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Quick Weight Loss? Topic: Quick Weight Loss?
June 16, 2019 / By Adriana
Question: I work an hour out of town 5 days/ week. I make dinner almost everynight for my family of 4. I am also my daughter's girl scout troop leader. I honestly DO NOT have time to excercise. I am not fat, but I could stand to lose 15-20 lbs. I know it sounds like I'm lazy, but I need a quick diet pill that will help me lose the weight as quickly as possible without having to do a lot of exercise. (I have an event coming up for work and I really want to fit into this dress I've had for a while.) Anyone know of any good quick fixes?
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Terrence Terrence | 9 days ago
Looking for a healthy weight loss program? Of course you are! Millions of people in the United States alone are looking for a healthy weight loss program to help them lose unwanted fat and get much better looking bodies in the meantime. But how do you separate the amazing programs from the "not so amazing" (to put it lightly) programs that are out today?In my opinion the best place to do that is to ask someone who knows a lot about health. That person should practice healthy livingweight loss programs are hard to find, unless you know the right places to look. Fortunately for you, I've given some tips for you and pointed out the best product that help you loss weight. I hope this helps.. Hope you will be losing your weight soon.
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Terrence Originally Answered: Quick Quick Weight loss?
OK, let us dis-spell all the myths about weight loss programs. You reduce your intake of food, you will lose weight. Although it is true that the more physically active you are the quicker you will loose the weight. All those excuses like I have a slow metabolism or I am fat due to my genes are mostly excuses. How many fat people do you see in those starving areas of the world? Many of those diet products are nothing more than scams and may be harm full to your health. REDUCE YOUR FOOD INTAKE, eat fruits and vegetables, do some exercise like walking. But do not go on a diet if you are not in good health without the advise of your Doctor. As a French Doctor says who has a 100% success with his overweight patients: Forget all those diet foods, eat healthy food, reduce your intake, stay active and you will lose the excessive weight.

Piper Piper
Keep a tiny water glass, which you ought to refill often, instead of a big water bottle on your cubical.
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Mahlah Mahlah
Tired of eating your salad on a plate? Fill a whole wheat pita with salad and also a splash of lemon for any twist.
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Jehu Jehu
Don't confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water if you feel hungry to see in the event that's what you're really craving.
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Geffrey Geffrey
Decaf coffee is a superb low-calorie fluid when you're having cravings (and a fantastic source of antioxidants).
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Dicky Dicky
Eating liquid-based foods such since natural smoothies and low-sodium soup can assist you cut back on calories yet feel full.
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Blain Blain
Eating liquid-based foods such since natural smoothies and low-sodium soup can help you cut back on calories still feel full.
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Blain Originally Answered: quick weight loss?
Typically that type of weightloss is not advised. There may be a number of reasons though. If you are on the higher end of your weight, then weight will fall off faster especially if you are now going by diet standards for your height and body type. However if you have drastically reduced your caloric intake to less than 1200 calories a day and more if you are more active then you are harming your body. This is how it works...matabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories which is simply your energy input. (You know that) if you are eating less than you need you are training your body to survive on less fuel. When this happens, if you start to eat the right amount for your body then you will gain the weight back and then more. It's our bodies mechanism that allows humans to survive in famine conditions. However, this is also stressful for your body and will strain your heart, lungs, kidneys and all other internal organs as they start to function slower as a result of less calories. A good way to tell if your getting enough is, if there is any time of the day which you are feeling, dizzy, nervous, anxious or weak/ or if you don't seem to be able to do activities as well as you were before, you are probably not getting enough food... There is a website sponsored by Jillian Micheals from the Biggest Looser and she helps you to find out the best information for your body type. Have a great day!! I know it's long but the human body's funtions are not simple.

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