Are laxatives bad during pregnancy?

Are laxatives bad during pregnancy? Topic: Are laxatives bad during pregnancy?
December 9, 2019 / By Foster
Question: Ok, I am dying here. Sorry if this is TMI, but I really need some answers here. I can not for the life of me go number two, I am 10 weeks pregnant (my first) Dont have anyone really to ask this question to, so y/a help. I eat and drink right, fruit juice, high in fiber stuff, I drink like 24 oz of water, like every hour. I walk and do yoga, I am active. But my bowl movements have come to a complete stop though, like its been since sunday since I have passed anything. I am in SOOO much pain, my back hurts, sitting is uncomfortable, everything is in a constant state of SUCK right now. And it seems like there is nothing I can do, but eat and hope that I will have to go number two soon. So tonight I went to the drug store and looked long and hard for some sort of laxative that didnt say consult a doctor before use, I dont have health insurance so I can just walk into the doctors tell them I am massively constipated and expect help. I dont feel like this constitutes marching into the er and begging for answers, cause frankly no health insurance and that will cost a ton just because I cant poop. So please help me, I am dying here. I feel sick and sluggish and irritable. I just want to go to the bathroom, soooo is there anything (other then eating and drinking good fibery things) like a laxative that will help me!! I didnt buy anything at the drug store, the wall of stool softeners and laxatives became a big scary bill bored of pregnant women beware, with little captions saying "bad things will happen" I dont know what to do... Help Also, regardless of the amount of water I drink, my pee is kind of a dark yellowish (almost brown when I wake up in the morning) but dark the rest of the time, I have not been eating any artificial things, I have been eating super healthy, I am worried that my kidneys are having problems, could this be from not being able to go number two?? Is my body some how being poisoned because my inablitly to go to the bathroom? I do not have a midwife, nor do I have access to any prenatal sources. I am at a stand still because the lack of insurance. I have done the prunes and fruit, am staying away from the bad stuff. Its almost like my fetus wont let me eat anything bad... I get really sick if I do.. I feel like I am doing normal stuff, but nothing is happening.
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Davy Davy | 10 days ago
I totally feel you. My prenatal has a stool softener in it but last week that stopped helping. In 1 day, I tried Fiber One, an apple, prunes, strawberries, cherries, raisins, tons of water (like 80 ounces/day) and yogurt and THAT didn't work. Finally I broke down & took 1 Senokot (over the counter stool softener) and that gave me some relief. Also, your urine should definitely not be dark if you're drinking enough water. Normally, 64 ounces a day is enough but I've found I need more than that to keep hydrated and feel better, at least 96 ounces/day. It's possible it's a kidney issue. It's also possible you're underestimating the amount of water your body needs, especially if you're very active. Your metabolism is in overdrive now that you're pregnant. What was true before, isn't necessarily true for your body now. Considering the issues you're having, I understand you don't have insurance, but I'd strongly suggest checking with a walk-in clinic or Doctor's office. Better to be safe, especially when it comes to you & your baby's health. Good luck xoxo
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Davy Originally Answered: Will laxatives help me at all.?
Laxatives would make your situation worse. Laxatives work by stimulating the digestive tract to soften and/or move the stool out of the body. Taking laxatives in your case would probably lead to diarrhea and more bowel movements. Ask your doctor why you're going to the bathroom so much... S/he may want to take a stool sample to rule out infection, and then examine your diet for possible reasons. If you have pain or blood when you go, ask your doctor about Chrohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Good luck.

Bambie Bambie
If you have a midwife or a Gynecologist yet give them a call to ask for advice, otherwise the only thing you can do is eat things like prunes and dried apricots and bananas. Chocolate always makes me go if that helps! Keep drinking lots of water too. Stay away from starchy foods like potatoes and stay away from rice and chicken too.
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Xylina Xylina
In the beginning i had the same problem! it was terrible! But they told me the only safe pills were the colose..and they didnt work for me. But what did was, drinking two glasses of the plum start in the mornings, which was not so bad! And the very first time, taking some phillips, its was on my list, i just didnt take it very often, but it did get me going the first time. Then just wake up and drink the plum smart, or start. Works wonders, Good luck!!
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Shaylyn Shaylyn
I don't know where you live but try to contact you local health dept.. they usually have a Dr. or R.N that can provide prenatal care for you they will go off your income.. I had to do this while waiting on insurance coverage.. As for your question... I think you need to drink more water
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Shaylyn Originally Answered: age to buy laxatives?
Yeah you probably could self checkout them. Try eating apples, the fiber inside them will help you release your bowels. And remember that you literally came out of your mother ans she changed your diapers and taught you how to use the potty. I doubt she will have a problem with you asking for help...just so you know.

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