Are laxatives harmefulll?

Are laxatives harmefulll? Topic: Are laxatives harmefulll?
October 14, 2019 / By Mose
Question: So, I guess I would be considered a pretty healthy person. I'm 5'7" and 115 pounds. I exercise 30 minutes daily, and I eat super healthy. But I also use laxatives quite a bit, and I was wondering if they're really that bad for you? I'm not sure what happened, but I was having regular bowel movements until about a month ago, and then I just could not go. I tried eating 30 grams of fiber a day, drinking tons of water, eating alot of veggies and fruits, and I even tried drinking Metamucil, Citrucel, and Benefiber. Nothing worked, and if it did, it was just a tiny bit, like every 4 to 5 days. And I was alwaaays bloated. And I couldn't wear any tight clothing because I looked 3 months pregnant. So I just got sick of it and started taking laxatives.. I take 4 every other day. Its been about a month since i've been taking them. I didn't even think anything was wrong with it, i just thought it solved my constapation problem. But then I started reading about it online, and I saw that people used them to lose weight, and that its another form of bulima, and that I should get help. So i'm totally confused. I don't want to lose weight, i just want to go to the bathroom!! Help please??
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Kelly Kelly | 3 days ago
I'm having the same problem as you. Unfortunately people around us just don't understand the bloated, uncomfortable feeling and complain that we are "anorexic" or "bulimic". They are harmful but only when you take them repeatedly for a long-term period. Taking them for a few months and because you actually NEED them is not that bad. If you were taking them for the wrong reason constantly, then, yes it would be very harmful. But I believe you are taking them because you need them lol. Good luck =)
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Kelly Originally Answered: Laxatives?
If you were using this specifically to lose weight then I want you to remember this feeling, the fear and everything else if you ever decide to take laxatives as a diet aid. Having said that you might just have heartburn. Within a few hours you might have an uncontrollable need to go to the washroom depending on what kind of laxatives you took. I want you to remember the feeling of you voiding your bowels. That's usually enough to convince people that unless you're really backed up, you shouldn't take laxatives.
Kelly Originally Answered: Laxatives?
The effects will wear off soon. Relax. Don't do that again unless there is a true medical need for a laxative. Don't do it to purge.

Heron Heron
Why they are harmful, is that you lose your natural ability to void without assistance. So, what is advised is to eat more fiber. That way, you will get the fiber you need, and won't get constipated. This is a very important issue, so the next time, you go for a physical, just mention all of the above to your doctor. You could eat whole foods, like barley in soup, salads, flax seeds, beans, stir fries, and other foods. I take Mineral Oil, and dissoluble powder about three nights a week, just to make things go along easier. But I have already acquired a disease from not getting enough fiber. I have diverticular disease. My older sister doesn't have it, nor my younger sister. so all those years of going without fiber have hurt me in the long run. But laxatives shouldn't be overused. I won't do the research on your behalf. The book below is a big help, and there are other books. It used to be called roughage, if you can't find a fiber book. You can also bake your own bread and use one half whole wheat. If this doesn't give enough fiber, just keep adding as much as you need to keep your system running smoothly. Also, drink water not soda pop. Also, walk a lot. You don't want to end up wearing a colostomy bag.
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Ellger Ellger
it depends on the person,it makes me run to the loo and wee after, but my boyfriend it acts as a laxative to him you will find that most people especially in the morning after having a hot drink with breakfast will need to go and sit on the loo after ward
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Ellger Originally Answered: Laxatives!?
I'm a nurse and I know that laxatives only make what is going to happen normally, happen quicker. What I mean by this is, one will have a bowel movement just like they would normally but quicker. That takes lots of water away from one,plus many of the nutrients one needs are lost. Myself not long ago being 5'4 at 110 and now just one year later jumped to 140 have considered it too. I do not recommend from my education. Cindy

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