Am I taking to many supplements?

Am I taking to many supplements? Topic: Am I taking to many supplements?
November 23, 2019 / By Ailsa
Question: I take flax seed oil, fish oil and evening primrose oil capsules daily, am I taking to much oil? I eat healthily and work out every other day. I do use olive oil to cook with but depending on my meals I do not have olive oil every day. My friend told me I am consuming to much oil and they all basically do the same thing so it's counter productive. I have also read that fish oil is not particularly healthy supplement to take due to the high levels of mercury which are found in fish. So basically should I cut down on my supplements, and if so which supplements (if any) should I stop taking?
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Tom Tom | 8 days ago
You will certainly benefit from taking one of them on a daily basis, but it depends on the reason. E.P.O is usually used for PMS and only contains omega 6. Fish oil contains omega 3 and Flax seed oil contains omega 3, 6 and 9, therefore that would be the better choice. A couple of the many benefits are that these oils are good for the skin, your eyes and brain, arthritis pain, your heart, even weight loss and many more. As for the olive oil it won't do any of these. Unless you need a particular oil for a reason, use the Flax seed oil and of course you can keep using you olive oil. I worked in a pharmacy and was in charge of the naturals section, so I can tell you that unless you are on medication (in that case double check that it won't interfere) it is safe and definitely of benefit to you. Hope that helps.
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Tom Originally Answered: Will I benefit from taking evening primrose oil or flaxseed oil if I'm already taking Omega 3 supplements?
Absolutely! Evening Primrose Oil has Omega-6 GLA, which is good for skin health and helping to balance out a woman's hormones (which helps a LOT of women with their "monthly issues"). Flaxseed Oil has Omega-3 ALA, which has some added benefits for cardiovascular and heart health among other things... it's similar benefits to Fish Oil, but you can take both for added effect.
Tom Originally Answered: Will I benefit from taking evening primrose oil or flaxseed oil if I'm already taking Omega 3 supplements?
in case you do no longer merchandise to fish oil (e.g. in case you're no longer a vegetarian), then i could bypass with the fish oil Omega 3. For optimum well being reward, i could recommend which you do no longer decrease your self to in basic terms Omega 3, yet seek for supplementations that integrate diverse Omega needed Fatty Acids (EFAs). you're able to desire a ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9. i could propose the fish oils made via Nordic naturals, they are particularly organic.

Raven Raven
Fat, salt, sugar are all good for us. But in the right amounts. You are probably over obsessing on your dietry supplements. Most are unneeded if you have a healthy diet. For example, fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acid, which we can really only get from a small number of sources, including fish and hazelnuts. So, generally speaking your supplements don't do much for you, that your heatlhy diets doesn't do already.
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Mat Mat
if youre taking them everyday yes, stop the supplements. Olive oil is very healthy by itself, you dont need any additional oils. If you cut down and take them maybe once a week, then you might be fine
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Mat Originally Answered: is it worth taking vitamin supplements, do they work?
A multi-vit a day is a good way to go. Vitamin D deficiencies lead to cancer susceptibility. Vit A is needed for your immune system and so on. With women a lot of birth defects can be avoided if they take supplement with folate in them

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