diet pills.?

diet pills.? Topic: diet pills.?
December 15, 2019 / By Knox
Question: Im looking for a good diet pill.. Just something i can get at walmart. Im only looking to lose 10-15 pounds and im pretty active anyway.. anyone have somethings thats worked for you?
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Ichabod Ichabod | 2 days ago
Now whenever it comes to weight loss you should follow these simple steps that have helped me tremendously lose weight, pretty quickly if you ask me. And I've been trying to lose weight forever and finally found the correct system to help me out... The first thing you need to do is about 30 minutes of cardio everyday, try to get at least 3-4 days of that people...Exercising is one very important issue you don't want to be lazy in. The second thing you should realize is that you cannot eat everything in sight that probably got you looking the way you are right now or the reason you want to lose weight. The pounds come with the food you eat. How do you stop yourself from eating and get a little boost with ousting fat from the food you eat? Simple... The third and final step is the correct natural weight loss supplement. For me, I found Proactol to be the best. Now this isn't aimed towards lazy people that want to take a pill and sit on the couch all night and day. These are to tremendously help out with dieting and exercising. For me they were great because with my diet, they basically take out up to 28% of the fat you intake. Not to mention the killer appetite suppressant Proactol is. Every day you will fall under your calorie intake and find yourself one more day closer to your goal. These steps really worked for me, you should try them out for yourself even if you want to lose very little or that extra mile. Also at the time of my 3 month supply purchase of Proactol, I saved a lot of money on it at theweightlossplace.com Good luck and I hope this helps you out for your weight loss goals.
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Ichabod Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Not really. There are some that have ingredients that can act like appetite suppressants, but in my experience, I start to tolerate them after a while and they lose any effect. Frankly, I think all the pills on the market are a waste of money. You will always find somebody who had success with a diet or diet product, but anecdotes don't equal facts. The key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more. Your body needs to use more calories than you are taking in. Track your food and your exercise to see how you are doing.
Ichabod Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Alli is the only one thats fda approved. so im assuming that one. all the cheap ones..even hydroxicut SUCKS. all they do is make ur heart speed up and u become irritable. and actully U BECOME MORE HUNGRY!! so alli is ur best bet

Estmond Estmond
I am not a Doctor but I do know there is no safe quick fix for a problem that developed over time. Sure you could take diet pills to curb your appetite, but not eating is just as harmful as over eating if not more so. Anything that claims to be a miracle cure is nothing more the a modern day version of what was called snake oil which was sold out of the back of a covered wagon to unsuspecting saps back in the 1800's Rule of thumb "if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is."
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Conrad Conrad
decaf coffee is a great low calorie fluid when you re having cravings and a great source of antioxidants
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Conrad Originally Answered: Anyone tried Slim Quick diet pills and how big are the pills?
Taking pills was a huge turn off but looking at slimquick they actually had some alternatives. - they have packets that mix into water- try these you can get mixed berry or lemonade flavor. You are also hydrating and don't need to swallow horse pills! I have lost about 20lbs in just over 2 months and feel awesome. you can look them up online-they also have some pretty neat tools. good luck,cheers

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