how do you gain weight quickly.?

how do you gain weight quickly.? Topic: how do you gain weight quickly.?
November 23, 2019 / By Harper
Question: I wanna gain weight and quickly what can I do? I can stuff my face with heaps of junk food and totally pig out and not gain anything. I eat heaps of pasta and still don't gain any weight. Is there something else that I can do?
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Donalda Donalda | 1 day ago
well your 'pig outs' may only be once in a while. simply to gain weight, you must consume more calories then you burn. Find out your metabolism speed and eat more calories then that. One of the most high-caloric foods you can eat are like pastas, choclate, cake, BLUE RIBBON ICE-CREAM. Or you should eat late at night everynight. and when i eat i mean, 6 slices of toast with nutella on it, ice-cream, choclate bars, cereal, anything. if you do that everynight, you surely will gain no matter how fast your metabolism
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Donalda Originally Answered: How to gain weight? Quickly?
Don't listen to the bullies!! there are so many people who wish to be skinny like you!!! but.. if you really want to just eat a lot of junk food and no physical activity although i do not reccomend this because is really not healthy for you!!

Carry Carry
Based on my experience because I was once very thin, I gained weight quickly by increasing the number of glasses of water intake everyday. Then I doubled the number of plates of food. I ate 2 plates of rice (carbohydrates). I also avoided junk foods. I ate healthy foods. I did light exercises and slept in the afternoon.
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Angelle Angelle
No, it's the same as me. I can pig out on anything and can't gain any weight (as much as I'd love to) We just have a high metabolism. DOnt pig out on junk though cuz you'll just make yourself sick
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Willis Willis
optimistically you prefer to income muscle tissue, not fats, suitable? advance your protein and carb intake. attempt to cut back the fats. paintings on weight lifting, and that's recommended to incorporate protein shakes - those often have the quickest consequence - yet except you paintings out with them, it is going to merely be fats. as far because of the fact the paintings out - do a variety of of instruments, with few reps in each and each. this permits bulk up the muscle team. a private coach on your community fitness middle could additionally supply you further suggestion. : )
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Sefton Sefton
eat high protein food or drink like high protein milk. and sleep early everyday that will do the trick. :D
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Sefton Originally Answered: How do I gain a lot of weight quickly?
It really depends on your metabolism type. There are three scientific classifications for metabolism. Endomorphism, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. To explain them simply, the endomorph has trouble losing weight, the mesomorph can gain or lose weight at their discretion, and the ectomorph can eat everything in sight and not gain a pound. Assuming your not the endomorph or mesomorph, the ectomorph has to eat complex carbs like starches and red meats, because their metabolic rate is very high. So stick to thing like potatoes and lean red meats like sirloin and take extra protein. And if your trying to gain muscle mass I have found that full body workouts every other day work best. I am an ectomorph as well and put on 25lbs of muscle thanks to this information. Hope this helps.

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