How can I lose 27 pounds in a month?

How can I lose 27 pounds in a month? Topic: How can I lose 27 pounds in a month?
September 17, 2019 / By Charissa
Question: I'm 6'00". Female. 16 years old and 187 pounds. I have a very curvy build. But I want to lose the last of this weight. I already dropped 48 pounds. So this is the last bit. I lose weight super quickly. But I need tips in speeding it up. Right now all I'm doing is eating a lot less, and cutting out most all bad foods. And stopped drinking soda except for maybe a glass every now and then. My exercise consists of a walk most days (about a mile) and squats and things of that nature. And working with a dumbell every few day. I gained 80 pounds over the past two years (I also grew 4 inches) so obviously I'm out of shape. So if you have any little tips for losing the weight, or tips for exercise, please enlighten me. Thanks :) I already eat under 1400 calories a day. Usually 1000-1200
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Antonette Antonette | 8 days ago
First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your success so far!!! Unfortunately, you can't lose that much weight in a healthy way in 1 month and actually keep it off. Give yourself 3 months to lose it, because the closer you get to your goal the harder you're going to have to work for every ounce. Be sure you are eating enough. Add some protein to help you build muscle, which in itself will help your body burn stored fat. Try increasing your distance and intensity, maybe do a burst of jogging every quarter mile? You're probably in a bit of a rut and need to change it up? A GREAT website is sparkpeople.com. It's free and they have an easy food tracker and fitness tracker with ideas to help you get the rest of the way there. Also, there are lots of fitness routines on YouTube. Try some kick boxing or zumba or find a yoga class in your area, you might have to try a couple different classes to find a style or instructor that you like. YOU CAN DO IT!
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Antonette Originally Answered: How many pounds can I lose in 1 month?
I suggest you to get diet and weight-loss tips and strategies from the experts: doctors and real women who have done it themselves. Or you can use Phen375 pills . Phen375 is rated the #1 fat burner due to several reasons. It backs up it's claims by being FDA Approved and many positive customer reviews. You don't need a prescription or a Doctors approval which is great news. The majority of fat burners out there have maximum side effects. The bad news? They don't inform you upfront about the major side effects. Phen375 let's you know up front there are very minimal side effects short term. http://goo.gl/hrDiu More and more customers are choosing Phen375 due to the extreme success of losing weight, burning fat and minimal side effects. This number 1 rated fat burner is a pure synthetic appetite suppressant fat burner, 2 weeks after an average of 10 kg was lost for most users, up to 6 weeks to show the average result is 25 pounds bigger built people will lose even more.

Zack Zack
Well, close anyway. I lost 25lbs in less than 3 months. After my son was born, my weight fluctuated for the first few months, and because of poor eating habits, it stuck at 155lbs. Once I got my butt into gear, I got down to 129lbs in about 2 1/2 months... and did it in a completely healthy way. I tried to stick to 1 portion at a meal, but didn't change what I cooked. Tried to eat a big serving of veggies first, so when it came to meat/starch I wasn't devouring it. I also started working out 15 minutes a day on my elliptical (all I could honestly find time for), and I cut out all junk food: soda, desserts, fast food etc. I also made sure I had 3 full meals and 2 snacks a day. Oatmeal for breakfast, walnuts for snack, good lunch with meat/carb/veggie, hardboiled egg for snack, and then a normal dinner (just 1 serving instead of 2 or 3). I started drinking water for the first time in my life, probably 2 bottles a day (which is A LOT for me), and usually ended my day with a yogurt (something sweet so I wouldn't crave junk). Just by doing all those things that I should've been doing all along, the pounds just shed off. I'm an advocate for just adding more exercise, and taking a detailed look at your daily food intake, and tweaking it a bit. No pills, trainers, or diet books needed... good luck to you!!
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Shimei Shimei
Do not eat less than 1200 calories a day if you are exercising. You need the calories to sustain the rest of what you're already burning. However, since you say you are still drinking soda, this will keep your body from losing anymore weight. There is a tea called Slimming Tea that works for losing weight. I drink Oolong tea that helped me lose 20 pounds in less than 6 months. Stop eating bread, and white rice if these are still in your diet. Another suggestion, milk and butter seem to make me gain weight, so if you're metabolism isn't moving fast enough it's not burning calories which means it is storing the fat you eat. So I would say cut out the milk and butter, in your diet. I stopped eating white/wheat processed bread, pasta and white rice. I now eat brown rice, you can buy it at traders joes precooked already in the freezer section and I eat multi-grain pasta rather than white pasta. Also, if you can ride a bike for at least 30-45 mins then you're sure to lose the weight. But you will need to eat enough to be able to burn calories too. Also, cardio workouts are excellent for burning fat, yet, take into account that you dont want to build muscle until you burn the fat. Which means that you dont do weights until you have loss the fat when you've reached your ideal weight then you can start doing weights and build muscle to tone and maintain your weight. Another suggestion instead of eating a whole sandwich eat half a first then save the rest for later. This I learned from my friend who was at Weight Watcher's. The idea is to eat only half of the original portion you were meant to eat and save the rest for later. Yet, you are still young, and your body needs lots of nourishment. Eat lots of proteins to maintain good health. Hope this helps.
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Obed-Edom Obed-Edom
When I was 15, I lost about 30 lbs. in a month by eating less than 1000 calories a day. It's a lot harder than it seems because most people need about 2000 calories a day. I stopped because it wasn't healthy, I became really weak and lost focus. I don't recommend it but it's a thought.
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Langford Langford
i doubt you willl be able to do that unless you just completly stop eating. Try slowing it down a bit , if you insist in loosing weight so fast maybe even aim for 2 months? its a lot healthier and the weight will stay of easier. Only drink ic cold water , speeeds up your motabilism and has 0 calories! cut out ALL junk food , you dont know what and how much of it are in them! eat 4 small meals a day , healthy! eat lots of greeens like brocilli and brussel sprouts. Good Luck.
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Issachar Issachar
27 pounds is a lot to lose in a month. I am not sure of any healthy ways to go about that. Have you tried Weight Watchers? It is a very healthy way of dieting and you shed pounds pretty quick along with exercising.
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Issachar Originally Answered: how to lose 10 pounds in a month?
10 pounds is a lot to lose in just one month, but you can make some good progress if you drink 2 cups water and do some cardio each morning like a brisk walk/jog for 30-60 minutes first thing when you wake up, then have fresh fruit of your choice - 1-2 pieces or one cups worth of whatever is in season. Then have a a quart size water bottle to sip on little by little during the day as you have special interests or hobbies to focus on rather than eating. Then, when you are hungry, you can have half a plate of raw or cooked vegetables with no added fat, 1/4 of your plate as beans for protein that's high nutrient and high fiber and low calorie. 1/4 of your plate as some brown rice or a baked potato or no-added fat potato dish. Then, sip on another quart size water bottle little by little as you read a book or some other hobby for the next hour or two. Then, time to exercise again - try some indoor dancing for about 30 minutes. Then, have a fresh fruit Then wait until you are hungry and have all you want of some minestrone soup until you are full. And then keep busy and when you are hungry again have some beans and rice with salsa or another no-fat, high-fiber meal. The fiber carries out the fat. And, limit fresh fruits to about 2-3 daily or they turn to fat. Avoid animal products that have fat and stress your immune system. Your metabolism will do much better witht the beans and you can also try lentils and other types of beans. Go to bed early and don't eat before bed, if you are hungry still then have some cooked vegetables with seasoning but no fat. During the day chew your food really thoroughly it helps you to be satisfied on less calories longer

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