How to get laxatives out of your system?

How to get laxatives out of your system? Topic: How to get laxatives out of your system?
December 15, 2019 / By Emil
Question: What is the best way to get laxatives OUT of your system? I've just come of my period and I usually suffer from constipation after. I had really painful constipation earlier it was so bad I had to take 4 really strong painkillers and it still didn't help. In desperation I took one Ex-lax (maily senna) and one Dulco-lax (luctulose main ingrediant) at pretty much the same time. And now it's kicked - I've gone to the loo - feeling much better but I'm scared of throwing up later. If i drink enough water will it get them out of my system or dilute them? Or is throwing up my only choice?! Thanks! I've taken two laxatives before when the stated dose was one which made me throw up all day although it could have been my body reacting badly.
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Clifford Clifford | 8 days ago
Throwing up will only make the situation worse, as it will cause dehydration. You COULD consider taking Immodium to try and counter act the laxative, though I don't suggest this. A few hours from now you should be better, but next time only take 1 not both for the constipation.
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Clifford Originally Answered: If you take laxatives right after eating, will it get the food out of your system faster?
To a degree yes. It will speed the waste through your large intestines and colon but doesn't affect the absorption of nutrients (calories) in the small intestines as much. Very little material is actually absorbed once the material leaves the small intestine. Very redundant to eat and "purge" through the other end. The side effect with the most impact will be the compromise of your immune system.

Angel Angel
Throwing up a laxative after it's already taken effect does absolutely nothing ... it's already working in your system, silly! Why would taking a laxative make you throw up at all? It'll *pass* out of your system in the natural way. As a side note thought, it's really not a good idea to mix different types of laxative. If you're afraid of how this stuff affects you, you might want to try a herbal alternative specifically formulated for periods and their side effects. Traditional Medicinals brand has a GREAT PMS tea that I drink during and after - or a Red Raspberry Leaf tea in the same brand is pretty good too.
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Trace Trace
I doubt that it will hurt you. When you are having some surgeries or a colonoscopy, you have to take a lot of laxatives, to completely clean out your colon, and it doesn't hurt you, you just have to stay close to the bathroom. If you have an upset stomach, eat some jello, or drink something fizzy like a coke.
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Sabrina Sabrina
Pain killers make consitpation worse. When you normally get the symptoms try eating licorise or doing exercise, this will help greatly. Once you eat the laxatives, the only to get them out of your system is to go to the bathroom until you dont need to anymore.
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Netta Netta
You will need to drink water to keep from being dehydrated. If you took it more than an hour ago then you probably just need to stay near a toilet until it is out of your system.
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Luella Luella
It's already in your system. Throwing up will do nothing. If you are having extreme diarrhea then take some Pepto. Personally I would wait it out. Your bowels just need time.
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Luella Originally Answered: How old must you be to buy laxatives?
Well it depends where you are really. And I have no problem giving you the details about it as it's up to you how you use them and thus all I am doing is answering your question.

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