Pls help. My mom is 315lbs. How to stop her addiction to food?

Pls help. My mom is 315lbs. How to stop her addiction to food? Topic: Pls help. My mom is 315lbs. How to stop her addiction to food?
November 14, 2019 / By Corrine
Question: She is 5'7''(47 years old) and 3 weeks ago she was 306lbs. Last year she was 251lbs. She's been overweight since her divorce in 2000. But she was never so obese. She has mental illness and changed behavior 2 times a year (schichofrenic i guess), it means she has given up on her self. But she has 3 children and my grandparents become sad when they see her going fatter and fatter every month. How can i make her to GO ON A FREAKIN DIET ALREADY. Im so tired but im the only one who can do something about it. She will die from fat! she eats almost around 3.000 calories per day. For example she eats plenty of olive oil, bread, halvas, chocolates, pastas etc. btw i cant afford a mental doctor or something. we dont have money.
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Best Answers: Pls help. My mom is 315lbs. How to stop her addiction to food?

Bethany Bethany | 1 day ago
No, this is not schizophrenia. Stop that. This is a combination of things, it sounds , and it is simiilar to others going through it. Show her these , find out if the documentary by garynull dot com called 'Seeds of Death' is on your PBS tv station., watch it together. Then give her these sites and be insistant that she look at them. FastTrackMyCure.com, HormoneCure.com, eftmasters.com Much of what she is going through is similar to others, and it is a viscious cycle. The food causes high blood sugar and cravings, (not her fault , except that she is eating it and not informed), and high blood sugar causes high food cravings. You have some of it figured out , good for you. Now you need to have some patience and be encouraging, and ask her if you both can just get healthy, learn how to cook, learn what to buy , how to shop, and take walks together, since this is really dragging you down also. She may listen if you do it that way,.. This is something she has to make up her mind to do, and if you influence that in a good way, she may actually do something , I hope so. Before she gets diabetes, if she does not already have it. If she loses weight, that will probably go away also, she needs to be tested for it and follow along with those who have lost weight to get her blood sugar down and learn how to eat . best wishes, I know it is difficult for both of you. EDIT: doctor oz just had on tv to take garcinia cambogia to lose weight also
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Bethany Originally Answered: Food addiction?
I am taking 5 HTP from the health store, for anxiety, but I found out it's also an appetite suppressant. I have found it to be effective in that way. I never used to care about food until I started eating for comfort. Once that started, I couldn't stop binging, and eating nasty things. Thankfully I'm a normal weight - but I know it was going up. I now find it's breaking that habit by simply putting me off food and making me consider other things.
Bethany Originally Answered: Food addiction?
You're going to think I'm nutty, but have you been tested for food allergies? Eating disorders, food addiction, depression can all be symptoms of an undiagnosed food allergy. They're not the typical symptoms, but they can be symptoms. That you have to have the same ice cream or you get depressed.. does signify an addiction.. and it may not be mental.. but a physiological addiction much like alcholism or drug addiction. I'd advise you to get tested for food allergies, especially milk. If its not an allergy-based issue, then you're going to need to listen to your body carefully and avoid foods that trigger that kind of response in you, despite how strongly you want to eat them. You should enjoy food, not have it control you.

Aggy Aggy
This may help if you have her smell apples or bananas before eating and again after she eats it helps make you feel fuller I hope this helps good luck
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Tikva Tikva
stupid! you could not give up cravings! in case you desire to drop some weight, you might have a blend of ingredients. speedy carbs, sluggish carbs, and proteins mutually in each and each meal. accompanied by snacks, ought to get you to drop some weight. :)
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Tikva Originally Answered: Laxative addiction repercussions HELP?
Yes, you should definitely see a doctor about it. Being so young, you need expert's advice. My friend had the same problem- it carried on for a few years and now she cannot function normally. Its causing her a lot of distress and she is very unhappy, not only about what she does, but how she looks. It can be very dangerous, anything in excess is. I think that you made a big step just by recognizing your problems and that you want to do something about it. Please go and see a doctor about it. You are very young but the sooner you act the better for you and your body. good luck.

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