Help with constipation?

Help with constipation? Topic: Help with constipation?
October 14, 2019 / By Katelyn
Question: I need help with constipation. I've tried EVERYTHING! My doctor has even prescribed prescription only medication to me and it still doesn't work. I want serious answers only. Please, I need help. Thank you. Everyone says Miralax. I tried it when it was in prescription form only several years ago and it made me bloated. Is it different now? Also should have said that I take a stool softener nightly and 2 tablespoons of phisillium husks daily. Lots of water! I mix the husks with oatmeal, this is my breakfeast.
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Heidi Heidi | 10 days ago
My almost 3 year old so had chronic constipation that started from when he was 6 months old. We couldn't understand how or why! At 6 months all he really ate was formula and some baby food. But he was so backed up! Obviously u r older than 3 but we eventually put him on Miralax after so many other things did not work. He was taking the adult dosage of one tablespoon per day and he finally started to go. I suggest u try it. It takes patience because it takes a while before it starts to work. U just have to continually take it and u will start to see results. It will help u go when consistently being used but with my son if we stopped for a day to see if he didn't need it anymore, he quickly became backed up again. If u encounter that problem than there is some reason why u r always constipated that u should try to get to the root of. But if u can start this Miralax and stick to it I believe u will be very happy. I am told by the doctor that it us completely safe and u cannot become dependent on it. Your body also does not become immune to it which is why my son completely backed up once I stopped giving it to him. The pediatrician told me that bein constipated for so long made my sons intestine shape in a form of a bowl whih continued to collect stool rather than just get rid of it. She told us that staying on the Miralax and allowing his body to go normally for sone time would allow the intestine to correct therefore resulting in his going normally on his own which he now does I am proud to say!! It was about a year on the Miralax but it did intact do what it was supposed to do. It was hard to be patient with it's time frame but we had nothing else to try anyway so we stuck to it. Give it a shot. What else would u being doing anyway to stop it since u have run out of options. Good luck.
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Heidi Originally Answered: Juice for constipation.hypoallergenic formula, does that help relief constipation?
My daughter has sometimes issues with constipation and has ahd so eversince she started eating solids. I don't know how old your daughter is, but if she is old enough to drink juice you could try grape juice. That helps fairly well. What helps even better is prune juice. Or if she is already eating solids: Prunes. If you let them soak in water the get really soft, too. My daughter who is now 19 months actually loves soft prunes. What also helps to trigger a bowel movement especially in a younger baby is to massage the sides of their feet starting from the back of the heel rubbing slowly but firmly towards the little toe. It used to be that this was all I needed to do for a few times in the morning and by noon my daughter would have a bm. I also read that if you go two fingers width below the navel and massage gently but with a little pressure it also helps them to have a bm. Then there is the possibility to stimulate a bm by inserting carefully the tip of a cotton bud dipped in olive oil - I haven't tried that yet though, but that was what my pediatrician recommended. In severe cases, when my daughter is so constipated that she is in pain when she has to poop, I give her a glycerine suppository. But that should really only be done if necessary because the bowel can be become dependent on laxatives. And you should talk to your doctor to see if your daughter is old enough for them and have them prescribed. For the future you have to see that she gets enough fluid and if she is eating solids already, that she gets enough fiber.

Dotty Dotty
Oh my gosh. I'm telling you the same thing happened to me, and i'm still recovering. I take stool softeners, AND I did an enema, but I think what helped the most was the MiraLax. You can buy it at a pharmacy or drug store. Read the instructions, and that should help. Remember it takes a little bit of time for you to become "regular" again.
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Catriona Catriona
A cup of espresso and a cigarette I have heard of a BigMac doing the activity - I obviously might now not advocate the consuming of plastic for remedy although. As you're at the choice remedy web page I might advocate just a typical wholefood corresponding to CHIA SEEDS aka Happy seeds. They are jam jam-packed with fibre, aid with despair, brief concentration span, center dis-ease, they're an anti inflammatory, lowers prime blood strain, nice for diabetes, thins the blood - truthfully it might be simpler to record what they DON'T do. HINT; If the meals are not able to flip unhealthy - it's unhealthy for you. "When vitamin is WRONG, remedy is of no need. When vitamin is CORRECT, remedy is of little need" An historic Ayuverdic proverb.
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Annelisa Annelisa
phsyllium husks, pulpy orange juice, no dairy, wheats, salads will help, so will water. so will milk of magnesia. its an instant laxative. dont take to much its got alot of magnesium.
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Wyatt Wyatt
water and plenty of it you need moisture to move you bowels easier,fiber and veggies too,excersize helps as well and once on the toilet,dont tense up,relax and let go.
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Wyatt Originally Answered: Should I go to the ER about my constipation?
In spite of the resident spammer's advice, why not wait on the ER a bit. The cure involves lots of lube, long rubber gloves, a good sized basin and a very unhappy nurse or two. Get some Miralax. Begin with one dose in the AM. Drinking enough water with it is critical. Then take a second capful, again with lots of water in the PM. If there is no joy in the morning, take another capful with water. So that's 2 doses in the morning. If during the day there is still no luck, take 2 doses in the PM. Each day increase a dose until the mail begins to move again. And pound the water in between and stick with soups and relatively soft foods with lots of water. This is straight from the GI doctor to me to you, so don't klet someone freak out in an answer telling you that's too much. They will not have to have the surgery for the bowel obstruction, you will. And your movement may be watery loose for a while afterwards, but things will solidify over time and once you get closer to normal, consider a daily dose to keep things moving. Trust me you don't want to see the nurses greased up to the shoulders coming at you with a bucket. Not dignified at all.

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