If your spouse is home sick with a cold (not flu -- and mine doesn't work much anyway), how many times a day.?

If your spouse is home sick with a cold (not flu -- and mine doesn't work much anyway), how many times a day.? Topic: If your spouse is home sick with a cold (not flu -- and mine doesn't work much anyway), how many times a day.?
January 25, 2020 / By Morley
Question: does he/she call you at work to whine? I've gotten four such phone calls so far! And her immune system is so bad due to poor diet and zero exercise, she's ALWAYS getting sick while I skate by germs. How is this fair to me?
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Best Answers: If your spouse is home sick with a cold (not flu -- and mine doesn't work much anyway), how many times a day.?

Kegan Kegan | 6 days ago
I KNOW it's a pain in the butt, but what are you going to do?! Hollering at her sure isn't going to put her in a better mood. Why don't you go to the drug store & ask the pharmacist what is the very BEST vitamin you can get. See if you can get something that will start to build up her immune system, put some "good strong reinforcements" into her, & maybe she won't get sick as much. My daughter is an RN, she swears by as many "natural" herbs etc. as you can get in your system. She rarely gets sick. This may just be what she needs. Just a tho't for you. Make sure she also got her regular flu shot too..:)
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the atkins plan is basically a crash diet. crash dieting will only give you temporary results. as soon as you're off the atkins plan, you'll be packing the weight back on. there are two key things to remember: 1) weight is only a number. your weight can easily increase depending on water intake or an increase in muscle mass. if you're aiming to be slimmer and healthy, try keeping track of your body measurements ie: waist, hips, buttocks, arms, legs, etc. dropping weight is not nearly as important as dropping body fat percentage, so you may want to look into having that evaluated as a first step. 2) patience is everything. if you want to lose body fat and keep it off, it takes time. diets are temporary. good health and fitness has more to do with lifestyle than dieting. take your time, stay diligent, and have a goal to aim for. push yourself and exhibit self-control, but don't do it to the point where you hate what you're doing and "cheat" on your diet or workouts. also, you shouldn't wait until the sensation of hunger arises to finally eat. by the time your body is thirsty, you are already dehrydrated and that applies to eating as well. by the time you're hungry, your body is starting to enter starvation mode—by the time you do start eating, your body will be storing extra fats and calories. eating small portioned meals throughout the day helps keep your metabolism going, constantly burning calories. snacks (healthy ones!) here and there help as well. i like to keep track of my caloric and fat intake on a daily basis to monitor my diet [when i say diet, i don't mean some quick fix, but like i said, how i normally eat day-to-day (lifestyle)]. i use http://www.fitclick.com/. it's a great tool for both tracking and generating meals and workouts. although i have a little bit of background knowledge in health and fitness, it has still proved to be a very helpful tool. i recommend it for friends, family, or anyone in general who needs to be pointed in the right direction to a healthier (and happier!) life. hope i've been helpful!

Henrie Henrie
Very Unfair..she needs to get off her Chunky @ss and go for a hike,put down the fork, and take a shot of wheatgrass juice! It's her own fault and is selfish.... she is not takeing care of the life and body god gave her...and there is no excuse!
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Elishua Elishua
Dude, I'm so showing this to my wife the very next time she accuses me of being an insensitive jerk. "Oh sweetheart, check this out. Do you REALLY think I'm an a s s?"
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Chester Chester
oh that's not fair at all! she needs to quit whining and do something about it so she doesn't get sick anymore...
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Alysdare Alysdare
All you really can do is aim at symptom reduction with an all-purpose cold and FLU medication like DayQuil and NyQuil., get plenty of rest and eat healthy foods. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink hot liquids like tea or chicken soup to reduce the inflammation in your chest and upper respiratory symptoms. Get a nasal decongestant to keep yourself breathing comfortably. There is the old joke that if you medicate and treat yourself you can get rid of a flu-like cold in seven days but if you go to a doctor and get prescription medications, your cold will be gone in a week! You take it easy and don't believe all the myths. None of them really work because this kind of ailment can disappear in 3 days or linger for 8 - 10 and those who are lucky give the credit to whatever mendicants they use. But it like the two people who got BMW's last week. One of them prayed for it and the car company gave him a big loan so he gives the credit to God. The other one worked for it and paid cash so he gives the credit to himself. Both of them could have gotten reliable transportation for a third the price!
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Just go to the local supermarket and do your local shop and slip some laxatives into your trolley. Trust me, I am a checkout chick and I don't even look at what people buy, so chances are they won't either.

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