How can i lose fat and keep muscle ?

How can i lose fat and keep muscle ? Topic: How can i lose fat and keep muscle ?
June 16, 2019 / By Cressida
Question: How can I get rid of my fat but keep my muscles I wanna get cut I jog alot will that help and I drink 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar every morning
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Betsy Betsy | 5 days ago
To lose fat but keep the muscle you worked so hard to build, here are a few tips to focus on. A lot of these are similar to the Building Muscle section, with just a few tweaks. This should be done in combination with consistent, intense cardio and weight training sessions, over an 8-12 week period. FEWER CARBS, MORE PROTEIN. You still have to eat ENOUGH or your body will think you're starving it and start to hoard what it has. This lowers metabolism and slows fat loss. To keep muscle but slowly lose fat, you have to consume plenty of protein and lower carbs and fat. Notice I didn't say eliminate carbs or fat. They are both still important components to keeping healthy. It should be spread out over 6 meals (about every 3 hours). Try to consume a bigger percentage of your carbs in your earlier meals and immediately after training. Do not drastically cut your calories, but reduce them. Using the easy-to-follow reference (which is more a maintenance guideline), add about 10% more protein while reducing carbs by 10-15% for most of your meals. Also, choose protein sources with a lower percentage of fat, such as egg whites, turkey breast, fish. This will cause your body to start using more fat for energy instead of carbs, and the extra protein will help prevent much muscle breakdown for energy. KEEP WELL-HYDRATED. Always keep well-hydrated with water. The only exception to this rule is when peaking for a bodybuilding contest, where reducing water intake for a couple days prior to a contest helps in preventing water retention which blurs muscle definition. Restricting water to lose fat is never a good idea. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Consistently skipping meals will lower your metabolism and break down muscle. These are two things that you want to avoid when you want to lose fat and keep muscle. CONSIDER CYCLING YOUR CARBS. Being on a low-carb diet for prolonged periods of time will deplete your glycogen stores and slow your metabolism. At least once a week, eat a high-carb meal consisting of mainly complex carbs. This will help restore your glycogen levels with very little likely to be stored as fat. GET YOUR HEALTHY FATS. Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Fish Oils (found in fish like salmon) are considered healthy fats because they are unsaturated. They actually help promote fat loss, maintain muscle, give you energy as you are lowering your carbs, and support healthy arteries. Don't completely avoid fat. About 20% of your diet should consist of fat, mainly unsaturated. GET YOUR FIBER. Fiber (in foods such as vegetables, fruits, oatmeal) is good for you! It helps in losing fat because it fills you up and aids in digestion. Since your body cannot efficiently break it down, it takes more energy (calories) to process. So, eat your broccoli! EAT A MODERATE CARB / HIGH PROTEIN MEAL IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING. Your body has depleted its glycogen stores and is ready to absorb as much nutrients as it can. This is the time to take in a few more carbs than usual to help in recovery. DO CARDIO ON AN EMPTY STOMACH FIRST THING IN THE MORNING . Just doing a cardiovascular (or aerobic) type of activity, such as riding a bicycle or walking on a treadmill, anytime will make a difference. Your body will burn more fat if you do it on an empty stomach. This is because your body is in more of a glycogen-depleted state, so it does not have many carbs to burn first. And since it is an aerobic type of activity, not much muscle should be broken down in the process. And you still want to continue your intense weight-training sessions! This helps maintain your muscle mass, as long as you are consuming enough protein. CONSUME A NO-CARB OR LOW-CARB PROTEIN DRINK BEFORE BED. This will keep your metabolism stoked and your muscles intact, while you're sleeping. Remember: Muscle is active. Fat is not. Muscle raises your metabolism, which is key in losing fat.
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Betsy Originally Answered: A list of foods and drinks that I can consume to lose lose weight and gain muscle?
According to several fitness pros, you should eat mostly carbs before workouts and mostly protein after. Why? Carbs are used for energy. Protein is mostly used to repair your body's cells (example: to repair tissues that have been "broken down" from using weights.) Fats are used for several things: for satiety (keeping full longer), taste, and they help you to absorb certain vitamins. You will hear bodybuilders refer to these as "macro nutrients." It doesn't matter if you don't want to look like a body builder...it is only a matter of severity. You can just use their knowledge to get rid of your fat, not to bulk up. It takes a lot of effort to get "bulky" anyway. So, how much do you need? Depends who you ask. Someone will always disagree with someone else on this, so that's why you need to search and also see what works best for you. I haven't found the "magic number" yet, but I do my best workouts (and feel my best) if I have COMPLEX carbs (not white flours or sugars, which are processed) 1-4 hours before. You should think about foods in "servings." If you eat 1-2 servings of carbs and 0.5-1 servings of protein (and vegetables too) before a workout that will probably do you good. Sometimes, simple sugars will sustain you (example: orange juice) before, but if you are working at a high intensity (which is often required to lose fat), you need to eat complex carbs, which will stay in your system longer. But they also need to be eaten at least an hour before so your body can have a head start at breaking them down before you work out. Remember, when you are exercising, your body uses the majority of your blood to work your heart and transfer oxygen and broken down carbs (glucose, aka energy) to muscles. When you're done exercising, your body goes back to metabolising your food. So be careful not to eat or drink too much, just a little to give you a little omph (energy!) After your work out, you should have fast release protein with a fast release carb (simple carb). The best proteins are protein (isolate) powders or egg whites and the best carbs are simple carbs such as a cup of juice or chocolate milk. It is also a good idea to do this first thing in the morning after your body has been fasting (sleeping), but you can eat a few more carbs and add fat as well if you like. To answer the first part of your question, Body-for-LIFE suggests you eat 6 small meals a day. These meals should include one serving of lean protein and one serving of complex carbohydrates. You should eat at least 3 servings of vegetables (I think 5+ would be better) and 1 serving of fat (omega 3's) such as 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter or flaxseed oil or 1 serving of salmon. It doesn't matter your gender because 1 serving is the size of the palm of your hand. Also, take a multivitamin and drink lots of water (2-4 liters per day). I'm only suggesting BFL as a guideline...the people who follow the program have amazing results! The program seems fairly balanced and healthy also. The more you know the science, the better you can play around with your diet and lose weight easier by working with your body chemistry rather than working against and feeling defeated. You can do it!!!

Agnus Agnus
Diet. DIET motives the fats to depart. Exercise continues the muscle tissues. But comprehend that you just MUST have SOME fats. it can be that what YOU see as fats is truthfully a lack of muscle tone in a special are. ASk your swimming teacher if there maybe a likelihood of a few "centered" sports to support tone the ones places.
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Timo Timo
I tried that solution, but only broke out on my skin from it, and yesterday Dr. Oz did cover that issue. He said, eat some protein, 1/2 hour before exercising and/or afterwards, to kep the body from losing muscle tissue, because both are burnt together, to ensure the muscle mass stays healthy in tact, sue the protein. Many builders swear by those protein tablets you buy in Health "Food stores, and now they even come in various flavors, you can even carry them in your pocket when you go out shopping, and get the hunger cravings.
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Ranald Ranald
~~How can i lose fat and keep muscle ? Balanced diet and Exercise ~~How can I get rid of my fat but keep my muscles I wanna get cut I jog alot Good start ~~ I drink 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar every morning gross..
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Ranald Originally Answered: Slim body and fast metabolism. Want to build arm muscle. How do i gain weight, so that i tone it into muscle?
Well it really depends on your diet, sleep and also of course workout regimen. I would recommend you to do the workout regimen which I am doing: I eat around 3500-4000 calories a day. You may need less than that, that was what I was doing when bulking up, but I am 6'2. Make it 5-6 meals per day. I always train only two muscle groups which go together. Try to hit 10reps on each machine. Here is my regimen Monday - Biceps and Back, Wednesday - Triceps, Shoulders and Chest Friday - Legs and Abs Remember it is also important that you take Portein(around 1g per pound) supplement which works as food for your body together with supplement which increase Nitric Oxide and HGH levels in your body. You can check my bodybuilding journey in my website. I will provide link to it in the "source" field. I went from 175 to 201lbs. Best wishes and Take care!

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