My hamster is crying a lot i dont know what to give him?

My hamster is crying a lot i dont know what to give him? Topic: My hamster is crying a lot i dont know what to give him?
October 18, 2019 / By Colena
Question: My hamster is been really weird his eyes started to tuen watery and his right eye is getting really big he is crying alot and his kind of constipated and when i grab him i felt like a ball in his back. IM WORRY I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO HELP ME!!!!!!
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Benedicta Benedicta | 10 days ago
Calm down. Bad energy within you can pass on to the hamster which can make him even more upset. Do not take him to the vet unless you have the actual money to splash out on this. I would advise, though, ringing your local vet, (to find one, just type in local vet and then add your location) and explain to him/her what has happened. If they tell you to book an appointment, reply, explaining that it is an emergency as the hamster is crying, is constipated, and has a large lump in his/her throat. If they do not cooperate, then follow these instructions: 1. Change your hamsters bedding, and clean out their cage. Make sure to change the food and water and add a mix of foods from a trusted brand of tasty hamster food you have. If your out of that, get some cabbage, one piece of carrot and some nuts. Put them in a bowl close to the base of the cage. 2. Do not put the bedding back in as this may be causing the problem. Instead, but a nice top of yours in as it will comfort your friend with your scent. Let him snuggle into it and allow him to relax. 3. Offer him a drink - do not force him to have food as he may of been infected by a nasty piece. 4. Check your play accessories to see if they are intact. If they are not, this is the problem. He will of swallowed something from this and it will have been caught in his throat. If thats the case, and you really love him, rush him to the vet, regardless of whether you have the money or not. Im sure they will be more than happy to help and you could pay the money off over time. 5. If that is not the case, pop him inside his cage and leave him for 5 minutes. Return. If he is still crying, stroke him and comfort him. Unless this works, take him to the vet or call them. Just do not worry!
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Benedicta Originally Answered: My doctor is confusing me so much, please help I am crying right now?
Your first test show low thyroid hormone levels, the second did not... That brings to mind cycling. What can cause thyroid hormone levels to cycle? Thyroid antibodies. Specifically those for Hashi's (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), it's the most common of the thyroid disorders and can be diagnosed with a simple blood tests. The antibody levels cycle in response to the Thyroid gland activity which it turn responds to the antibody activity. As each responds to the other you end up with a cycling pattern that causes thyroid hormone levels to cycle as well. The antibodies attack the thyroid gland destroying gland tissue.. when the gland slows/stops functioning due to the attack the antibodies back off. When the gland determines that attack is over it starts producing again. Antibodies attack the functioning gland and back off when it stops. Gland kicks in cuz the antibodies stop... antibodies attack again. This continues with the hormone levels going up and down until so much gland tissue has been destroyed that your are hypo all the time. If your doc is going to wait till that stage, fire him, find a new doc. You do NOT have to wait until so much of the gland has been destroyed that you are miserable.. In fact, starting hormone replacement before that happens not only keeps you from becoming so miserable it saves gland tissue... One day they may figure out how to control/eliminated autoimmune type antibodies and then you will still have a gland left. Hashi's cycles can vary from person to person.. at the beginning they can swing from very low (very hyPO) to very high (very hyPER) but with each cycle the hypo will be more and the hyper with be less until it's always hypo. How long the cycles last also vary from person to person. They may swing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... or they could be decades. My suggestion would be to go have the tests done again. You'll want: TSH Free T4 Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. You're not crazy. You KNEW that something was wrong... the problem isn't you, or that you misinterpreted your symptoms.. the problem is that your doc is either lacking in a thorough education in thyroid diagnosis and care, or lazy. IMHO

Adrianna Adrianna
The ball in his back could an infection that is swollen or a tumor. With the inflamed and watery eyes, I am thinking it is some kind of infection. Only your vet can determine for sure what it is. I would recommend you seek a vet for this.
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Thad Thad
You should take him to a hamster doctor. That's the best way to take care of your pets. Is he getting old? If so, maybe it's a sign of him reaching into the near death sign.
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Pompey Pompey
He should be taken to the vet's office to either be treated or humanely euthanized so he does not have to suffer a very drawn-out and painful death.
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Pompey Originally Answered: My dog is Constipated what should i do? I took him to the vet and everything, he's still crying when he poos!?
There comes a time in everyone's life when constipation rears its ugly head. The same holds true for dogs, unfortunately. Lack of exercise and proper diet can lead to bouts of constipation (sound familiar?). While you may seek a variety of ways to "eliminate" this problem in your own life, let's explore some home remedies for dog constipation which can be utilized in the eventuality it occurs in theirs. As mentioned earlier, a proper diet and exercise are key components in ensuring your dog has the ability to move his bowels as often as necessary. House dogs usually need to be walked twice a day while maintaining a proper diet. If your dog becomes constipated, one method to alleviate this problem is by adding one to two teaspoons of bran to his meal. This allows for extra moisture in the stool. Another method to soften the stool would be to add psyllium (Metamucil in the adult world) to his diet. Half a teaspoon twice a day, in addition to drinking plenty of water, will suffice. A third option would be mineral oil. This may be used in cases where there is a large build-up of hard stool. Two teaspoons, twice a day should be added to his meal, but for only a week. There are several other steps you can take to alleviate your dog's constipation. Keep his food moist by adding a bit of water. If your dog is getting on in years, add some raw meat and vegetables to his diet. There are certain signs which can alert you to potential problems, and for which you can take immediate steps. Long hair on dogs can cause feces to become entangled; therefore, keep your dog properly groomed. Dogs tend to eat everything in sight, ensure no bones or other material has been ingested. Just as we experience constipation due to certain medications, dogs are no exception. Psychological stress is another indicator relating to constipation. While it has been suggested that all breeds and dogs of any age are prone to constipation, there are other aspects which you may need to consider, and for which many dog owners are culpable. Never feed your dog from the dinner table. While you may indulge the dog with a few scraps here and there, you are contributing to his constipation. Foods that contain flour, sugar, rice, dairy and high protein are the main source of the problem. Ice cream, cookies, bread, chocolate, or other unhealthy food items can cause your dog unnecessary pain. As mentioned earlier, a lack of fiber and dehydration are common causes. Another cause for concern would be a condition known as mega colon. This simply means your dog has an inflamed colon which prevents the discharge of feces. The time to visit the vet will become evident when your dog's inability to defecate is hampered by a decreased appetite, passing blood in minimal amounts, and overall lethargy. Keep in mind, contributing to the overall health of your dog should be of the utmost importance. A dog's love is unconditional, therefore, he or she is totally dependent upon you to maintain a healthy and harmonious life. Be ever vigilant to any signs of stress and ensure his diet and exercise regimen is appropriate and on-going.

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