How can I stop abusing laxatives?

How can I stop abusing laxatives? Topic: How can I stop abusing laxatives?
December 11, 2019 / By Philipa
Question: I've been struggling with laxative abuse on and off since I was 15 (I'll be 21 this week). There are times when I will take like four laxatives because I know I'm going to binge and I'm terrified of gaining weight. I tried throwing up but I could never make myself do it, so that's how I got addicted to the laxatives. I didn't start regularly abusing the laxatives until I got into college. I had moved away from home and my roommate didn't care about what I did so I was free to do what I wanted. I had to move back home after that first year and I couldn't take the laxatives regularly, but I was still abusing them. I never had the desire to be anorexic/bulimic, I was just so afraid of gaining weight that I felt like i had to get all of the food out of me in any way possible. Sometimes I can go months without having a binge and taking the laxatives, but sometimes I'll have a trigger and I start doing it again. I've been trying so hard to stop this, and I don't know what to do.
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Marsha Marsha | 4 days ago
You need to get help. You do have Bulimia Nervosa. Purging also can mean laxative abuse. You are using the laxatives as a way to try and control your weight. That's part of an eating disorder. Despite being able to go months sometimes without binging and using them, you still do this, and it is still harming your health. No one really wants to get an eating disorder, it just happens, as it did to you. You need to get professional help. There are counselors at the health center on your university. It's usually free. Also for now, you need to figure out what triggers you. What triggers a binge? You need to find something healthy to do in pace of that. Distract yourself somehow with a hobby you like, anything. If you cannot stop that, distract yourself after the fact. Make sure you never go to the store an buy laxatives. If you want find a friend to hold you accountable. It might be terrifying to tell them but it will help. They can stop you when you feel like are you either going to binge or take laxatives. You take laxatives because you don't want to gain weight, but there is a different reason behind why you binge and you need to figure that out. Once you do you can go from there. I hope you get help and stop this.
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Marsha Originally Answered: Abusing Laxatives, does it mean i have Bulimia?
IT don't mean you have a eating disorder my sister uses them and although I don't like it she said she needs them to go. It lowers your potassium and more. try to slow down till you can get off of them. or talk to your md. Thanks And Star
Marsha Originally Answered: Abusing Laxatives, does it mean i have Bulimia?
That is an eating disorder called bulimia. Some people purge by vomiting. Some people purge with laxatives. Either way, it is bulimia. And laxatives are particularly bad for your body. Please talk to your doctor before the electrolyte disturbance causes a serious problem. It may seem like everything is fine now, but five, ten, or fifteen years from now when you finally notice that you are having irregular heartbeats, it will be too late to reverse the damage.

Lagina Lagina
Don't stop it absolutely immediately. You'll be able to handiest just do more harm as you will get constipated as your physique is relying on them. Attempt to discontinue them steadily, I do not know how much you're taking but are trying diminish the dosage a week and check out supply your body a danger to get well. One technique to stop being bloated is to drink plenty of water and avoid sugar as it does bloat your tummy incredibly. Hope this helps :)
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Jeni Jeni
try instead of using 4, use 3, then use 2, then use 1, over a LONG period of time, thats what i did with my addiction and it worked. My answer was short but sweet and i hope it helped haha ;') good luck!!
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