How do fat cells with alpha receptors get broken down?

How do fat cells with alpha receptors get broken down? Topic: How do fat cells with alpha receptors get broken down?
January 28, 2020 / By Michah
Question: As I understand it, fat cells can have either alpha or beta receptors. Those with beta receptors will react to adrenaline and start to break down, but those with alpha receptors will react by preventing any sort of breakdown of the fat. I've heard that you CAN get rid of these stubborn fat reserves by exercising but... how? Or do I have some of my facts mixed up? Thanks in advance for any help!
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Juda Juda | 5 days ago
Hi there... That is a good question. Yupe u are right ... But may I add somepoint ??? Do u know about the alpha- and the beta - glucose ??? That Alpha and Beta receptor is fully related to that type of saacharides. It is a really coincidence for me to meet u right here. Luckyly I`m the nutritient expert. So the fat cell or the adipose is the only ONE CELL that could store the Glycogen / Lipid. And that Lipid is come from your diet or from the convertion of Glucose (carbohydrate). U are right that the Beta one is to break down the fat, BUT that Alpha one is also as necessary as the Beta one. The Alpha function is to convert the un-used carbohydrates into the lipid / fat form by the spesific enzymes. U CAN NOT break / disappear that Alpha receptor soo easy. That would bring a BAD IMPACT. Your body will CAN NOT digest any un-used carbohydrates, and that will be soo BAD to u. The best way to decrease your weight is by contolled your diet. DO NOT eat so un-neccessay amount of carbohydrates or Lipid. THESE TWO is the major factor that could bring your weight up so fast. May u luck !!! -Best Regards-
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Harlin Harlin
One key for obtaining maximum weight loss results is getting your body in a mode so that it releases fatty acids out of the fat cells that contain alpha receptors - the largest areas of your body - and uses them for its primary energy source. The second key is to prevent fatty acids from entering or reentering those same fat cells. This is where my experience will yield you optimal weight loss results.
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Elbridge Elbridge
Keep a tiny water glass, which you should refill often, instead of a large water bottle on your table.
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Carmi Carmi
I do believe in case you decrease your current stomach as well as get used to having fewer, it can help.
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