my cat has red skin and is constipated and keeping low.?

my cat has red skin and is constipated and keeping low.? Topic: my cat has red skin and is constipated and keeping low.?
September 23, 2019 / By Jennie
Question: my cat chester is about eight years old and he has stopped moving when he does move he keeps low to the ground like he's stalking. he's peed himself because he hardly moves, but he has not pooped. i did some inspecting and noticed he has a dark red skin in his crotch area, and when i put pressure around there he meows like it hurts. it's a sad meow, not a loud one. sometimes if you pick him up he'll growl and sound mad. i looked up stuff about constipation, but nothing has explained the red skin. i've had to take food to him because he won't move very far. he has jumped up on the couch and in and out of the tub [he lays in it sometimes] but lately he's just been curled up behind the toilet. someone please help me! i would like to take him to the vet, but i cannot afford it.
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Fionola Fionola | 3 days ago
It sounds more like Urinary tract infection or even blockage. Blockage is fatal within 48 hours if untreated and you need to find a way to get him to the vet. Call the shelters around you, most of them help with the bills or have low cost vets available. But you can't treat this by yourself, you kitty needs help :-( In the future, keep in mind that what you feed is extremly important to yuor cat's health. Read this on urinary tract health: http://www.catinfo.org/?link=urinarytrac... I wouldn‘t really recommend feeding any dry food. Cats are designed to get their water from food. That's the way nature designed them, they have low thirst drive. When fed dry, they won't drink enough to compensate for the lack of moisture. They will only consume about 50% of the water they should be having. This can lead to kidney disease, UTI, crystals, blockage, renal failure and more. Especially since you have a tom, this is crucial. Male cats have a narrower urethra than female cats and are more prone to blockage from the crystals. Free feeding also contributes to obesity. And the fact that dry food is over-processed means, that most of it’s little nutrition has been already destroyed, leaving almost no nutrients for your cat. It needs to eat more to meet it’s needs, and in the process consumes more calories from the fillers. Btw wetting the dry food will not help. There’s bacteria on the kibble and the water would just allow it to grow. The only way to give the cat it's natural hydration is to feed it wet food only. But some wet foods are not of a very high quality, either. That goes for most commercial foods. Just like the dry, they are often made with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat, soy, rice etc. These are not a part of cat's natural diet (it’s an obligate carnivore – it eats meat) and they are not designed to digest it. Grain is carbohydrate which the cats can't process and it turns into blood sugar and fat, causing diabetes and obesity. In the wild, where cats only hunt for meat, diabetes and obesity are unheard of. It's us who cause these by feeding a species inappropriate food. We usually read labels on our food, but rarely on the food for our cats. Learn to read the label and understand the ingredients. The healthiest food to feed apart from raw feeding is grain-free wet food with no by-product. Some good brands are Wellness CORE, EVO, Merrick, Nature's Variety, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and more. These will give your cat the proper hydration and nutrition it's designed to get and it will be strong and healthy. If you switch it's diet, do it gradually, by mixing the current food with the new one over couple of weeks until there's only the new. This will prevent diarrhea and upset stomach. You will probably get a lot of different answers, so google feline nutrition or look at the links below, and do the research for yourself. I personally wasn't able to find one reliable source (besides the pet food industry) that would say grain is beneficial for cats or that dry is beneficial for them. More on cat nutrition below, Good luck!
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Dacey Dacey
Have you put any topical flea medication on your cat recently? I have seen cats have reactions to some of them - even those bought from the vet. It is possibly an allergic reaction and the red spot is because it was irritating and the cat is scratching because it itches. Also could be due to an insect or some other critter (spider?) bite. If not flea medication you might want to get checked by your vet. Hope your cat is feeling better soon. Perhaps the vet can also advise of some type of cream or lotion to apply to the area to help with the itching that is safe for him.
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Billie Billie
If you can't afford it, contact your local rescue center or humane society, they can help you with treating your cat. It sounds like an infection, which if not treated is deadly. This is a serious condition and your cat should be at the vet as soon as possible. It's not right to not take him to the vet just because you can't afford it. Just give a center a call.
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Ailsa Ailsa
If he peed himself and laid in it that would be enough to make his skin red and sore. The only answer is taking him to the vet to see what is causing this behavior. It could be serious so you really need to examine your budget and cancel your cable, eat some rice and beans for awhile..
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