Low carb diet?

Low carb diet? Topic: Low carb diet?
November 17, 2019 / By Rozanne
Question: I'm wanna try a low carb diet but I don't know what to eat that isn't super fatty, eggs, meat, anyone got any good meal ideas or snacks?
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Nehushta Nehushta | 8 days ago
Low carbs is not the answer Low fat is the answer Low calories is the answer Smaller meals are the answer The simple truth is calories burned - calories eaten = lbs lost/3500 now you gotta figure out how many calories you need in 1 day and that's including exercise...you can figure that out here : http://vanderbiltowc.wellsource.com/dh/c... Then you have to eat less than that number. I keep a small book with me and write down everything I eat I look it up here: http://www.calorie-count.com just plug in the food and it tells you the calories if you eat 500 cals less than you burn per day you will lose 1 lb. per week eat 1000 less and you lose 2 lbs per week. because 3500= 1 lb hint: eat low fat foods and you can eat a lot more for the same amount of calories... hint : eat small meals; when you eat a big meal you spike your blood sugar... spike your blood sugar and your body pumps out insulin...insulins job : TURN THAT EXTRA SUGAR INTO FAT So , no sweets no alcohol no big meals no sugar spike. no sugar spike , no insulin , no insulin, no fat production. These are all carbs: simple carbs .... The reason low carb diets are popular is because your body needs to retain water to metabolize carbs when you drop the carbs your body drops the water you lose 10 lbs right away. after that you are on your own....these diets fail, if you have a weak night and a bowl of pasta you gain 5 lbs of water within 2 days ...you feel bad , you quit the diet. ( been there) Hope this helps
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Nehushta Originally Answered: Do most people have high energy levels on a low carb/high fat diet or a high carb/low fat diet?
personally for me i get high energy levels on high car/low fat diet. if you really love fruit you should read the 80/10/10 diet my dr. graham ! this book as changed my life (cliche i know)

Lottie Lottie
I don't think you'll be happy with a low carb diet, they keep you feeling tired. Weight Watchers is better. 60-70% of your diet should be carbs, which are readily burned up if you're active. When you delete these you'll be pretty tired. If you just make some changes in your portions and stay away from junk food you could do lots better than a low carb diet.
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Kathleen Kathleen
In the beginning of your diet, start with 20 carbs a day....you can eat all the meat cheese eggs jello mayo that you want. I did that carb diet and lost 10lbs the first week. Gradually increase your intake of carbs.
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Hephzi-Bah Hephzi-Bah
There must be some reason for going in for low carbohydrate diet.About 60-80% of the energy should come from this. If you wish to bring down your weight, you must also ensure that you don't take fatty substance. Reduce rice, too much of bread, barley oatmeal etc. Replace this with vegetables and salads.
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Hephzi-Bah Originally Answered: No-Carb/Low-Carb Diet?
If you are doing this for two weeks, expect to put the weight back on quickly when you go off the low carb diet. Instead, try the "no sugar, no flour" diet. It is healthier. You can have all the fruits and vegetables you like. All lean meats, fish, poultry are fine. Just avoid sweets and bread. To satisfy that sugar craving, try grapes, mini carrots, sugar free jello.

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