My four-year-old is constipated. Help?

My four-year-old is constipated. Help? Topic: My four-year-old is constipated. Help?
May 22, 2019 / By Elfa
Question: My four-year-old daughter is constipated. I know that a laxitave will help, but it will take a while. Is there anything we can do to help now? She refuses to get off the potty.
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Cheryl Cheryl | 4 days ago
my daughter would get very constipated as well. In the childrens medine section, they sell glycerine suppositories that help with constipation. I would give one to my daughter and it would help. It's not fun to do to your child, but she will go potty.
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Cheryl Originally Answered: my 4 year old is constipated?
My friend and I were just discussing this, as our girls are refusing to poop in the potty as part of potty training and are getting backed up because of it. She said that CVS sells pediatric enimas for $1 and they work instantly. You use it and sit the child on the potty and within a minute or so it will all come out. I would definately consult a doctor due to the lack of appetite and being scared to urinate. Good luck.

Ashtaroth Ashtaroth
Like the other posters said, glycerine suppositories are fantastic for immediate relief. You do want to try to take a look at what could have caused the constipation. Is your daughter drinking enough water? How many servings of fruits and vegetables is she getting in a day? How much fiber is she eating? These are easy little adjustments that you can make to your daughter's diet to keep this from happening again.
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Zophai Zophai
You can give her a glycerin suppository. They work pretty fast (within half an hour). You can buy the pediatric version at most pharmacies. To insert, lay her on her left side. You can lubricate the suppository with a little bit of KY if you like. Insert it into her rectum (it does not need to go in very far) and ask her to squeeze for about 10 seconds. Encourage her to eat more fiber (fruits, veggies, whole grain bread) and drink lots of water.
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Sodi Sodi
now and back canines purely get dissatisfied stomachs, that's spring now so each thing is arising and canines are stepping into issues they might desire to no longer. this might reason diarrhea and oftentimes in canines diarrhea has blood and mucus in it style top and decrease GI upsets. attempt fasting it for twenty-four hours and then initiate on small standard bland nutrients (gastro foodstuff from a vet, boild rice and hamburger etc...). pass away water out and attempt to maintain it hydrated. If that's a small canines and the venture has continued for some days call the vet and attempt to get an appointment yet blood interior the stool isn't a undesirable element, maximum dissatisfied stomachs incorporate a minimum of a sprint bloody diarrhea. good success!
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Orval Orval
We were told by our doctor to use glycerine suppositories for our 5 yr old which you can get at any drugstore, and they worked almost immediately
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Orval Originally Answered: i've been constipated for over a year?
You haven't been constipated for over a year since you stated you get diarrhea from drinking milk. Sounds like to me you may have lactose intolerance.

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