How to lose 15 pounds in 2 months?

How to lose 15 pounds in 2 months? Topic: How to lose 15 pounds in 2 months?
October 14, 2019 / By Britannia
Question: I am 16 years old, and I weigh about 198 almost 200.. Sad isn't it? This summer I want to lose about 15 pounds, and I need like a list of what I should do everyday? Something to keep me motivated. I need help!
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Alice Alice | 10 days ago
Depending on your height that might not be as "sad" as you think. I would suggest a 6 day routine that goes like this: Day 1: Weight Training Day 2: Cardio, something as simple as walking, biking, or swimming will do, but make sure to push yourself and go for at least a half hour but aiming for an 60-90 minutes as that amount of time triggers weight loss Day 3: Yoga, or even better, hot yoga Day 4: Weight Training Day 5: Cardio, I would suggest this time to try to do something fun like play soccer or basketball, but the previous suggestions still work Day 6: Yoga again, it's actually surprising how much you can enjoy yoga and it is so good for you (this is also coming from a guy) The truth about weight training is that the more muscle you put on, the higher rate of metabolism you have. For each pound of muscle you gain you burn an extra 30 calories a day. Also don't worry about looking too muscly, girls are not made to look all muscly and most have to take steroids to look like that. Cardio helps keep your heart healthy and have an affect on your weight if you do enough of it. Yoga is great for your body and helps to strengthen it while burning calories. Now as for diet, the number one rule is DO NOT SKIP MEALS!! skipping meals causes your stomach to shrink faster and send a chemical to your brain that makes you crave high calorie foods. Try to eat ingest more protein as it keeps you feeling full longer. Avoid processed sugars and grains as our bodys were not actually designed to digest these. At all costs avoid MSG, this is a chemical most often in potato chips to preserve them, but it is also made in labs to make rats fat for experiments. And eat cheese and yogurts as they stick to fats in your intestines and get rid of them. Also do not get discouraged at first when you do not see results. This will most likely happen because the first fats to go are visceral fats (look it up) which surround your organs. This is actually the most important type of fat to lose and the first to go when you start to work out and eat healthy.
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Alice Originally Answered: How to lose 20-25 pounds in 2 months?
Here are six simple tips that will have you losing weight in a balanced and healthy way and lose 20-30 pounds in 2 months: 1. Lose weight with water. Water is essential for everybody - it is also the key to losing weight. If you haven't been drinking enough water, your body has developed a pattern of storing water. This water retention equals extra unwanted weight. By drinking more water, you are not only flushing out toxins, you are also teaching your body that it no longer needs to store water. Drink at least 60 ounces of water (about 8 glasses) a day. Boil water and sliced lemons, and drink this throughout the day to help with fluid retention. If you are still not sold on the merits of water, try this on for size: water is a natural appetite suppressant. 2. Soup up your weight loss program. A simple dietary change will have you shedding pounds: eat a bowl of soup at least once a day. Nutritious, low-salt soups will nourish you as they flush waste from your body. People who eat a serving of soup daily lose more weight than those who eat the same amount of calories but don't eat soup. Go for homemade soup whenever possible, as canned soups are loaded with salt and chemicals. 3. Eat early to keep weight off. The human body follows a circadian rhythm, which means that the same foods eaten at breakfast and lunch are processed differently than when eaten at dinner. Studies show that when you eat your daily protein and fat at breakfast you tend to lose weight and have more energy; however, eating the same things at dinner tend to increase tendencies toward weight gain. I suggest that you eat your last meal of the day by 7 p.m. 4. Eat smaller meals, more frequently. Follow an eating schedule with five little meals every day. Eating steadily through the day keeps you from becoming famished and overeating at your next meal. Make a low-fat trail mix from raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried plum, and apples and have it available at all times to avoid the tempting lure of high-calorie snacks. 5. Adopt a balanced approach to your diet. Most of the fad diet programs out there nowadays are extreme in a few recommended foods, or else deprive the body of food altogether. This works in opposition to our metabolism and the results usually don't last, producing a yoyo effect that depresses your metabolic function - not to mention your self-esteem. We are natural beings that need a balance of nutrition from all sources. Your diet should consist of a balance of organic sources of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead of white rice and pasta, opt for brown rice, bulgur, millet, or buckwheat. Eat more green, chlorophyll-rich foods such as broccoli, kale, spinach, and asparagus. Eliminate candy, sugar, soda, and all simple sugars from your diet. Excess sugar ends up being stored as fat in your body, which results in weight gain. Also, keep dairy to a minimum because most dairy products are high in saturated fat. Avoid fatty foods, processed or fried foods. 6. Walk off the weight. The No. 1 cause of weight gain is inactivity. Physical activity is the key to speeding up your metabolism and burning excess calories. The best way to be physically active is to use your legs! Walk as often and as long as you can. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Step outside during your break at work and take a walk around your building. Consider joining a local hiking club. Try taking a walk 30 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes in the early evening. I hope this article helps you shed some pounds and add on the years! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me. May you live long, live strong, and live happy!
Alice Originally Answered: How to lose 20-25 pounds in 2 months?
pick up a 5 or 10 pound weight at the gym and visualize that weight coming off holding the weight in your hands helps bring home just how heavy even 5 pounds of extra fat can be

Tyson Tyson
Eat more meals a day, try to look for 4-5 meals a day. It will help u maintain a steady blood level. All you really need to do is go join a sport or hit up your local gym. If those resources are gone then just try to gain muscle to fit under your fat. P.s Running will also help alot
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Riley Riley
you are young for following master cleanse diet but that's perfect you will loose 20lbs in just 10 days! i'm in my second day and i lost both size and weight i got all the information from below site! http://mastercleansesecrets.com
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Riley Originally Answered: i need to lose 30 pounds in 3 months how.?
Here are a few tips; WHEN to eat for losing weight... • Eat (at least) three times a day. Because when you eat only once a day, your metabolism gets slower than it already is! That's the main reason. Sounds funny, but to lose weight... you must eat (the right things, of course) • Eat low-fat, high-fiber foods such as salads and vegetable pastas. • Your last meal should be before 18:00. Try. OK, one apple after 18:00 • Don't starve Starvation is not good for losing weight, nor your health. Starvation is the worse thing you can do in a weight loss diet. • Try oatmeal instead of cornflakes for breakfast--eating oatmeal can help reduce cholesterol levels, and its high fiber content will keep you full longer. WHAT to drink for losing weight... • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day ! Can be tap, plain, mineral, sparkling. I just love mineral sparkling water! This improves your bowel, reduces the "hunger" sensation, and hydrates your skin. Your skin will look much better after the first weeks! Don't believe the slogan "water makes me fat". Beside being stupid... you might get into serious troubles with your kidneys. • Drink ONLY natural juices, freshly squized! Don't drink Coca Cola, Pepsi, Spite etc. during the diet. Even lite or light versions. I thought this was not possible for me to achieve. Now... I don't even LIKE them anymore! Nothing compares to the the smell of a fresh natural fruit juice! Not speaking about health... • Avoid those vending machines by carrying around your own healthful foods and leaving pocket change at home. exercise for losing weight... • If you want quicker results - exercise would be good. But remember, you're not going to attend the Olympic Games! If you exercise a lot - you'll get very hungry... and you'll be tempted to eat more. Don't exagerate! Walking is fine (but not very slow...) for your body, and your spirit. Half an hour, or one hour /day - it's up to you. Get fit while you sit new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere… even while watching TV! • Don't just sit in front of the TV and eat peanuts... I guarantee THIS won't work for your weight loss... • Start a regular exercise program and stick with it. Don't be afraid of those sweat suits and Lycra pants! • Start swimming. Swimming is an excellent exercise to get involved with, since it increases blood flow and uses muscles we don't regularly use. Start a swimming program and try to do it 3 times a week. You will feel excellent and rejuvenated. • Clean your house! It is a great exercise idea if you work from home. Housework can burn off loads of calories. Start by vacuuming, polishing, dusting and cleaning glass/windows. Make your house sparkling clean while burning off excess weight. • Choose an exercise program that you enjoy, and don't shun the unconventional. For instance, did you know that regular vigorous dancing is exercise too? Good luck!

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