Constipated for 10 days, Nothing works?

Constipated for 10 days, Nothing works? Topic: Constipated for 10 days, Nothing works?
September 23, 2019 / By Karena
Question: Okay as the title says I've been majorly constipated for 10 days, possibly longer. I have been taking laxatives, stool softeners, Magnesium Citrate, prune juice, fibers, Enemas (lots) and yesterday I kind of had diarrhea but no solid poo... the diarrhea thing made me feel better but I can feel there is still something in there. I was reading up on fecal impaction and bowl obstruction and I kind of think that's what I have. I've decided I definitely need to go to a doctor at this point. But tomorrow being Labor Day, the only place I could go is Urgent Care or the ER. :( I don't know if I should wait until Tuesday (when I'll be having school) That's another thing I don't want to go to school like this. Could anyone help me? Is this a major issue? Should I go to ER/Urgent Care tomorrow morning, even if it's embarrassing? :( This is really uncomfortable. Yesterday I had alot of cramps and stuff, today not as much but I can tell they're coming back. Also yesterday, I felt nauseous and had a headache. None of this is good symptoms. Missing school is also not really an option, this is my first year in university and I want to do good. Also why I'm leaning towards trying to get something done tomorrow. :( ARGH and one more thing, though this doesn't really matter at this point. Originally I have constipation problems because of a medication I am on Suboxone, and no, I can't stop taking it right now, even if I did, It won't help the constipation (I've tried this beforE) and it's not really an option anyway belgh I tried to call the nurse in the ER and she told me she can't advise me because of legal liabilities. :( Actually you CAN have diarrhea and still be constipated if you are suffering from a FECAL IMPACTION. Okay, Kerri?! Please no answers unless you know what you are talking about, this is serious! I have been eating healthy this past week, that's not what the problem is.
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Happy Happy | 7 days ago
I know how you feel. The longest i've ever been constipated was about 3 days, and i went crazy. So i can only imagine how you feel. I would go to urgent care tomorrow and see what they say. That way you know what it may be, i wouldn't wait till tuesday. Don't worry about it being embarrassing, they see everything at urgent care. You could be dehydrated. Being dehydrated can cause constipation. You should consume fiber everyday, this way none of this happens. Hope you feel better. Good luck! :)
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Happy Originally Answered: Any Help!? I'm feeling very constipated and nothing works!?
-----A lot of room temperature water. 1) Raw Ginger with the pealing uncooked (it’s spicy) (only if you’re not taking any other medications) because of the contraindication it’s and herb that’s not regulated by the FDA 2) Peppermint oil mix with warm water (only can buy it from the health food store) only need two drops 3) Baking soda mix with water (only if you do not have high blood pressure 4) Apple cider vinegar with mother (only can buy it from the health food store) 5) Raw garlic uncooked (it’s spicy) (only if you’re not taking any other medications) because of the contraindication it’s and herb that’s not regulated by the FDA 6) Proper breathing techniques (from your diaphragm) this will also help you to lose weight Just be careful on how much you are taking!! *** If it persists please tell your parents it could develop into something more serious***

Dolores Dolores
I've had a colostomy bag and all of my collon eliminated and I nonetheless get. Backed up. Duclax works wonders. Drink alot of Gatorade the electro lighting fixtures will helP to wash you out. Miralax is okay however for any one like me who has had colon issues scince I used to be a little one it dosent reduce it. Try a few extra enema. If I get complete I need to use approximately 5 of the ones to wash me. So the greater bottle might paintings but when now not I'd cross to er and ask for a cleaning soap water enema. ( hurts like a bee however is sooo valued at it subsequently!) the longer you preserve it within the larger it dose to collapse stool. So regardless of how a lot it hurts preserve it in so long as you'll be able to. You would additionally take professional biotics corresponding to VSL3. Collage works well to however take three that's what I do. You would wana cross to a GI to scan you and notice what's mistaken along with your collon. You would be undiagosed like me and simply need to manage the Pain.
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Caron Caron
You need to call the nurse at your local ER and ask for advice.since you dont know what it is, i suggest you go, even if it is embarassing.i know that it might be a bit weird due to the matter of the problem, but this is what they are in the field for..if they were grossed out or judgemental, they wouldnt be working the jobs they do so maybe that will help loosen your nerves a bit! good luck
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Angeline Angeline
if you have taken laxatives and stool softener and it still hasn't done anything then i would definately suggest going to urgent care. They can probably diagnose the exact problem and give you prescription strength medicine. Also, prepare for a hell of a night. stock your bathroom with snacks and magazines because your going to be in there a while.
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Willard Willard
If even enemas don't work, you should get yourself to a hospital ASAP! 12 days without doing a s h i t is not ok - think of the autointoxication!
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Seamour Seamour
you cant have diarrhea and still be constipated you probably have a phantom feeling. Now eat plenty greens, not lettuce, but cabbage, kale, broccoli and stuff like that, spinach even, drink plenty water, not gallons just a few liters, do this every day, you will be fine.
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Seamour Originally Answered: Constipated for more than 2 days, Please help me.?
If I were you I'd try a stool softener or gentle laxative... Here's some info that might help with prevention! "Constipation in Adults Constipation Overview Constipation refers to a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements. For some people, it may mean difficulty in passing stools. A constipated stool is hard because it contains less water than normal. Constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Generally, constipation is difficult to define clearly because as a symptom it varies from person to person. * The frequency of bowel movements also varies greatly, ranging from 3 movements per day to 3 per week. Generally, if your bowel has not opened for 3 successive days, the intestinal contents harden, and you may have difficulty or even pain during defecation. * A common misconception about constipation is that wastes stored in your body are absorbed, are dangerous to your health, and may shorten your lifespan. Some people have an underlying fear that they will be "poisoned" by their own intestinal wastes (feces) if they retain the waste in their bodies for more than a certain length of time. None of this is true. * Older people are 5 times more likely than younger people to develop constipation. But experts believe that older people become too concerned with having a daily bowel movement and that constipation in this age group is overestimated. Constipation Causes Constipation may result from a poor diet, poor bowel habits, or problems in elimination of stool, whether physical, functional, or voluntary. These are the most common causes of constipation: * Poor diet: Eating foods rich in animal fats (dairy products, meats, and eggs) or refined sugar but low in fiber (whole grains, fruits, and vegetables) may cause constipation. * Poor bowel habits: Ignoring the desire to have bowel movements may initiate a cycle of constipation. o After a period of time, you may stop feeling the desire for opening your bowel. o This leads to progressive constipation. For example, some people may avoid using public toilets or ignore going to the toilet because they are busy. * Medications: Many medications can cause constipation. o Antacids - Those containing aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate o Antispasmodic drugs o Antidepressants o Iron tablets o Anticonvulsant drugs * Painkillers: Narcotic-containing drugs, for instance, may interfere with bowel functions. * Travel: Changes in lifestyle, low fluid intake, and eating fast food may cause constipation. * Irritable bowel syndrome (spastic colon): This is one of the most common causes of constipation. Because of changes in bowel function, if you have this disorder, you may have crampy abdominal pain, excessive gas, bloating, and constipation. * Laxative abuse: Habitually using laxatives gradually will produce dependency on them. o You may eventually require increasing amounts of laxatives to move your bowels. o o In some instances, the bowel will become insensitive to laxatives and fail to open. * Pregnancy: Constipation during pregnancy may be due to several factors. Each of the following conditions produces severe pain on defecation, which may trigger a reflex spasm of the anal sphincter muscle. The spasm may delay bowel movement and decrease the desire for bowel opening as a means to avoid the anal pain. o Mechanical pressure on your bowel by the heavy womb o Hormonal changes during pregnancy o Changes in food and fluid intake o Anal fissure (cracks in the anus) o Hemorrhoids (piles) o Anal stenosis (narrow anus) * Intestinal obstruction: Mechanical compression and interference with the normal functions of the bowel may occur in the following ways: o Inflammatory adhesions and joining of tissues o Intestinal tumors or foreign bodies o Gallstones that have become immovably wedged in the intestine o Twisting of the intestine upon itself (volvulus) o Intussusception – "Telescoping of the intestine" in which one part of your intestine slips or is drawn onto another part just below it (This occurs mainly in children.) o Abdominal hernia - Loops of the intestine become obstructed o Damage to nerves within your intestine - (Spinal cord tumors, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injuries may produce constipation by interfering with the function of the nerves supplying the intestine.) o Connective tissue diseases – Conditions such as scleroderma and lupus o Poor-functioning thyroid gland - A low production of thyroxin, a hormone produced by the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism, causing constipation o Lead poisoning and other metabolic disorders"

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