There should only be organic food, who agrees?

There should only be organic food, who agrees? Topic: There should only be organic food, who agrees?
June 18, 2019 / By Cleo
Question: Okay man was not put on this earth to create organisms, he's already the most flawed organism himself so he is certainly not the one to be making new ones.
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Best Answers: There should only be organic food, who agrees?

Belinda Belinda | 3 days ago
Disagree!! Organic food is a waste of money, and still uses chemicals to kill bugs, just different ones to non-organic foods. Otherwise it would be filled with bugs, with leaves half chewed off and no one would want to buy the organic fruit and veges. I honestly believe it is to suck people into giving up their hard-earned cash in order to eat healthier. And non-organic food would not be sprayed with dangerous chemicals that will cause significant harm to human health - otherwise it wouldn't be used! Simple as that. People these days are just too scared of chemicals. Relax. Unless you're planning on drinking pesticide by the gallon, it won't hurt you.
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Belinda Originally Answered: Is all the food labeled "organic" truly organic? I'm starting to get sketched out by the mass produced.?
I used to think as long as it was approved by the FDA then it's legit. But honestly, I don't believe in the FDA (and a lot of other things) anymore. Wouldn't the stuff that's good for you be a bit more expensive? If you think about it all that money that gets put in to making the food and the packaging that the food goes in to and then to sell it so cheaply makes you wonder how they're getting anything out of it. "The National Organic Program (run by the USDA) is in charge of the legal definition of organic in the United States" so it's all based on what THEY say is organic. Ah and I'm soo with you on everything else being effed up. Having flouride in our water supply, including bottled water. So that also means when we wash our food we're also washing what we eat with flouride. So we're drinking and eating this stuff. It's even in our toothpaste. Daily thing? :l Organic food should be all natural with no pesticides being used. Sure they do that to kill the bad stuff but pesticides itself are bad as well. Also I feel like some people think that locally grown food means it's organic. Which is really more for going green (less distance covered to hitting the market and shelves) than being organic. I can go on and on but I might get a bit off subject :s I guess the only sure way is if we grow it ourselves. I've been more picky about what I eat lately myself :P so we'll just have to be wary about what the back of the packaging says instead of the front. I'm glad you're aware & questioning! <3 you and your questions! :D xx
Belinda Originally Answered: Is all the food labeled "organic" truly organic? I'm starting to get sketched out by the mass produced.?
Organic food is not safer than mass produced food. Any manufacturer could have purchased tainted ingredients. Wheat Gluten is "organic".... comes directly from a plant. This ingredient (or any other) was not intended to be poisoned when it was purchased. What should be pointed out is that all of the companies who were using Menu foods to produce their product do appear to be more interested in profit and less interested in pets. There should be some kind of quality control on all feed products that are offered for sale to the public.

Adrea Adrea
No, with the growing world wide shortage of food, we must make every effort possible to increase the productivity level of the already agricultural land. This is so we do not have to continue to turn forests into crop fields. Nature has been doing it forever so man should help also.
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Terance Terance
I disagree.....I don't purchase organic, and never plan to. It doesn't bother me if farmers use pesticides to kill bugs on produce..>!
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Terance Originally Answered: I once ate only organic food for about 2 months. I bought it online from an organic farm in California.?
Unfortunately food is not food. The "regular" grown food is grown in soil that is not rich in nutrients. Thats why a regular carrots has no taste or worse a fowl taste. But an organic carrot is sweet and very tasty, the way it should be. They also don't use pesticides, herbacides, or waxes, dyes, and sprays on organic foods. Organic is the only way to go......BUT you are totally right about the cost. I would love to only feed my body and the bodies of my children with pure, healthy organic food, but I can't afford it. I buy the organic foods I can afford, carrots, celery, bananas. Basically organic foods are so high in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that they help your body to work at it's best. Think of it like your car, if you put regular gas in it the car runs bad, lots of stinky exhaust, tics and pings etc. But when you put in premium gas your car runs smooth. Same with us, the foods we eat are our fuel, if we eat cheap, over processed foods we don't run as well as if we gave ourselves high end premium. Hope I helped, good luck

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