Is this normal?

Is this normal? Topic: Is this normal?
December 13, 2019 / By Joan
Question: My daughter is 18 days old and Im breastfeeding her, I was told that breastfed babies have a BM after every feeding but my daughter didn't have a BM in 24 hours and she seems to have alot of gas and cant get them out. Is this normal or should I call he Dr. and does anyone have any tricks to help infants with gas?
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Frederica Frederica | 2 days ago
When my daughter was a month old, she would skip a day or two in between BMs. It's USUALLY nothing to worry about, but I called the doctor anyway just to make sure there wasn't something more serious going on. As for gas. If patting her back while holding her on my shoulder didn't work, I'd lie her on her stomach across my legs and pat her back. If that didn't work, I would lie her on her back on the bed, or somewhere comfortable. Then, I'd grab her legs and move them in the "bicycle" motion. I'd do that until her stomach would feel soft again and she'd poot. That seemed to help MOST of the time and it relaxed her. Sometimes it wouldn't be immediate, but it'd help out after a few minutes...get her bowels moving again. Babies at that age are still getting the kinks out of their systems so sometimes they just need a little help. Have you tried gas drops? I personally did not like medicating my daughter and none of the kinds I used seemed to help. But her doctor assured me it was OK to use. She said that the drops are not absorbed....they just pass through? I don't know if it's true, but that's just what I was told. As for constipation. Her pediatrician said to try the Children's Fleet glycerin suppositories. Since they were glycerin, I had no problem using those...they aren't medicated. She said to just break one in half and pop it up their tooshies. The thing is, you need to push it up and then pinch there cheeks together b/c there bodies will naturally try to push it out. After about a minute of that, if it doesn't come back out, just put the diaper on. It worked within 5 minutes for my daughter...and she got the suppository back out with it so it wasn't absorped. I don't recommend any medicinal (even glycerin) treatments without consulting a doctor, but maybe just ask if that's OK if you are OK with doing that. I hope she gets better soon! And that must be driving you nuts, I'm sure. One other thing...be careful with what you eat. I was able to eat anything with my daughter...spicey stuff, hot stuff, etc, and it never gave her a problem; but just as every person is different, ever baby is too. If you find that something you eat is making her gassy, try to avoid it. It's pretty much a guessing game until you narrow it down. G'luck!
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Darlene Darlene
Rub her back. She may be having trouble bringing gas up (or down) and this could be soothing and help the process. As far as calling the doctor, wait another day on that. Babies take a while to become regular. She's brand new.
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Breanne Breanne
At this age, babies can go as little as once a day. It is even normal to occationaly miss a day. For gas I just try different positions (sitting up, rocking, rubbing the back). If she doesn't have a bowel movement in the next day, I would call her pediatrican and try to talk to him/her. A lot of health insurances have nurse lines you can call 24/7 to find out if you need to be seen. Here is a link that explains: http://www.babycenter.com/expert/baby/babycare/babybms/10014.html a link on gas: http://askdrsears.com/html/5/t051200.asp#t051208 a link on baby constipation: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/baby/babyills/babyconstipation/79.html
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Alethea Alethea
While I was breastfeeding my son I had the same concern and I asked his dr about it and he said that since breastmilk is such complete nutrition alot of babies absorb it completely in their body leaving no waste. he said that if you start to notice that her belly looks very bloated then there could be a problem. he told me that the longest he ever saw a breastfed baby go without a b.m was 12 days and he was the picture of health. his body was just using every single bit of the nurishment that breastmilk provides
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Tucker Tucker
I breastfeed my kids but i don't remember them have a BM after every feeding. But i was told and tried to give them sugar water to help them go. I think it even helped with the gas too.
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