How much raspberry extract should I use? (recipe included)?

How much raspberry extract should I use? (recipe included)? Topic: How much raspberry extract should I use? (recipe included)?
October 14, 2019 / By Abelia
Question: I have never baked w/ raspberry extract before, but the amount this recipe calls for seems like a LOT! (1T in the cake mix, and 2t in the icing.) I read the reviews, and no one said anything about it. I will probably use only half, bake one cupcake & see how that turns out - unless someone has a better idea. http://www.mccormick.com/Recipes/Dessert...
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Steve Steve | 2 days ago
The part of the Frosting that has the tablespoonful is only in the filling, and the rest goes on the rest of the frosting. This seems quite reasonable as the fillings are always stronger flavoured than the rest of the frosting. I would probably add raspberry jam to the filling and make the frosting pinker.
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RASPBERRY SAUCE: 1/2 pt. raspberries 1/2 c. water 1/4 c. sugar Make raspberry sauce by combining all ingredients and bringing them to a boil. Strain and cool the sauce.

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It does seem like a bit much but whenever I try a new recipe I follow it exactly the first time around. If, after you make it, it tastes too strongly of rasberry, cut the amount in half. I'm always suspicious when a company that puts out the extract calls for what seems like an excessive amount, after all they want you to use more so you buy more, but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and follow the recipe exactly for the first go.
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Lindon Lindon
I would suggest mixing together a small portion of the icing to see how that tastes, then go from there according to your opinion on the results. Some extracts can bake out/weaken during the baking process, so the high quantity could be to compensate for any flavor loss.
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Jarlath Jarlath
I don't know a recipe but yum I had one in these days also and it was potent! It's like a sugar cookie with chunks of cheesecake and raspberry but was very smooth and yummy like several of their cookies are. I would are trying a typical sugar cookie recipe however combine in a box of cheesecake immediate pudding combine and a few frozen raspberries that maybe good.
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