Trying to shed just a little body fat percentage?

Trying to shed just a little body fat percentage? Topic: Trying to shed just a little body fat percentage?
September 23, 2019 / By Adria
Question: I am 6 foot 5, weigh about 190 and work out pretty regularly. When I was younger, in HS, I did not, so I haven't always been in shape. Question is, as you all know your body stores excess fat deposits in various places around your body. I have a little bit under my arms, a little flab on my gut, and just a little on my thighs. Enough for it to affect my "toneness" if that makes sense. What is the best way to shed this fast? Im not looking to lose weight, on the contrary I would like to gain it, I just want to shed the last of these little fat deposits. Cardio? Low carbs? Anything to get this crap off of me once and for all. THANK YOU!!
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Terrell Terrell | 8 days ago
Here are some exercises/workouts you might want to try. http://www.menshealth.com/deltafit/crazy-move-torches-your-gut http://www.menshealth.com/deltafit/extreme-home-fat-loss-workout http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/fat-blasting-exercises http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_AHHQj7eaM
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Terrell Originally Answered: What is the best way for me to shed some body fat and get more fit?
There's a good possibility that your diet is causing some of your laziness and lack of motivation. All that heavy white stuff...yuck! Go out and buy some fresh fruits and veggies...apples, peaches, berries, romaine lettuce, green beans, tomatoes...are all in season. Have at least 4 servings of those foods a day. Make your bread whole grain, not white. Include chicken and fish in your diet. Dairy is fine, as long as it's low-fat. Get off your butt. No matter how many exercising tips we give, if you're not going to follow them you're going to be fat, out of shape and possibly diabetic. Park your car farther from your destination and walk. Walk up and down stairs rather than taking an elevator or escalator. Go outside in the morning or after work and walk for 20-30 minutes. As you exercise, you'll build up muscle, which will help burn up calories. Walking is one of the best exercises for losing trunk (chest and belly) fat. Just reading these tips isn't going to help you get more fit. You absolutely have to put some effort into it. Start first thing in the morning, stop at the grocery store/farmer's market tomorrow after work, make an earnest effort to improve your health.

Pip Pip
The last place where fat remains on a mans body is around the stomach area because that is where it accumulates most. Intense exercise like running 3 times a week for an hour at 8 minute per mile pace and eating lean would burn it off. The lean diet by itself would do it but it might take a while. But its better to exercise while losing weight.
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Mahali Mahali
I'm 43 and have worked out regularly most of my life and the areas you speak of are typical problem areas. Unfortunately the body burns fat evenly through out your body and target workouts rarely seem to work but a workout that targets most every body parent each workout is best for losing excess body fat like cross training. Cross training is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that you are doing a complete body workout each time you exercise and can be found at most gyms. Cross training is a combo of weightlifting, calisthenics and cardio. carbs is the bodies fastest source of energy and are important in the proper function of your body. a balanced meal with equal portions of protein, veggies, grains and dairy with low fat content is best. Sometimes reducing meal size and eat more frequent can also boost calorie burn. At one point i ate 6 meals a day not including snacks.
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Jehovah Jehovah
If you’re supplementing, the nutritional supplements most likely to rev up your metabolic engine are M complex, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium along with manganese. But don’t overdo the idea, find foods that are rich causes of each. Nuts and seeds in a very small handful are perfect, states Stephanie Karl, Nutritionalist at your Dubai London Clinic.
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Gedaliah Gedaliah
Eat something before heading out, like several almonds, so you don't reach the restaurant famished.
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Dickie Dickie
Eat in front of a person rather than screen. It cuts down on mindless eating and makes you more accountable for each chew.
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Billy Billy
Inform friends, family and work co-workers that you’re dieting. Support on the people around you keeps people motivated, stops you from cheating as well as makes it less likely that you're going to fall off the wagon.
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Billy Originally Answered: How to lose excess body fat. How to lower my body fat percentage?
just work out and your body fat % will go down. btw, 20% is not a lot, its average. one of the most ripped people is like 9%

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