alternative ways to face irritable bowel syndrome when common drugs fail to help!?

alternative ways to face irritable bowel syndrome when common drugs fail to help!? Topic: alternative ways to face irritable bowel syndrome when common drugs fail to help!?
June 19, 2019 / By Corona
Question: my best friend was diagnosed with this problem.doctors say it "comes and goes" and that there is no cure..there will be periods which it will "burst" and periods that it will be "asleep".it is nothing dangerous but honest when it bursts how can you go to work,go for a meal, have cafe outdoors or go for drinks when you are in pain and you need to go to the bathroom several times.i would greatly appreciate if someone with the same problem has found alternative ways to control it!!! thanks a lot!!! she doesn't have difficulty to go the bathroom! she actually has the opposite she is going alot of times 7-8times a day!common drugs dont stop her constant going to the bathroom and fiber will make it worse!
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Beth Beth | 9 days ago
Drugs and most herbs only address the symptoms, not the cause. For instance, has she taken antibiotics... perhaps for acne, or infection, or even for her IBS? This kills all the helpful bacteria in the intestines and often causes an overgrowth of candida, which in turn damages the intestines. And/or she could have some type of intestinal parasites or worms that also cause damage. About 85% of the US population has some type of parasite infection. The majority of medical doctors don't address this. A high-quality colon-parasite cleanse is recommended in this case. Read this page and all the links under "Read more interesting information" http://www.holistic-wellness-basics.com/healthy-colon.html IBS definitely CAN be cured. If possible, she should consult with a Naturopathic Doctor for guidance. Food and lifestyle habits are very important, but definitely do the colon-parasite cleanse recommended on the website.
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Beth Originally Answered: Do I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
Hi Kelly, I am sorry to hear that you are not well. I have good news for you though. There are many people worldwide now suffering with this ailment, but I believe that you are going to get well, because I have the best product and advice to offer to you. I have helped a few people with colon problems, because of this product. This product stops the diarrhea, as it forms a jell and at the same time cleanses the colon. I helped an elderly lady who had a similar problem and could not go out anywhere for fear of a runny tummy. Within a month she was able to fly to England to visit her daughter who was giving birth to her first child. What a joy it was for her. This product loosens the impacting on the colon that has formed over a long period of time and so you need to take it on the weekend, so that you can rest. It will stabilize the stool and can be used for constipation as well, because it helps with the peristaltic movement of the colon. The colon then becomes a muscle again, as it is freed from the black tar type impacting, so don't get nervous if the stool is black. You will be able to buy the product in your own country and can become a member so that you can purchase wholesale. I would appreciate you using the form available on my website. There is a lot of valuable information on my site and I do believe that you will be a different person within a few days. I use this product and am always amazed at the results and the cleansing that it does. It is a gentle product and should not harm any ulcer, if anything it will make it easier for the stool to pass through because it opens the colon. There are 17 herbs in this product and each one has a purpose for the healing and cleansing process. Another great fact is that it cleanses other organs once the colon is well. The product is HERBAL FIBREBLEND from AIM. Check out the video on my website below, as well as my blog, if you like. Thank you for taking the time to read this information and go well, be well, you may also contact me through my website.

Aggi Aggi
I too have IBS, and sorry to say there isnt much to be done. Except drink alot of water and try to eat alot of fiber things. It is very painful that I know some times I hate to suffer so I take a rocket(supp) and then Iam able to go faster then to sit there and suffer. Also we get IBS as we dont go as we should so I found that sugar free candy, theres some thing in the candy that makes you go to the bathroom. So try all of that I will be checking to see if any one else comes up with some thing.
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Tiernan Tiernan
Fairly easy to control/cure with TCM & Acupuncture. The common diagnosis is Liver overacting on the Spleen. Her Licensed Acupuncturist will explain this fully, and prescribed an herbal formula (or 2) to be taken for between 1-4 months, depending on severity & length of problem. go to www.acufinder.com to find a Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist in your area. I have successfully treated IBS in many patients. I have no doubt your friend will get relief.
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Rain Rain
I'm not saying this is "the cure" but a good quality probiotic may be very helpful in easing some of her symptoms. Enzymatic Therapy Acidolphilus Pearls, Kyodophilus, and Culturelle all make high quality products. Have your friend try them.
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Marlen Marlen
i have a relative that is going through the same problem, and what she does in order to settle her "problem" when it gets too painful is drink chamomille tea or normal tea with oregano, which should calm down her stomach pain and prevent her from going to the bathroom so much.
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Marlen Originally Answered: Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
make sure you are drinking enough water during the day... that makes a difference. also you might want to try a stool softener like colace or miralax (different than a laxative) they keep fluid in your colon so stuff moves along instead of stimulating the colon chemically -- you dont want to become dependent on that either or it will be the only way you CAN go... eeks. be thankful you still go daily... plenty of people only go once a week or so... i hear about that all the time.

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