we need a middle name for the girls name "Ginger"?

we need a middle name for the girls name "Ginger"? Topic: we need a middle name for the girls name "Ginger"?
September 23, 2019 / By Clara
Question: we're not due until July, but we're already set for possible boys name and possible girls name. We want it to be "Ginger" if it's a girl. The problem if my husband really loves the idea of "GG" being a nickname so we want a middle name that starts with "G". we have an aunt Gail so we thought of using that but Ginger Gail sounds too much like "Ginger Ale" if you ask me .... anyone know any middle names starting with "G" that sound nice with Ginger??
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Barb Barb | 4 days ago
Ginger Grace Ginger Gabrielle Ginger Gabriella Ginger Gulia (form of Julia) Ginger Garnet Ginger Georia Ginger Gavyn Ginger Gavin Ginger Gemma Ginger Genna (form of Jenna) Ginger Gianna Ginger Gianetta Ginger Glenna Ginger Gloria Ginger Gracelyn Ginger Graceland Ginger Graciela Ginger Gwendolyn Ginger Gust That's all I got. My 5 faves are: Ginger Grace, Ginger Gavyn, Ginger Gaabriella, Ginger Gracelyn, and Ginger Gianetta!!! hope i helped, luv, coco p.s. GG is the cutest nickname evah, I can see why your husband wants to use it. you could also spell it Gigi, or Gege, or Gigee, or Geegi.
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Addy Addy
Ginger Gabrielle Ginger Gabriella Ginger Grace Ginger Gracelyn Ginger Gray Ginger Graylen Ginger Greta Ginger Gianna Ginger Giselle
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Tanner Tanner
Ginger Gabrielle Ginger Genevieve Ginger Germaine Ginger Gillian Ginger Gisele Ginger Gloria Ginger Grace Ginger Gwendolyn
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Peregrine Peregrine
Ginger Genna Ginger Gianna Ginger Genevieve Ginger Graciela Ginger Gwen Ginger Glenda Ginger Glenna
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Lucas Lucas
Ginger Rose was my very first thought then I read the answers and saw that several others liked it as well! If you must go with a "G" then I like Ginger Grace
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