Have you ever had an enema?

Have you ever had an enema? Topic: Have you ever had an enema?
June 19, 2019 / By Colette
Question: Have you ever had an enema. 1. were did you have it (home,DOC office) 2. Did you become bloated 3. What type was it 4. Would you do it again
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Berenice Berenice | 2 days ago
Yes I have 1 Doctors office, well in a special room, not actually in HIS office. 2 Only for a couple of minutes. 3 It had some medicine to "remove" stuff in it, at the time I had a strong case of constipation. 4 Believe it or not, I would, after the procedure, I felt quite "clean" and "lighter" . The doctor showed me what was in and it wasn't pretty. So I think I should do it at least once a year. ha ha Although the insertion is not comfortable, there was a female nurse so I felt quite ashamed - don't think a male nurse would have been any better.
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Berenice Originally Answered: where can i buy an enema kit?
You can buy a "Fleet" enema at any local drug store or grocery store even. They are not kits - it's just a bottle that looks very similar to a douche bottle. There are no side effects. Basically what happens, is that it gets up inside your colon and softens the stool so that you can go. It doesn't really hurt, but it is uncomfortable using it - and then again as the stool softens, you will feel uncomfortable (basically like you do when you have diarrhea, because essentially that's what it's going to turn into) So you may do some cramping and what not - but that is normal.
Berenice Originally Answered: where can i buy an enema kit?
You can get one at the drugstore with all the information included and if still in doubt talk to the pharmacist. He will guide you on the proper way to use one. They are not very expensive and yes they do help relieve pressure of not having a bowel movement. I use it once or twice a week. And if I have a loose bowel movement or diarrhea then I do it more, because the system is trying to get rid of something it does not need. So cleansing is the next best thing to having the flu or other disease you don't want or need.

Adrianne Adrianne
Yes I have 1) home 2) slightly 3) soap, Fleet and plain warm water. 4) At least twice a week.
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Thadeus Thadeus
I was a baby and had to have them for medical reasons. I remember I absolutely hated them. I would cry and cry for hours on end. So no, I wouldn't do it again, even now. -Scott.
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Thadeus Originally Answered: how many times can you do an enema?
Enemas are okay to use. I in fact enjoy them. It is best to use a large volume enema bag like a fleet bag enema. I use 1500ml of warm salt water (two or three teaspoons of salt per 1500ml) it is best to use sea salt or at least non iodized salt. Baking soda can also be used. This buffers the solution and makes it absorb less also. An enema once a week should be fine. Be sure to add yogurt to your diet to put a good flora in your bowel. If you are having chronic constipation you might want to do a Castor oil cleansing once a month followed with a few warm water enemas. Enemas actually cut down on bloating as they clean out the works. see sources. Good Luck and Good Health. Relax and enjoy your enema:-)!!

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