What are some good winter date ideas?

What are some good winter date ideas? Topic: What are some good winter date ideas?
October 15, 2019 / By Juli
Question: I am 16 and live in new Jersey my boyfriend drives but im not allowed to drive with him and we are sick of sitting in the house. We want to do something. i live near the beach but its winter so its to cold to go to the beach or boardwalks. I suck at bowling and hes not really into ice skating. Is there anything else we could do?
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Githa Githa | 5 days ago
You don't have to be good at bowling! Go because it's fun and you want to spend time with each other. Besides, you sound desperate, so take all you can get! He might even be worse than you, so take that as an opportunity to dominate him at something. I also know it's snowing in some parts, so invite him over, build a fort in your yard, and kick his *** in a snowball fight! C'mon girlie... use your resources! Ps. I go to New Jersy allll the time. That's the most boring state on the planet. So I feel your pain haha Thank baby Jesus for being born in Cali! Good Luck! =)
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Githa Originally Answered: Date ideas in the District
I love Marrakesh restaurant it's expensive and the food is great but if youre serious about the person-I say it's great. They have a belly dancing show during dinner where they turn off the lights. You sit on pillows w/a low Morroccan table. Here's the link (New York Ave) www.marrakesh.us Bucca de Pepe in Dupont-Make a reservation to eat/be seated in thee kitchen and watch your meal being cooked! This is so fun Order dessert and they sing! I also liked Rosa Mexicano-you can get your host to made homemage guacomole at your table Lucky Strike bowling alley-gallery place-you can eat there or at one of the neighboring places. Chinatown-tons of places to eat-there's a movie theatre and bowling alley American City Diner-watch black and white movie while eating American food Blair Mansion-it's on the DC/Silver Spring line Murder Mystery Dinner www.blairmansion.com Jackie's in Silver Spring would also be fun-it's modern american but the place is funky. Cantonese Cooking Franklin F. Chow, 202-265-5651 stockton.jackson@juno.com 26th year. Demonstration/participation. Cantonese cooking, including preparation of steamed and stir-fried main dishes. , Saturdays, 2-5 1851 Columbia Rd. NW, Apt. 501, Washington, D.C. 20009-5104. I watched this on Fox news: Zannizabar on the Waterfront does dance classes call to see what night. Zanzibar On the Waterfront 700 Water St SW Washington, DC 20024 202-554-9100 Washingtonpost.com has a long list of cooking classes-I had trouble copying the page.

Derryl Derryl
Ice Staking and get some hot coca, Starbucks and get some coffee/coca with a muffin, Go to the movie theater and see Shurlock Holmes, Have a dinner date at a nice affordable restaurant, and etc.
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Camellia Camellia
just a walk anywhere cooking together ! that's fun even though its at home and can be sort of romantic :) movies..bit boring though going to someone else's house and having a mini-party or just get public transport somewhere
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Alyson Alyson
play monopoly at your house or get a wii. Ask your mom and dad to go riding with him to check out his driving, then they can trust him.
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Alyson Originally Answered: I need to plan a really special date for my new girl. Any ideas?
If you live near a beach take her to a moonlit picnic, very romantic and she'll love it. or if that isn't your style try bowling ( i know it sounds lame but i can be a lot of fun, make it like a game every time she gets a spare/ strike she gets a kiss) Make it unique and romantic and you'll have all the girls falling over you especially her. Good luck allie

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