Why is my baby constipated?

Why is my baby constipated? Topic: Why is my baby constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Hadley
Question: My daughter is 11 months old. Within this past week, I started giving her a homemade pureed soup every night for dinner. Ever since, she has been constipated. The ingredients I put in the soup are: white potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, pasta and beef. Which of these ingredients are causing her constipation so that I can remove it from her soup?
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Dlila Dlila | 8 days ago
Most likely it would be the potatoes. I would try to increase the fiber in her diet. Prunes would be great. At this age she can eat them just cut up without them being pureed. Also try peaches, pears, and other fruits/veggies. You can also give her 2 oz of prune, apple or grape juice mixed with 2 oz of cool boiled water.
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Dlila Originally Answered: Help! My baby is constipated.?
I'm not sure how old yours is, but my daughter is almost six months. She was constipated and her doctor told me to mix 1-2 Tbs. of Dark Karo Syrup (start with 1) with 4 oz. of water. He told me to give that to her once a day until the constipation went away. It didn't work for us because she doesn't like the taste and won't drink it (she's only had cereal and formula so far), but thats the advice I got from the doctor maybe it will help you.
Dlila Originally Answered: Help! My baby is constipated.?
Apple juice is pretty good to use, or I would put knees to chest to see if that helps or causes any discomfort, thats what I do with my babies. If all else fails try a baby suppository. Mommy of 4

Carlin Carlin
I dont think it would be something you've put in the soup. give her some cooled boiled water, this should ease her constipation, if not try giving her some dark green vegetables such as savoy cabbage, brussel sprouts etc, this might help to ease her constipation too.
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Andrina Andrina
i dont really know the answer to your question but my son is also 11 months and is lactose intolerant. so i know ALOT about constipation. to be sure your daughter is constipated her stool should be solid balls. my sons doctors and specialist have told me time and again it dosent matter if their face is red and they stop breathing bcuz they push so hard if its not round solid balls their not constipated. hope this helped some.
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Andrina Originally Answered: my 6 month old baby is constipated?
Is your baby acting uncomfortable. If not, she might have just skipped a day. Bowel movement schedules can change as a baby gets older and she starts eating solid foods. If your baby is acting uncomfortable, you might try calling your doctors nurse. The nurse usually knows what the doctor usually recommends. Your doctor may recommend juice. My doctor had recommeded Kyro Syrup mixed with water, however I know some doctors are adamently against doing this. Your babies doctor may even recommend an enema. My daughter ended up needing the enema. My advice is to double check with your doctor which approach they feel would best suit your child.

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