How much time generally to see weight loss results?

How much time generally to see weight loss results? Topic: How much time generally to see weight loss results?
June 19, 2019 / By Adreana
Question: Im working to lose weight and wondering how long it took others to see results, a week, a month, a few months?
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Terrance Terrance | 7 days ago
It took me less than a week to see the loss in fat, especially around my stomach. The first week you lose the most weight, the second, the least.
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Terrance Originally Answered: When will you see weight loss results?
drink as much as 3litters of water per day if you drink too much you could be retaining liquids, you need to eat 500calories less than the amount of calories that your body needs to see a 1lb less in one week. also if youre working out muscle is heavier than body fat. Hope u keep up with your routine and see the results you want :)

Piers Piers
As a personal trainer, I want to congratulate you that you are helping yourself to change for a more positive you. Generally, you will feel great after your first workout, if you pace yourself, use appropriate weights for your conditioning level and listen closely to your body. In 4 weeks, you will notice an allover feeling of alertness you may not have had before starting your workout. You will have a marked energy boost, and your metabolism will begin to function at a much healthier level. After 2 monthes, you will see a major change: in how your body's overall tone looks, but if you are doing a balanced exercise program, you will better proportion your weight to your height. You'll defintely be trimmer. I can't stress enough how important a healthy outlook on food and a proper diet can be. Crash diets don't work, if only to rid the body of excess water. But that margin of error on the scale is your water weight. What you want is a permanent change. Loss of fat and stronger muscles. I wish you the best. Eat right and be fit....:)
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Mahalah Mahalah
At least a couple of months depending on how much you weigh when you started. Everyone is a little different.
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Jehoshua Jehoshua
turn dinner into a healthy lunch the next day by wrapping your lean leftovers in a whole wheat wrap add a little dijon mustard or curry powder for added flavor
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Gedalia Gedalia
it depends on how long you have been trying to lose weight , but i would give it at least a few months
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Gedalia Originally Answered: Should I run twice a day on the 3 day diet for better weight loss results?
You SHOULD run twice a day, and you should NOT restrict your energy intake by dieting. Energetic exercise like running is powered by sugar. Fat is physically unable to burn fast enough to 'fire' your entire bodyweight into the air as you need to do when running. So you are correct to assume that you won't have sufficient energy. If you try to run, when your energy intake is insufficient, the rapid sugar-burning will lower your blood sugar level very quickly. Low blood-sugar causes weakness and hunger, poor co-ordination and lack of concentration (your brain is entirely powered by sugar too). If it persists, you can get dizzy, experience confusion, feel faint and even become unconscious. If you are diabetic, this loss of consciousness ('diabetic coma') can trigger reactions in your liver that will manufacture new sugar from other substances ('neo-glucogenesis'). In people who are not diabetic, blood-sugar levels cannot normally fall to the point where this process kicks in. So if you are dieting, running even once a day is a bad idea. You can still be active, if you stick to activities that are gentle enough to continue indefinitely without feeling tired or hungry. This type of activity can be good for your body, but it works (and improves) much better with frequent bouts of more vigorous work. So dropping the diet, and getting your running ability up, is a better option than trying to improve your physique through 'calorie' (in reality, energy) restriction.

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