Got a constipated 5-week old kitten .?

Got a constipated 5-week old kitten .? Topic: Got a constipated 5-week old kitten .?
October 15, 2019 / By Grier
Question: We've got two 5-week old kittens that we rescued and have adopted. One is doing fine, the other one, which is the runt of the litter, only 12 ounces, is having periodic constipation problems. His little tummy gets tight as a drum and he will moan with distress and you can see a little hard fecal ball hanging from his anus. We've tried massaging his tummy and that has helped some, I've also given him a tiny bit of Laxatone and it's helped some, but the problem keeps coming back. We just had them at the vet the other day and I mentioned it to the vet but the vet didn't seem horribly concerned. I just hate to see the poor thing miserable because I know how I feel when I'm constipated. Any recommendations for some way to deal with this? FYI, we're feeding him and his brother canned kitten food, Nutro or Science Diet (we tried Iams but it had the reverse effect, made both of them runny). Thanks! I don't know that he would be able to eat the pounce. He's TINY (brother is 1.25 pounds). I have a feeling he might not be getting enough water, he doesn't quite know what to do with it when we put it down. As far as canned vs. dry, our other cat, a 12-pound Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat mix who looks like a mountain lion compared to the kittens (and is getting adjusted to the additions although he's still none too happy) has always ate a mix of canned and try because he seems to like it better and do better on it. He alternates between the Fancy Feast in the green can with the greens in it, and a very high-end dry food, Spot's Stew dry. We're not sure what we'll do with the kittens although in the past we've usually fed our cats more canned food and used dry more as treats.
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Dusty Dusty | 7 days ago
When he gets constipated feed him baby food meat - human baby food - just the meats. My cat liked the lamb and chicken the best. That will help get him back on track. Another thing is that the canned food does not have as much fiber (not by half) as the dry stuff, so mix some dry with the canned maybe half and half. Some warm water if he will drink it may help his tummy when it's hurting too. Good luck.
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Dusty Originally Answered: 3 week old kitten is constipated.?
as you probably already know, a constipates cat can die quickly is something isn't done. a little kittens like this one would have a much harder time. so you are definitely going to have to get her to go. i would contact the veterinarian and ask them to see her. You re already doing a wonderful job with everything else. i have raised kittens myself. you are such a wonderful person to take in this poor baby. i remember taking in a 6 week old kitten that the vet told me was dying from a birth defect. found him, his mother and 3 other kittens out in the cold. i took care of him until God took him home. sad moment, had he survived i was going to keep him. anyway, take kitty to the vet. make sure that there is a reason why she isn't going. i remember that some of my newborns wouldn't go for about 2-3 days, and then they suddenly started going again. they just didn't go every time i stimulated them, but a vet will tell you if there is a problem. good luck

Buck Buck
I agree with Emily. The kitten is too small to be on its own yet and it needs help that the mommy usually provides. Since you are the new mommy, you need to stimulate a bowel movement, like the mommy would. As Emily stated, rub his bottom, and massage his belly, in the direction of the bottom. Don't push hard, you don't want to hurt him, just massage from the top down, like you're petting him. It might take a while, so be patient. Get ready though, because it'll come out all at once and you'll have a mess to pick up. In a couple weeks, start showing him the litter, he'll get the message quite quickly. Be sure to praise him when you see him using the litter the first few times and it should be smooth sailing from there. As for the water, it's possible he can't see the water (and he can't smell it!), so he doesn't know it's there. When presenting him with a water bowl, dip your finger into the water, then put it on his nose. He'll lick the wet off. Do it again and again, while he's watching and he'll get the message that the wet comes from the bowl. It might take a few times, then you'll see him coming up to the water to sniff what's there, not seeing the water, then jumping up in surprise when his nose meets the wetness. It'll be very cute. Enjoy being a cat mommy but try to leave them with their natural mom a few more weeks next time.
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Alden Alden
You can get some acidoupholous from a health food store an sprinkle some over the food to help prevent it. That will help with runny or constipation as it is a probiotic
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Sydnie Sydnie
I wonder if you could try something like feeding him a little bit of lunch meat, or Pounce moist treats. Both of those items seem to give my cats softer stools, so maybe it might help loosen your kitty up! If he is too small, you could break the treat up. I would also try adding more water to his food, this way it becomes flavored and scented so he won't be as confused or wary about lapping it.
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Rebeccanne Rebeccanne
Glad you are feeding canned, please no dry foods You can get some acidoupholous from a health food store an sprinkle some over the food to help prevent it. That will help with runny or constipation as it is a probiotic
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Merritt Merritt
Please take him to another Vet, if the doctor showed no concern you need another doctor. I rescued many animals and this can be fatal. They might need to do an enima at the hospital. I'm sad to say I have witness a kitten pass on because of this very problem. I wish you the best!
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Merritt Originally Answered: How can I help my constipated kitten?
a little canned pumpkin would help. Try to get the organic kind. It is good for them and won't hurt them and will help them with digestion issues both constipation and diarrhea. I would also check w/the vet, but it is the weekend, so get the canned pumpkin, about a half a teaspoon would be good. If they like it you can give some more. By the way, you can eat the rest, it is good for you too. You can usually get it in Whole Foods for organic. It isn't sold in a pet store, just a regular old grocery store.

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