How can I put on weight? And am I underweight?

How can I put on weight? And am I underweight? Topic: How can I put on weight? And am I underweight?
June 18, 2019 / By Clover
Question: Ok.... im 15, 16 in a month im like 5 ft 5 and weight around 7stone 6pounds, i want to put on weight but i dont want to get unhealthy, also am i underweight for my age and height?
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Bell Bell | 5 days ago
how are you such a low weight.. that's 104 lbs right? i have issues with weight & such know few other people that do one of my friend was 118 lbs once and said that he was 'concave' at that weight and that is like ... wat.. 8:6st he is just an in taller than you @ 5'6 but, maybe you're just built that way. it could be you have a very fast metabolism and are naturally that skinny. either that or not eating enough, i'm not sure if you're only wanting to gain weight healthily then you should probably bulk up on the healthier stuff then eating more often & more of it, you just gotta raise the amount of calories you're eating which you just do by eatin more. i admit to not being too well-educated on what healthier foods are but i'd assume it was things like veg, fish, healthy meat etc .. anyhow. question for youuuu now, im just curious, do you have a low weight because you eat little or you exercise a lot? or is it both?
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Bell Originally Answered: how can i gain weight?am i underweight?
What can I do to gain weight? The average person wanting to gain weight should try to eat foods with high calorie content and larger portions of food. Mild exercise can help to increase your appetite and help you add muscle rather than fat. The following recommendations can be used by anyone wanting to gain or regain weight. It may be necessary, however, to change them to meet your specific needs. Check with your health care provider or dietitian about this. To start, eat about 500 calories more a day than you have been eating. Some people will need to add up to a 1,000 extra calories. Eat snacks throughout the day. Choose higher calorie foods often. Try to always eat larger-than-normal portions at meals. If you have a poor appetite, it may work better to eat smaller, very high calorie meals and to eat more often. Fat contains more calories than any other food group: 45 calories in just 1 teaspoon. Adding healthy fats, such as plant oils (canola, olive, or peanut oil), soft margarines (look for those with no trans fats), old-fashioned peanut butter (the kind that needs stirring before you eat it), and avocado, is an easy way to add a lot of calories without having to eat a lot more food. Avoid saturated fats. Foods high in saturated fat include: whole-milk dairy products, chicken skin, bacon, sausage, sour cream, butter, high-fat cuts of meat, and many processed snack foods. Even though you are eating a high-calorie diet, you should try to keep it healthy by including a lot of unprocessed (unrefined) carbohydrates, such as whole grains and fruits, as well as vegetables and lean protein foods such as skim milk products, skinless poultry, fish, egg whites, beans, and low-fat cuts of pork and beef.

Adreana Adreana
You need to watch out and feed him a bit meals at 1st then construct it up so he does not get colic, and underweight horses our bodies can not take care of rapid weight reap. Vegatable oil would deliver him diahorrea and this may increasingly purpose extra weight reduction. He might be greater off having three small foods an afternoon. Senior feed will placed the burden on too speedily and is for horses sixteen and over besides. You desire a combine with lots of nutrients for him no longer top fats. Like Spiller's conditioning combine and cubes , Dodson and Horrell conditioning combine and cubes, Bailey's topline conditioning combine and cubes. The sugar beet shall be exceptional, (soak in water for twenty-four hours) For now deliver him part a scoop of combine divided into three foods 1handful of cubes . make up four handfuls of beet and divide this into the three foods. Feed this quantity for every week then step by step expand it week via week till he's on approximately two scoops of combine 6 handfuls of cubes and sixteen handfuls of beet (must make three scoops) .
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Terrance Terrance
That's easy!! eat complex carbs...whole wheat breads and pastas, brown rice and beans and legumes. have lean protein but don't over do it!. I woudl suggest eating larger meals spaced out as opposed to several small meals throughout the day. Add avacado, mayo and a touch of cheese where necessary and lift weights! weight build lean muscles and bulk you up in a sexy fit way. of course working out will require you to eat more but that's easy too, add a banana before bed of an apple while watching the tele.
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Piers Piers
I'm in a very similar situation myself, actually. I think eating right should just help maintain a healthy weight, and make sure to drink plenty of water and stuff.
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Piers Originally Answered: weight loss, exercise, and AN UNDERWEIGHT BMI!? help!?
Go to a modeling agency because you have the perfect height, age, and weight to be a model. People kill for that. Your not anorexic yet. So basically you don't need to exercise or diet. I have a bmi of 18.4 and if you wake up in the morning and don't have that little stomach that means that you get it when you eat cuz you bloat. Yes you can bloat from eating even the smallest thing, it happens to me. I also used to think that I should diet and all because I model and girls around me seemed smaller when in reality they weren't really, people are just never happy with their bodies.

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