What is the easy solution to use HCG for weight loss?

What is the easy solution to use HCG for weight loss? Topic: What is the easy solution to use HCG for weight loss?
June 16, 2019 / By Clarette
Question: I have tried many techniques to lose my weight. But everything in vain. I head about HCG. But idont know it fully actually. Can anyone help me out ?
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Baylee Baylee | 1 day ago
I am taking HCG right now I am doing the injections. I have heard that the drops weren't any good and I just felt like the shots would do better for me anyways. I am glad I stuck with my gut instinct. I am not doing 500 calories a day they did tell me to do 500 but I am diabetic and I know that is just not safe so what instead I chose to do a 1000 calories, eat foods with less fat and sugar and if at all possible carbs. I am on the last day and so far I have lost 24 pounds. You can lose weight eating more calories you just won't lose as fast or more. In my opinion I think it is better to eat healthier so I won't gain it all back. I felt like if I can get used to eating at 1000 calories a day then when I get off the medicine I can continue with the 1000 calories and it shouldn't affect my weight as long as I don't eat more. Before I started this diet I was eating 3000 to 4000 a day eating out all the time or eating 2 or 3 portions when I ate so I felt like even if I wasn't doing the diet 1000 would still be good for me. I will give you some pointers about this what did hinder it. DO NOT EAT SPAGHETTI! I had a small serving of spaghetti thinking it would be no big deal it made me gain 3 pounds! No Pasta of any kind! Do not eat pinto beans! they are healthy but they are high in carbs and they also made me gain weight. I could have lost more weight if it wasn't for those couple of days I had a set back and had to lose what I had gained but I am happy that I am 24 pounds lighter. I still have a long ways to go and plan on doing another month of shots. I also go walking for 30 mintues when I started doing that it helped alot! I can not stress that enough! Other things I did was eat grapefruit- it helps with metabolism, used extra virgin raw coconut oil (only at health food stores not walmart) I read about this from another hcg site to use it as a replacement for butter. Do some research on it it is a totally different fat it is a good fat that speeds up your metabolism and helps break up the bad fat. I have not gained any weight from using the coconut oil. I use flax seed and wheat germ and mix them with oatmeal I choose one or the other for the day but they help alot too with breaking down your cholestrol. Eat 3 oz of meat I bought a scale, eat a cup of vegatables, and small portions of carbs. I really think there is something about the carbs that affects the hcg! I did eat bread but I bough sara lee 45 cal whole wheat it only has 7 carbs! the other breads have 21! read all your labels! I plan on doing a video blog on you tube sometime this week on everything I have learned. I hope some of this helped and good luck with your weight loss!
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Baylee Originally Answered: What is the best weight-loss solution for me?
Listen, don't believe any of those products out there or anything else. You have only 1 way to loose weight, D A I L Y exercising in the gym or running outside with diet. make sure to not eat more than 1000 Calories everyday. how you can control that is through paying attention to what is writing on the food, how many Calories there is in every serving. DON'T EVER EAT MORE THAN 1000. until you are in a good shape. I guarantee you that you gonna be what you want in less than 6 months. Let me explain to you how this works. When you are overweight and you exercise, your body need energy and it is extracted from the food that you consume or from the saved fat in your body, you eat 1000 calories a day which is less than what an adult body need in normal situation. Don't forget if the body is exercising this mean it need almost 2000 calories for just to be in normal situation. Now you eat just 1000 and exercise, which will make your body eat the extra weight to produce the needed energy. It is that easy. I was so skinny, I followed my strategy and I gained 50 pounds in less than 6 months through controlling the total of calories I need everyday.

Adeline Adeline
Enjoy your treats away from home. Pop to the ice cream parlour for any scoop of your favourite tastiness, or plan a meal treat with friends with a weekend. Turning your cravings into an adventure takes the temptation from snacking at home.
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Ted Ted
Beans, beans, are good for your heart, the more you eat the more you… lose weight actually. Super-effective and full regarding fibre, beans will regulate your appetite and decrease the rate at which ones stomach empties, meaning you keep fuller for longer.
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Pharaoh Pharaoh
Pineapple: Nibble onto it to break down the proteins as part of your main meal and kick commence your metabolism.
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Lynton Lynton
Brightly coloured turmeric not only makes your curries taste fab, but it contains curcumin, an active ingredient that reduces high-protein dishes, burns fat and also holds back the growth regarding new fat tissue, according towards Journal of Nutrition.
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Lynton Originally Answered: i need a weight loss solution!?
people are gonna tell you all sorts of dumb stuff. when i was 15 i was a very fat kid. i couldnt stop eating and nothing helped me. i would eat till i was so full it hurt. i had no self control. what i started to do is punish myself. when i would eat too much.. i would secretly go puke it out. i was mocked by my family but hey, i lost weight and once i lost that weight i stopped doing it. people are too sensitive these days about it because all these little brainwashed teenage girls puke themselves half to death so this isnt an option for us chubbos. if you can control it. it will work. but keep in mind you have to exercise and try not to eat too much too. what i did for the exercise was just find little exercises to do. if i would take out the garbage i would do it by carrying the heavy bags and not dragging them. if i was wakling home and it was dark (i was embarassed to run during the day time) i would just run a little, just a alittle then ill walk. eventually my energy levels built and i started to run further and further. like im talking i ran maybe 5 to 10 squares on the sidewalk then walked. all in all when i was a fat kid i was so depressed that i started to do drugs and wanted to die all the time. once i lost that weight i felt so much better and girls looked at me and life was great. i say screw off to any nay sayers. vomiting is better then living with such depression that i wished every night i would die in my sleep! now ive gained weight again because my job is time consuming and all i do is sit all day. ive done the same thing. but since i did it the first time its much easier for me to lose taht weight now. i am able to control my eating quite well.

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