Is it possible to eat too much healthy food?

Is it possible to eat too much healthy food? Topic: Is it possible to eat too much healthy food?
December 9, 2019 / By Ed
Question: I love fruits, nuts, and vegetables, but for whatever reason if I only eat those three things all day I feel crappy and get a headache by the end of it. I usually crave something bread-like and eventually I have to have some to feel satisfied. I have heard that we don't really need bread-like products, so am I just used to eating it and suffering withdrawl from what I usually eat, or am I not getting enough nutrients, or is it healthy food overload?
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Best Answers: Is it possible to eat too much healthy food?

Calder Calder | 8 days ago
Eat food. More variety, more balance. All theses stupid notions of this food is healthy, eat this - that food is bad, don't eat that. B.S. Eat. Don't overeat. Don't undereat. Get some exercise. Drink water. Get plenty of sleep. It's not that hard. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.
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Calder Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
Hi dear Yummy food, healthy food, junk food......Choice is ours.God never bother about it. Body is our church or temple.so be love on our body.choose only healthy and hygienic foods. yes, man is the slave of his stomach.At the same time must be health conscious also. Man is not only satisfied with foods.he wants more. That is good .Read more about healthy foods.Keep a balance diet.And stay away from the doctors. Then God will also love you.

Alfie Alfie
Fruits, nuts and vegetables should be enough, and it is certainly a healthy diet. (Vitamin B-12 is more difficult to get, but Brazil nuts will supply that). If you do not feel satisfied, then yes, you may be accustomed to a moderate bloated feeling that sometimes comes with eating wheat products, and it may take some time to 'acclimate' to your new diet.
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Tammara Tammara
Don't eat healthy food for a few weeks then until now use multi vitamin .. We are all need to drink a multi vitamin on each day !
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Rhoda Rhoda
It rly depends on what kind of fruits, nuts, and veggies your are eating, if you have been on the healthy food lifestyle for not that long then your body might just need to adjust. If not then i would suggest that your not eating something your body needs that other foods provide. I would suggest you try n eat more pasta and bread
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Milla Milla
Ye excess of everything is very bad.. U can't compensate every vital nutrient from these three things u are eating...For better consulting of diet visit http://divinewellness.com/1-on-1-nutritional-consultations/
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Liddy Liddy
I think you may be missing out on some nutrients, even if you are eating healthy. Also i think it may be possible you're having withdrawal if you don't usually eat this way. Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
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Liddy Originally Answered: why does healthy food cost more than unhealthy food?
That really depends on where you live & what access to healthy food you have. In my local supermarkets I can find a very large variety of fruits & veggies for a pretty low cost. Going to the local fast food establishment with the same amount of money will feed me for a day. At the supermarket I can get enough fruit/veg. & even some lean meat to last several days. Even if it's not organic, it's still a lot healthier than fast food.

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