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June 18, 2019 / By Coline
Question: I've been bowling for about 1 year............... do you have any tips? My average is like 96 (not good)
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Berlin Berlin | 3 days ago
the obvious way to improve is to get someone who knows how to bowl to see u n give u pointers.. here are some tips tho: - get ur own ball n shoes.. helps alot.. make sure you can hold ur ball without having to squeeze.. - don't try to hit hard.. let the ball swing freely sort of like a pendulum.. - look at the arrows or dots on the lanes not the pins.. the pins are too far to look at for you to be able to aim properly.. - follow through on your shots.. helps alot with accuracy.. hope this helps.. =D additional info: - DO NOT PICK THE LIGHTEST BALL.. pick one that you can hold comfortably.. you are not supposed to be able to have "control" over ur ball when it swings.. all the really good women bowlers use 15 pounders,, start light but not really light.. - if ur not using a semi/full finger tip ball don't try to put spin on the ball.. conventional balls (the house balls provided in the alleys) are designed for straight balls unless u want to be a spinner (not recomended) - if ur right handed,, at the point of release, make sure your wrist doesnt point to the right (the shaking hands with the pin bit is a good tip) - if ur right handed make sure ur the last step you take on the approach is with ur left foot
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Berlin Originally Answered: Do you think Hammer Bowling sells a reliable bowling ball?
Well the biggest thing that keeps a ball from hooking is you need to keep it clean. The lane conditioner will soak into the ball and make it not hook as when it was new. And also the lane person that puts the oil down can increase the amount and that will stop the hook. You just need to buy a good ball cleaner first and see if that helps. Your pro shop may have what I use its called SD-20 and can be used during competition. There are others but you need to check to see if its ok to use. If you want to us alcohol it's legal and very cheep.

Adrie Adrie
Yes, you should have your own equipment and join at least two leagues. The lanes are better when you bowl in leagues. Have the pro in the your bowling alley pro shop watch you bowl and advise on what type of bowling ball you need. Try using a "reactive ball", not a cute plastic ball. Good luck and good bowling!
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Thady Thady
You might want to try to find a summer instructional league. If you don't have one locally. Go to the bowling alley that you frequent and go to the pro shop and ask about instruction. It helped me bunches. I started with an average like yours and right now it around 130.
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Premyslas Premyslas
Buy your own ball and shoes. Get the ball drilled and have semi-finger tip grips put in. It helps so much. You will need to practice to get used to the ball, but you can easily raise your average by 20 to 30 pins at the beginning and then who knows how good you can get.
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Malach Malach
This may sound weird but as I was taught, when releasing, pretend you are going to pull an apple down from an apple tree. Yes a little weird but I was 7. It RELLY does help!
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Malach Originally Answered: does bowling a 300 [perfect game] in bowling make you just like Jesus?
It makes you better then Jesus. I heard he was a sissy at bowling. His nickname is Twinkle Toes because he always stands on his tippy toes when throwing the ball. What a fairy!

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