day. That helps get your body adjusted to it. I noticed a difference in how my clothes fit the second week. (I was in a 28W, now I'm almost in a 14!) Now I eat 20-30 carbs per day and am gradually taking off the last 40 lbs. This diet has been a blessing for me. My blood sugar was 223, now it's low 70s. Blood pressure was 179/96...now it's 116/74. I haven't eaten any processed foods for a long time and don't miss it at all! I shop the outside of the grocery store and it totally makes sense. Good Luck!!

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