What are some simple tips to keep a healthy heart to live longer?

What are some simple tips to keep a healthy heart to live longer? Topic: What are some simple tips to keep a healthy heart to live longer?
December 13, 2019 / By Latanya
Question: I am looking for simple tips to do on a dialy or weekly basis to keep a healthy heart that will keep me living longer and healthy. I am13 i weigh 112 and im 5'3. I feel unhealthy. I eat alot and I dont eat much fruits or veggies. But I like them and I eat them occasionally.I run track and I play softball.Im looking for simple tips to do on a dialy or weekly basis to keep a healthy heart that will keep me living longer and healthy.
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Jessi Jessi | 6 days ago
1-If you have blood pressure-control your BP either by medication or breathing exercises. 2- Don`t take your own decision in controling your blood pressure-consult with a doctor if you feel any chest pain,breathing trouble,sweating,dizziness,vomiting tendency ,head ache- immediately take the help of a cardilogist. 3--take less fat and cholesterol ,green vegetables,fruit,daily. 4-avoid red meat,spicy,oily,junk foods. 5- control your weight.6- Regular exercises or walking for half an hour.Eat and drink healthy &nutritious foods . Lead a controlled life-style.
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Jessi Originally Answered: Any tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle while working graveyard hours?
Try to make a schedule for yourself and a to do list to help you out. You work 8 hours which is around the same hours an average person works during the day. Let's say it takes you an hour to get home. By the time you reach home, change, eat, relax; you'll probably be in bed by 10 or 11am. You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. You can google tips on how to get a good 8 hours of sleep. Instead of taking a nap later, try to have a complete cycle of sleep and then take a shower when you wake up to refreshen yourself. Also start the day with a fruit smoothie; that'll give you a boost of energy. Make sure you have enough carbs, especially for your first meal of the day to have enough energy for the rest of the day. So you'll probably wake up around 4-7pm. You'll have around 7 hours before you have to head off to work. Try incorporating a diet that includes more fruits, veggies, grains and plant based stuff. A minimum of 15 minutes of exercise is good enough for the day and you should have at least 15 minutes to spare out of your busy schedule. You could also probably try doing some simple workouts while at your job. Even just walking around will be beneficial. I hope you have some days off and that maybe you can find another better job that offers you the day shift instead. Good luck.

Flossie Flossie
Hey there, You are very wise to pay attention to your heart health!! So many people eat for weight loss. A healthy weight is important to a healthy heart, but its great that you are concentrating on food as contributing to a healthy lifestyle! Exercise is a great way to keep the heart healthy! In terms of diet here it goes.... You want to consume the good fats rather than the bad fats. Good fats such as the omegas and NON-hyrogenated margarines can actually help to lower you LDL or bad cholesterol,and raise your HDL (good chol) . A great source for these is margarine made from canola, sunflower, olive oils. If it says NON-hydrogenated then you are good to go. If a fat has been hydrogenated it means it contains trans fats, a definate no no. Trans fats are found in a lot of pre-packaged and convienience foods. Check labels. Saturated fat is another no no. Things like fatty red meat, baked goods and butter contain these. There is quite the debate going on about butter vs marg right now, in my opinion if you stick with the non-hyrog, you are getting the healthy fats. Butter=saturated fat with little other nutritional value. Fiber is also your friend. By incorrperating a bran cereal into your breakfast along with fruits, veggies (especially those leafy greens) you can increase your fibre intake easily. Fiber can help to lower the LDL-bad cholesterol in your body and has the added benefit of regularity! Just remember if you dont get a lot of fiber in your diet now, you want to drink a lot of water when you start consuming it. Fiber can actually add quite the bulk to the stool and constipate you if you are not used to it. Remember to the way you prepare your meals is important. Avoid, frying foods. Grilling, baking, broiling meats is a healthier way to do things, especially if you use some olive oil (get some good fat in ya) A high sodium diet can cause hypertension (high blood pressure) which is not good for your heart. Avoid canned foods, and a lot or prepackaged foods. There is a lot of excellent reduced sodium soups on the market these days. But if your eating vegetables, make it fresh, and if that is not possible, frozen. I think I have summarized the basics. Cheers
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Dana Dana
1. Body weight exercises. Some of the best muscle-toning workouts rely on only using your body weight. You can do exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges without any specialized equipment — or even stepping a foot outside of your bedroom. 2. Home-cooked meals. These are a healthier option to frozen, processed meals, so long as you avoid cooking with excessive salt, fat and sugar. They also tend to work out to be cheaper than a ready-made frozen meal. 3. Cook in bulk. Choose a meal you love and plan accordingly so you have three or four helpings leftover afterward. This will spare you time in the kitchen but leave you with plenty of healthy home-cooked meals in the days to come. 4. Carry a water bottle. Keep refilling it and drinking it throughout the day. You’ll be less hungry and it’s free. Staying hydrated is also one of the best beauty tips out there. 5. Never shop on an empty stomach. Research shows that you are far more likely to spend more on unhealthy foods if you go grocery shopping while hungry.
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Bobbi Bobbi
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Bobbi Originally Answered: A cat that eats healthy lives longer?
friskies used to be a treat for my cat i used to feed it crap food an lived for 19 years...it all in the gene...you just have a better chance of it living long with a better food....then name such as innova evo is not proff that is better use one that is almost all meat and no grains or oat or wheat or barley..the best for you cat would be real meat...and liver.... such as innova uses apples and carrots...rice and such is not good for you cat and is in there to make you think it is better...read there bull crap....yes "i'm sure a cat needs rosemary"... this is a much better cat food the innova...if you want a "real" good food for your cat try this http://www.wysong.net/products/aujus-natural-healthy-dog-cat-ferret-food.php

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